Mongoose Valiant XC Full Suspension

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1963 Plymouth Valiant R.I.P.

Not that it's completely related to mountain bikes, but if you are riding Coe in the future you won't be seeing my red 1963 Plymouth Valiant Convertible in the lot anymore. I was parked in front of a sports bar in Mountain View (I wasn't in the car) on El Camino Real and an inebriated man driving wa ... Read More »

Bontrager valiant rims

Are being made again :) I just bought a set at the LBS.Read More »

Bent Valiant...which rim to get?

I bent a Valliant rim enough that the brakes stop the rim on 2nd revolution. Can this be trued out or should I get another rim? Which rim should I get Mavic XC517/717 or another Valiant?Read More »

Bent Valiant? Which rim to get ?

I have a bent Bontrager Valiant rim and need to get a replacement. What is a good rim that is comparably priced?Read More »

Bontrager/Bonty Valiant Asymetrical Rear Rim

Hi. I've done a bit of searching, and everything I find is at least 3-4 years old, so I am not optimistic. Still, does anyone know if the Bontrager(Bonty) Valiant Rear Asymetrical Rim is still available from any retailer? I've damaged mine, and I'd really like to replace it. Thanks for your ... Read More »

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