Lizard Skins Elbow Brake Pad

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Soft elbow guards have been winning over customers with their great fit and protection. Made from 5mm perforated neoprene, powertex crash panel, soft plush velcro straps and 3/8" EVA foam.

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Lost Elbow Pads UCSC / Hwy 9

Long shot here… I think I left a pair of elbow pads on Hwy 9, on a stump just across from the bottom of Sweetness. If anyone possibly picked them up, I'd be incredibly grateful to get them back. Thanks.Read More »

super light, breathable elbow pads?

Looking for stuff that's more about abrasion protection and being able to stay cool while riding. I have triple 8's that work great on my knees, but the elbow pads slip down on fast repeated brake bumps and other teeth chattering stuff. Anything recommended that'll stay up while being lightweight ... Read More »

Looking for recommendations on knee/elbow pads.

My only experience with biking in armor is the rental stuff I got at Highland. It didn't fit well and smelled know. I primarilly ride XC but am starting to push myself to the point that the crashes (though seldom) are starting to hurt. I am also going to Moab for a 3 day riding ... Read More »

Elbow Tendonitis -- HELP

I have been dealing with elbow tendonitis off and on for about 18 months. I've had 2 steroid injections and occupational/physical therapy. I've done ice, a brace, ibuprofen, and trying to avoid aggravating it. it's like it just WON't get well. So i'm staying off my bike for now (I'm a newbie and ... Read More »

Lost at Somo on 8-19: 661 elbow pad

last night. black, elbow-to-wrist. Somewhere between 46th St lot -> Javalina -> National to above the Waterfall. Please pm if you found it, or chollaball at cox dot net thank you.Read More »

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