Formula B4 Brake Pad

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Formula B4 Brake Pad Kit. Brake Pads - Disc. Genuine Formula disc brake pads for the B4 caliper. Qrganic compound offers superior braking power and dissipates heat better than sintered pads, reducing the chance of brake fade.

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Breakfast B4 riding

HI, Yesterday evening I took a 15 mile ride on my local bike trail. I was very exited since it has been a week since my last ride. My ride went great, so I decided to add another 15 miles the next day. It had to be in AM since the local weather future cast showed rain at noon. So,today I woke up a ... Read More »

How to know distance between rack arms b4 buying?

I need a rear mounted carrier that will fit a variety of bikes ranging from my 29er to a 24" mtn. bike to a 20" kid's bike. The rack I originally bought had arms that were too far apart (16.5") - it barely (and poorly) fit the 29er and my wife's lady-frame hybrid with tube adapters in place, won't ... Read More »

On-ONe slackset 4 sale (Mod's please don't remove b4 reading post)

I'm listing here because this is going to be the only place that I can sell this "altered" headset. Normally, I'd use the classifieds place to hock my goods. I have the On-One / Workscomponents Slackset for sale. This is the Med headset for 105mm head tubes. [B]Per Brant's recommendation[/B], the ... Read More »

LXP B4 4*XM-L U2, 6*18650, 3500lumens Bike light

Okay, I'm only posting this for the Lumen junkies. [URL=""] LXP B4 4*XM-L U2, 6*18650, 3500lumens Bike light[/URL] I have no idea how well it works or what kind of beam pattern it throws. At $148 who really cares. : ... Read More »

Best b4 xmas shop?

Best place to order Cane Creek seperate upper and lower headset cups and get before X-mas? Looking for a headset 49 ZS upper/EC49 lower and would like to get it before X-mas, any suggestions on who's shipping promptly and has them in stock?Read More »

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