Norco Screamer XC Full Suspension

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Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by tyler stapleton a Weekend Warrior from cranbrook b.c canada

Date Reviewed: July 18, 2005

Strengths:    its a great bike when u frist get it

Weaknesses:    every thing after a wile my left crank stripped,ive had 3 back shocks,my handle bars have fallen off,my 7 gear was worn out after 2 months and the front disk is sqeaky

Bottom Line:   
this bike sucks i woulnt suggest to any 1 for 700 bucks canadian

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $700.00

Purchased At:   gericks sports

Similar Products Used:   nothing my first fully

Bike Setup:   stock

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by John A. Ardelli a Racer from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Date Reviewed: September 25, 2004

Strengths:    Surprisingly light frame. Sturdy construction. Relatively easy to customize. Amazingly accurate, smooth shifting. Comfortable pedals. Responsive suspension. Responsive, reliable braking.

Weaknesses:    Seat height range a little limited. Highest gear a bit low for my tastes. Lack of adjustability on the handlebars.

Bottom Line:   
I suppose, having grown up on Canadian Tire and WalMart bikes, I'm a little biased. Still, I have to say this is the finest bike I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Despite the short time I've owned it, I've already put 500 kilometers on it (it's just such FUN to ride ;)), so I think I've had enough experience with it to review it. ;)

I do mostly street riding. The bike is a vehicle for me. I choose a dual suspension mountain bike instead of a road bike mostly because I like the feel of the ride (same reason some motorists will buy an SUV just to cruise the highway in I imagnine :)). Besides, Cape Breton is the pothole capital of Nova Scotia. Dual suspension is all but required around here. ;)

Anyway, with the custom tires and light frame, this bike feels like it can FLY under me. The shifting is responsive, smooth and accurate, allowing me to adjust gearing ratio as frequently as necessary to deal with the varying grades and terrain types on the roads around here. On the old Riot, shifting was a little more problemmatic... I NEVER got that thing to shift quit right... :P

The bike handles rougher terrain very well, too. As I write this, Kings Road here in Sydney is undergoing a complete reconstruction. Unfortunately, that's also my route to work and, right now, it's more like a motocross track than a road. Still, the Screamer bombs over that with ease. The bike just feels so SOLID, no matter how tough the terrain gets (the Riot always felt like it was going ot fly apart on Kings :P).

It could use a longer seat post, though. I'm a pretty tall guy and I wanted the saddle up high for street riding, anyway. I got the largest frame size, and even THEN I had to set it at maximum height to make my legs comfortable for road riding. Another problem there was I couldn't adjust the handlebars along with it, so I had to get used to leaning forward a bit. I'm pretty comfortable with it now, but I still find myself sliding forward on the seat a bit. I might customize the handlebars later to a more adjustable set when I can afford it.

In biggest chainring and smallest gear, the ratio is adequate but not as high as I'd like. I like SPEED. I think, when it comes time to replace the chainring, I'm going to have a street bike chainring installed to give me higher ratios and more speed. Low ratio aside, though, shifting is a dream. Astonishingly accurate. I'm not sure what the previous reviewer's problem with the shifters was. They're a little noisy perhaps, but other than that I found them quite excellent, not to mention eminently reliable.

About the only serious problem I've had with this bike isn't really the bike's fault at all. I've had three flats in my back tire over the last few weeks, but that's mostly becuase I'm riding over Kings Road on those skinny Panracer TourGuard street tires. They weren't meant for all those rocks and mud, I guess. The BIKE, however, isn't fazed one bit by the pounding. :)

This is my first bike with a disc brake. Where have you BEEN all my life? I LOVE that disc brake. The stopping power I get is incredible, and it's amazing how well the brakes work in wet weather, too. My only complaint is it's too easy to overtighten it, causing it to rub unnecessarily on the rotor. Back brake is a conventional V-Brake, and even THAT is plenty powerful. Next bike I get, if I can afford it, will have disc brakes front AND back. ;)

This is the perfect bike for a commuter or street rider who wants the comfort and control of a mountain bike with dual suspension. If you're going to be using it on the street, though, you might want to replace that chainwheel with something bigger for more speed, and if you're really tall you might want to get a seat post extension.

If you're using it for TRAIL riding, OTOH, the stock chainring and seatpost should be fine. The seat should be a bit lower for trail riding, anyway, and the existing chainrings give you a wonderful selection of low gears for tough terrain. My experiences on Kings Road suggest that this bike should be tough eough to handle just about any trail except for the most extreme (I wouldn't recommend doing 6' jumps with it, for example). It'd be GREAT for high speed downhilling, though.

Overall, a fine bike, particularly for the price. It was actually CHEAPER than a similar bike sold by Canadian Tire and was infinitely higher quality. This bike is an INCREDIBLE value. An excellent quality bike with good components that won't break your pocket book or max your credit card.

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Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $480.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   CCM Riot

Bike Setup:   Narrower rims and Panaracer TourGuard 26x1.25 tires installed. Otherwise stock. Accessories: Cateye Enduro 2 Cyclecomputer, BLT LED Light Combo, Air Zound Horn, Zefal Insulated Waterbottle and cage, seat post mounted rack with pack

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Tim a Downhiller from PEI, Canada

Date Reviewed: July 26, 2004

Strengths:    A good beginner bike that come in small enough frame sizes for the young guns to get started.

Weaknesses:    Shifters suck, and when you start to get good and start hitting bigger things, the bike gets crappy and starts falling apart quikly.Wouldn't recommend it for anyone over 13 or 14

Bottom Line:   
I was a great bike to get me started in biking and improve myself but I'm going to buy an atomik this week

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $500.00

Purchased At:   Maqueens

Bike Setup:   Rock Shox Judy tt because I broke rst cappa cl of on a 7 set

Reviews 1 - 3 (3 Reviews Total)

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