Demolition Brake Pads Brake Pad

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Soft compound brake pads with threaded post that are drilled and slotted to shed water and dirt for optimum braking power. Features: Hardware included. Sold in pairs only. Weight 54g.

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Avid Elixir 3 Brake Pads Rubbing Rotor

Hi everyone, My rear Avid Elixir 3s have always given me rubbing issues. I brought it to LBS and they seemed to have fixed it, but after a few hrs of riding, it came back again. The rear brake pads are rubbing against the brake rotors because there's not enough clearance. I loosened the caliper an ... Read More »

Magura MT-8 Brake Pads

On my last trail bike(26"), I ran Magura MT8's and loved them, never had an issue with them. Just changed bikes (27.5") I purchased another set of MT8's to cover the braking. It seems with the larger wheels they may not be up to the task. I just purchased larger rotors (203/ 180 storm SL's), and ... Read More »

Bedding in procedure / new brake pads

Hello, I am trying to figure out if I'm missing something on the bedding in procedure for new pads, or if maybe I'm using the wrong pad for me. I have a 2013 Stumpjumper FSR with Avid Elixir 5SL brakes. I purchased the bike used but I'm assuming the pads were original. My rear pads were down to ab ... Read More »

Aero-Kool finned brake pads

Has anybody tried these yet? Are they any good? [ATTACH=CONFIG]905353[/ATTACH] Here's a little more of my story: I have one bike with the new style Ice-tech XT BR-M785 brakes (using metal pads), and another bike with the older style BR-M975 brakes. The old bike is feeling some severe control en ... Read More »

Help! New XT brake pads too thick to get rotor between them.

I'm replacing my 785 brake pads with identical Shimano pads and I can barely get the new pads into the caliper. When I finally do, the pads are touching and there is no way to get the rotor between them. I pushed the pistons as far back into the caliper body as possible but the pads are still to ... Read More »

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