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Avid Speed Dial 2.0 Brake Lever

4.1/5 (31 Reviews)
MSRP : $50.00

Product Description

Avid SD 2.0

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Mike Dold a Weekend Warrior from Kansas

Date Reviewed: June 5, 2005

Strengths:    Looks way cool; the red adjuster knobs look cool and are easy to adjust on the fly. I like the two-finger levers. Nice clamp setup.

Weaknesses:    None for me, maybe an optional longer lever for some riders.

Bottom Line:   
These levers rock! I've been sold on the Avid Speed Dial levers ever since I got my first set of Tri-Align brakes
years ago! They look cool and the adjustment knob allows you to adjust the brake modulation from mush to full-lock,
and all points in between! I love the easy adjust-on-the- fly feature. This is the only brake lever I use now, and
whenever I upgrade it is always to this lever.

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Favorite Trail:   Anywhere-Just ride

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $50.00

Purchased At:   Old Town Cyclery

Similar Products Used:   Shimano, Tektro CNC levers, Dia Compe

Bike Setup:   Use these on all my bikes with Avid brakes

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Rob Popov a Cross Country Rider from Leicestershire, England

Date Reviewed: August 17, 2003

Strengths:    When i first opened the box I drewled salivia - f'ing nice looking set of levers. I love the 'speed dial' so you can adjust the tension - something i thnk they patented. Oh and they also work damn fine...

Weaknesses:    None really, except they work best with avid branded v-brakes.

Bottom Line:   
Great levers for the cash, i hope to have them on me bike for many more years to come.

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Favorite Trail:   Local Quarry

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $40.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   nasty mushy plastic dia-compe

Bike Setup:   3 tube easton aluminium / 7005, rigid alu fork, avid brakes, deore / deore lx mix groupset, mavic, michelin tyres, (10kg complete bike)

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Bike a Cross Country Rider from PA, US

Date Reviewed: February 17, 2002

Strengths:    *The longest levers I've ever seen.
*The speed dial is fun to mess with (not just a gimmick either.)

Weaknesses:    *No indicator on the speed dial to tell you how many times it has been turned.
*The lever has a little play up and down in the housing.

Bottom Line:   
Very good levers. They look similar to motorcycle levers, very straight and long. The speed dial is a nice addition. It allows you to either make the levers feel mushy and grip hard on the rim, or crisp and grip softer. The only problem with the dial is that there's no way to tell how many times you've turned it in order to set each lever equally. I cut a small notch in each dial to fix this. The levers also have a bit of play in the housing, but I guess it would help keep things intact in a crash.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Purchased At:   Came on (used) bike

Similar Products Used:   No aftermarket levers

Bike Setup:   '99 Fisher Big Sur

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Justin Bowman a Weekend Warrior from Halifax, PA

Date Reviewed: July 13, 2001

Strengths:    Light
Great Style
Sweet looking

Weaknesses:    None

Bottom Line:   
These are greta levers at an affordable price. They're light and great looking, go get a pair. Avid is the shiznit!!

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Favorite Trail:   Hebron Trail

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Similar Products Used:   lx, magura

Bike Setup:   Kona Muni-Mula, Marzocchi z4 Flylight air, Mavic 221's(red anodized), sram 9.0SL, Cane Creek headset, Xt brakes, Avid 2.0 speed dial levers, etc.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Aaron McGraw a Weekend Warrior from Titusville Pennsylvania USA

Date Reviewed: March 18, 2001

Strengths:    First of all, I am writing about the cantilever compatible version. The levers are light, responsive, have a great feel and are highly adjustable.

Weaknesses:    "Up and down" motion of the lever itself on the pivot. Slightly annoying.

Bottom Line:   
A great set of levers. Light, attractive, and they have a good feel. So far they have demonstrated great durability through a number of ugly crashes. On par or even better than the other levers I have used.

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Favorite Trail:   Oil Creek State Park

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $30.00

Purchased At:   Supergo

Similar Products Used:   Tektro V-brake levers. PowerTools V-brake levers.

Bike Setup:   1996 Generic 7005 series aluminum hardtail, with SR 7006 Suspension fork, Scott/Pederson SE brakes, SBI Son-of-a-Strongarm Crank with Avitar inner chainrings and Shimano LX outer. Regina Hollow-link Chain, LX derailleurs (7spd), Grips shift SRT-100 7spd shifters, Suntour-made Shimano spaced 12 x 28 7spd cassette. JD Suspension Stem. SBI GX-26 36 hole rims, DB spokes with alloy nipples and LX hubs. Panaracer DH-Magic Front and Rear specific 2.25 inch tires.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Luke a Cross Country Rider from Knoxville,TN,USA

Date Reviewed: September 21, 2000

Strengths:    Functional, worry free, speed dial

Weaknesses:    Sloppy pivot

Bottom Line:   
I use these levers on my commuter and I have to say that they provide an excellent feel for your brakes...and if they dont a couple of quick turns will make them feel great. From rock hard to easy modulation, these can deliver that "just right"feel. Plus, they're cheap.
The only downside is that the pivot is sloppy, but thats no big deal, just aggrivation.
I reccomend these levers to everyone who wants high performance feel, but doesn't have a ton of cash to sling around as they are an excellent bang for the buck.
If you have a bike rack on top of your formula 1 car or a private trail on your yacht, then these levers will feel a little cheap compared to XTR or similar levers , and you should find something that suits you better.

