Nicolai Nonius CC XC Full Suspension

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The Nonius is a well-balanced all-rounder designed around forks with 100 to 140 mm of travel. It is just as capable on your local singletrack as it is for day long rides in the back country. A reinforcement rod isolates the lightweight Easton FS down-tube against the shock loads and leads to a lighter and yet more solid construction. As it is a single pivot frame the Nonius requires less maintenance than multi link frames like the Helius CC. The Nonius’ simple engineering means we can produce this bike at a favourable price whilst you still get the workmanship and reliability that Nicolai is renowned for.

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Nonius cc rear shock

Hello, I have 2010 Nicolai Nonius CC and i need a new rear shock. Now i have dt swiss xm180 in it but i'm not very happy with it. What you guys use or what you would recommend? At this time i have 140mm fox talas fork if that matters.Read More »

New Mexican Nonius CC

A New Nonius CC is taking shape in mexico :thumbsup: [ATTACH]630308[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]630307[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]630309[/ATTACH]Read More »

Nonius CC

One of my beaters is getting on a bit even for a beater, and I was also thinking about tossing the Bullit out at last - and replacing both with a Nonius, using parts culled from both machines. [url][/url] As the cheapest general-purpose ... Read More »

Nonius CC: some questions

I've seen some pictures of the new Nonius (the one with the bridge between seat tube and top tube); the Nicolai web site has no informations about it. Do you know if the geometry has changed? Anyone who actually rode it? Thank you.Read More »

Nicolai Nonius CC 29er custom built frame the frame yesterday...still missing some parts (forks and shock) so I'll have to wait a bit before I can build it into a complete bike. It's a custom-made frame, 23" TT, 16.3" ST, 70° HA and 72.2° SA with 120mm Reba, 100 to 130mm rear wheel travel. I'll give you my first riding impressions ... Read More »

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