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Winwood Pads

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Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Kona a cross-country rider from Pacifica, Calif.

Date Reviewed: March 19, 1998

Bottom Line:   

BETTER THAN V-BRAKES! No lie. I had them on some Critical Racing brakes. If you have a nice set of canti's and don't want to switch your levers and such, use these pads. They work better in the wet than V-brakes for sure, and don't wear out in a few wet rides! I also felt they modulated better, less fade, than V-brakes. DO plan on some toe-in from time to time, and toss them for a new set about the time the ridges are worn, but V-brakes don't last long either. WARNING, stay away from the yellow versions! They are VERY abrasive. I went through the sidewalls of a set of Mavic's in a single wet season. The grey pads are the ones you want.

Overall Rating:2
Submitted by Patrick Leung a weekend warrior from British Columbia, Canada

Date Reviewed: January 2, 1998

Bottom Line:   

These are hard to quiet unless massive toe-in is used (exage es canti's needed 3.5mm). They are very expensive... at least as much as Mathausers here but not as effective. The post material is strange and required bolt to be tightened quite a bit more than average to prevent rotation. At least the last long; not as long as the Scott/Math's though

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by a cross-country rider from va,usa

Date Reviewed: December 25, 1997

Bottom Line:   

used winwood pads for a month or 2 and they scwealed bad . as a service teck i tryed every tow trick i knew ,flat,little tow,lots of tow & nothing woked on my lx cant. so i replaced them. but too late they chewed thew my mavic rim & had to replace it .

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Jordan Wong a weekend warrior from Burnaby, B.C.

Date Reviewed: December 2, 1997

Bottom Line:   

Do not buy these brakes! For $16.00 Cdn a pair I expexted a lot more. These pads dig right in to your rim walls because the compound is so hard!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Kyle a cross-country rider from Virginia

Date Reviewed: October 20, 1997

Bottom Line:   

These are the best pads, far better than anything Kool Stop makes for themselves or everybody else. Besides stopping the best, they last the longest by a factor of 5.If you have brakes with slop on the posts and flexible arms, they squeal. If you use ONZA (Boulder designed) brakes, this is not an issue; the brakes ride on their own bearing surface as opposed to the stud, and is of tight tolerance. You may run Winwood pads flat, and they will not squeal front nor rear.However, Winwood no longer makes these pads, stopping short of a Shimano V-brake insert (which would be welcome due to their mosquito-like lifespan). Good news, though! The architect of the original Winwood left to make his V-brake inserts out of the same great urethane material.Cisco Components
460 Pennsylvania Street
Denver 80203They don't squeal!

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by shawn a cross-country rider from seattle

Date Reviewed: October 10, 1997

Bottom Line:   

After trying them all, nothing beats these pads for stopping power. They can make a cheap set-up work better than you thought possible. (I have a set on my old pc-7lever-stx cantis, and they stop better than low to mid-range v set-ups.) they squeak like shit -- no doubt about it -- and tuning them constantly is a hassle, but it's worth it.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Fabrizio a racer from Alba, Italy

Date Reviewed: August 18, 1997

Bottom Line:   

After 2 exploded rims (front and rear) I have come to the conclusion that: THIS PADS LAST SO LONG BECAUSE THEY CHEW UP THE RIM WALLS!! - 5 stars!!!

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Dan Carr a cross-country rider from Toronto, Ont. Canada

Date Reviewed: April 2, 1997

Bottom Line:   

Loud as hell, but when riding through wet ice and oil, these bad boys stop like a mother . Like 'em alot. However, they squeal like a bitch. (I really don't know what a bitch sounds like when she squeals, but hey, they stop great)

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by El Man a weekend warrior from Seattle, WA

Date Reviewed: March 13, 1997

Bottom Line:   

What's the point of being able to stop quickly if the damn brakes
squeal so much that you just want to rip them off the frame and
get off and walk? These pads have tons of friction, and they are the
fastest stoppers I have tried, but it is virtually impossible to
avoid squeal, especially up front.

Overall Rating:2
Submitted by jk a cross-country rider from Boston

Date Reviewed: March 3, 1997

Bottom Line:   

Pad stops very well in wet and icy/snowy conditions, and lasts a very long time -- however, and a big however -- they are difficult to set up so they don't squeal, especially on the front brake. I use a set of soft compound Kool Stops on the front and the iInwoods on the back, a very effective combo. Also, the Winwoods feel a little mushy to me.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Jay Clem a racer from Atlanta Ga

Date Reviewed: February 26, 1997

Bottom Line:   

If you want a pad that will last a life time then these are the ones for you, but if you want a pad that is quiet and effective then you don't want these. The ones that I just replaced not due to wear but due to the fact that the post bent were a pain. They were always squelling and they seemed to only lock not just slow so I really would'nt advise buying these.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Jay Curry a cross-country rider from Vancouver Island, BC

Date Reviewed: February 17, 1997

Bottom Line:   

These pads, the original Poly Pads, last over a year on my bike. I'm 175lbs.
I like technical descents, and I can kill a set of Shimano pads in one ride.
Very sensitive to proper set-up to avoid squealing ( I carry a 10mm wrench always), these pads have incredible stopping power. Today, on my 2nd set, I noticed that the posts are bent from braking forces... This concerns me.A friend of mine who is a bicycle mechanic with years of experience also once
broke the post on one of these pads when he tried to adjust it's position with
a crescent wrench; he thought he loosened the mounting bolt enough...If Winwood Tech. could make the metal framework for these pads from something
stronger, I think these would be perfect. I've ridden V-brakes, and hydraulics,
and neither has more bite than the polypads ('95LX canti's). And those systems
go through pads ten times as fast.I give them four stars only because of my concerns about the post strength.

Overall Rating:1
Submitted by Alex a cross-country rider from Santa Cruz, CA

Date Reviewed: January 26, 1997

Bottom Line:   

SQUEAK!!! These stop great, but I could never get them to stop squealing. This does keep livestock and hikers from straying in front of me.
These would get 0 stars but that doesn't appear to be an option.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Shawn a cross-country rider from Ft.Fairfield,Me. USA

Date Reviewed: January 23, 1997

Bottom Line:   

These are the best way to make a crapy pair of canti's feel like real power. They are real sticky in all conditions. They even seem to clean the crap off your rims, the streaky stuff from other pads. They are a little hard to off set so they don't squeal. Other wise the best even over the Ritchey's.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Ted a cross-country rider from PA

Date Reviewed: November 6, 1996

Bottom Line:   

I've only used the older clear pads, but the new
Poly2 pads are supposed to be made of the same
material....After using Ritchey blacks for awhile I changed to
Winwood pads and noticed an immediate improvement.
On bone dry days the Winwoods are about the same
as Kool-Stop-compound pads in braking power. They
tend to scrape the rim more loudly, especially as
they heat up during long dry descents. I was worried
that the extra noise (not squealing, just sort of
a schhhhhh sound) was bad....but my rims don't
seem to be wearing out any faster.On wet rides the Winwood pads are a million times better
than anything else. Wet braking feels just as good as
dry braking! These pads also seem to last a very, very
long time. If you can still find the clear ones, try
them. You won't be disappointed.

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