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Favorite Trail:   lock4

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $20.00

Purchased At:   LBS

Similar Products Used:   Most other Avids, shimano XTR

Bike Setup:   99 Jamis dragon. A commuter GT.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Brendan a Downhiller from Alaska

Date Reviewed: August 8, 2000

Strengths:    very sleek design and the speed dial words great!

Weaknesses:    none

Bottom Line:   
very sweet for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. A must for every bike. And if u have extra cash, go even higher up the avid latter!

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Favorite Trail:   MY BACKYARD

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Similar Products Used:   shimano xtr levers

Bike Setup:   Gary fisher frame, shimano lx 9 speed drivetrain w/ SRAM 9.0 SL rear der. adn half pipe shifters. Rock Shox Sid XC, and some hayes disk brakes, with the new mavic 223 rims, with michelin hot s tires. Very tight bike!

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by serge a Cross-Country Rider from n. calif

Date Reviewed: October 14, 1999

speed dial works! can dial in just how you like it. works well with canti's or v's

so there's a bit o' pivot slop

Bottom Line:   
These work great from day 1. Tried the xt for a few days when bought the bike and then tried the avid's (initially with xt v's)... needless to say I stuck with the avid levers. I've used them with canti's(xtr,onza & avid) and v's(xt, avid) and they work great with any of em (even canti and v's on same bike). I havn't bothered with trying the v-chip since these work fine w/o it.
You can gripe about the slop in the pivots but it doesn't affect performance so just fogetaboutit.

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Duration Product Used:   
more than 3 years

Similar Products Used:   
lx&xt v levers

Bike Setup:   
M2 xtr/xt/avid/ mix, FS-ti, blah blah

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Steve Peralta a racer from Vista, CA USA

Date Reviewed: March 10, 1999

Bottom Line:   

Has anybody heard of the new brake lever called Thresher? It's awesome. It has a patented horizontal pivot axis (as opposed to vertical) and is completely ergonomic. I've been vomiting all day since seeing them.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Nat a weekend warrior from WA USA

Date Reviewed: December 6, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Thses came with my Stumper along with 1D 2.0 brakes. I like the way these levers are shaped. I can use one finger and get great leverage, and then there's the cool speed dial which I can adjust while riding. My only complaint with these levers is that they exhibit a lot of up and down play. My riding pals mostly use Shimano and their levers are tight be they LX, XT, or XTR. This is not a performance issue of course. Maybe a little slop is needed to clear crud for grungy riding? Bottom line: It doesn't have to say Shimano anymore with Avid's stuff.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Marc a cross-country rider from Montreal, Québec

Date Reviewed: August 10, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I have had these levers for about 9 month now, and I just love them. The thing I like the most about them is the adujstment knobs, you can decided how hard you have to squeeze to get stopping... and they are not short, I also have some Avid 1.0 and I put them on my old bike, they're not even close to the 2.0 SD, I don't know what's the difference with the L version but I satisfied with the ones I got. The reason I gave it four stars is because of a minor but quite anoying problem, as soon as you start to get speed and of course vibration, they make noise, I tried to tighten the allen screw, but it didn'y help. Except for this it is a great lever

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Walt a cross-country rider from Palmer, Alaska U.S.A.

Date Reviewed: July 12, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I purchased the Avid SD 2.0-L's when I upgraded to my brakes to the Shimano XT V-brakes and have been very pleased with their performance. My bike was originally equipped with the Shimano LX V-brakes and the Servo-Wave levers, the original brakes were decent but the levers, well leave alot to be desired, so I'll have to give the Avid SD 2.0-L's a five.

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Matt Wenham a cross-country rider from West Yorkshire, UK

Date Reviewed: May 6, 1998

Bottom Line:   

I use the SD 2.0 (not the L version) for the U-brake on the back of my GT, and for a Dia-Compe 737 up front. There is *just* enough pull to use these levers with V-brakes when they're on maximum pull, as long as you don't mind them a bit squishy. More squishy equals more control but closer pad clearance. I can live with it, but may upgrade to 2.0L later. The U-brake works fine with minimum pull, any more and there's not enough control for me.

Overall Rating:2
Submitted by Billie-Joe-Bob a racer from Hickville, IA

Date Reviewed: February 3, 1998

Bottom Line:   

Average, at best, is all I can say about these things. I am not, in the least, impressed. I guess the good thing is they don't cost an arm and a leg, but I tend to think the $50 retail price is a bit much for the quality you get. The tolerances are horrible and approach the atrocious play found in Dia Compe PC7's. The Speed Dial is a nice touch, but a little redundant if you know how to set up canti's the way you want them e.g. mushy, firm, or in between. They're not light, they're not cheap, and they don't stand out in a crowd of mediocre brake levers. Save some money and get a pair of tried and true Dia Compe SS-7's. They have the slop just like the Avid's, but they cost $20 less and are about 60 grams lighter.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by sid a cross-country rider from michigan

Date Reviewed: November 30, 1997

Bottom Line:   

Wow. Just switched to the SD 2.0L's from Shimano LX's. The difference is amazing. I thought that the LX's were just ugly and cheap LOOKING! The Avids require less force (at any setting) and make the LX V's come alive. If you run the complete LX set up, you're doing yourself an injustice by not using these levers. Perhaps XT/XTR would give the same improvement, but these babies are for real!

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