Hayes MX4 Brake Pad

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Semi-meatlic (aka organic) friction material provides enchanced modulation and silent operation. Sintered metallic friction material provides maximum stopping power in wet and dry conditions.

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New owner of old Iron Horse 4.2; mx4 on back weak/vibrates

Just registered & have found the site useful already. Started cheap w/ a well used IH 4.2, then upgraded fork to an XC32TK. Rear brake feels really weak and started to vibrate when applied. Trying to figure out if pads are worn out or if rotor is just dirty. I'll try the alcohol wipe first, then ... Read More »

Hayes MX4 vs MX1

Hi all im not sure over these two brakes. is the mx1 better than the better than the mx4? i currantly have the mx4 brake kit, but im thinking of getting some new calipers for now and rotors and levers later. Would the MX1 calipers be worth getting for better stopping power?' I also have brand new r ... Read More »

Can cables and brake levers be used from MX4 to BB7?

I have Hayes MX4 mechanical brakes on my bike. I'm considering on grabbing a pair of BB7's. If I just pick up the actual brake mechanisms + rotors, can the cables and levers I have now work with them? Or is the BB7 of a different design that renders this impossible? EDIT - Maybe we can throw BB5 in ... Read More »

upgrade Hayes MX4 to hydro, any gotchas?

Hi, I am contemplating getting a small-frame 24" wheel Kona MTB for my 8 year old son. We live where dirt riding always implies hills, and he can't really pedal uphill on his single speed BMX bike. So I found this used Kona, but I learned (from the BMX bike) that his hands weren't quite up to ... Read More »

hayes mx4 mechanical disk brakes

are they good beginer brakes (reliable)Read More »

Read More »




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