TekTro Mechanical Disc Brake Pad

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Tektro Aquila Mechanical Disc Brake Pads

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Tektro Lyra Mechanical Disc Brakes- Rotors not true

Hey Everyone, Just got a good deal on a lightly used road bike that has Lyra brakes on it. I at first hated the performance of the brakes, but they have gotten significantly better as they have broken in. One thing I've noticed is the rotors do not appear to run true. Is there any way to cor ... Read More »

mechanical disc with hydraulic caliper?

just bought some avid elixir r sl brakes used, but they don't have the discs included. can I use my old discs from my mechanical brakes?Read More »

Wat's the different between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes??on a mountain bike

which one is better?? which one is more useful?? which one is more edurable against terrains such as sand, water, mud...?? are the disc brakes better than v-brakes or linear brakes?? Thx in advance [IMG]http://tinyurl.com/mtmn7wr[/IMG]Read More »

mechanical disc brakes warping rotors

hey guys I have some tektro novelas on my bike and I have had 2 rotors within about 3 months. [IMG]http://ficdn.mtbr.com/images/icons/icon8.png[/IMG] is there a reason for this? can I bend them back easily? cheers, DanRead More »

Mechanical disc brake noise (Tektro Novela)

My rear disc brake has been making a noise when half-braking. It is not a rubbing noise it is like a grinding noise (kind of like the noise a car makes when it need new pads). I checked the brake pads and they are over 3mm thick, cleaned the pads and rotor with isopropyl alcohol and adjusted the bra ... Read More »

Read More »




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