Hope Tech 3 Brake Lever

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Hope Tech 3 V4 + Rocksho BOXXER RC 2013

Hello guys, I just got brand new Hope V4's. However, when installing a front caliper, it is too close and rubbing the mount and the adaptor. Is there anything could be done to fix it. Or should I just install old avid rotor. ThanksRead More »

Hope Tech 3 E4?

Anyone have an inside line on Hope stuff? My Trail X0s have been pissing me off for too long. I like the XTs, but did like the progressive feel of the Avids a lot more than the hard bite of the XTs. Thanks in advance!Read More »

Question on new Hope Tech 3 levers...

Has anyone had any issues with the master cylinder cap screws "weeping" fluid? Reason I ask is in the past, I've had 3 or 4 sets of Hopes with the flip-flop Tech levers, and ALL of them weeped fuild at the MC screws, to some degree or another. Tried new diaphragms, and tried various levels of " ... Read More »

Hope Tech 3 E4 vs. Shimano XT weight Comparo

Hey gang. Just wanted to post up some interesting weight facts comparing the newish Hope Tech 3 with E4 calipers and the Shimano XT. A little background; I'm a 240lb rider who earns his downs most of the time. However there are some lift service days during the summer as well. I ride an Endur ... Read More »

Hope Tech 3 X2 power problems

I purchased a new set of Hope Tech 3 X2 brakes with two-piece rotors 203/180. I've used multiple sets of Hope brakes previously, love the look and lever feel. These seem to be a bit down on power. I'm about 200 in gear and ride technical chunk in Arizona. To be honest, I ran them on my carbo ... Read More »

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