Hayes Stroker Ryde Brake Lever

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Hayes Stroker Ryde Complete Master Cylinder and Lever Assemblies.

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Hayes Stroker Ryde overhauling tips

I recently got a 2008 Kona Cinder Cone with the stock Hayes Stroker Ryde disc brakes. The performance is a bit average but since it's my first disc brake bike, I don't have a lot of reference but I believe it need a overhaul to get the original performance. I noticed the rear caliper piston was st ... Read More »

Need to shorten my Hayes Stroker Ryde brakes would like some advice

I just built up my bike and I need to shorten my brake lines is it as easy as cut then tighten back up? What extra parts might I need ive never done it and should learn how to im sure, Also will a have to bleed the brakes?Read More »

Avid elixer 5 Vs. Hayes stroker ryde

Just bought a used 2011 bike w/ avid elixer 5's, my old bike is a 2009 with Hayes stroker ryde. I've been using the Hayes for 2+ years so I like them, and are used to them. Overall, which is a better brake, or is it just personal opinion, they are about equal? Thanks, and if you want to buy a ... Read More »

Hayes Stroker Ryde or Juicy 5s

Right now I've got Stroker Rydes with 185/160mm rotors. I've also got a set of Juicy 5s sitting around. They have a older 160mm rotor in back and a new G3 185mm for the front. Is it worth swapping to the Juicy 5s? The Strokers are ok now, but I feel like the Juicys may be better overall.Read More »

Hayes Stroker Ryde Problem

Hey folks, So I've been riding a pair of Hayes Ryde hydraulic 160mm for the past 3 months or so and I've noticed that the braking power has faded quite a bit, even after having them bled and had the pads changed. Also, the power is on and off, one minute I'll be riding and their decently strong, ... Read More »





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