DeKerf Phenomenon XC Full Suspension

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If you are more into fast turns than free riding, more into twisty trails than downhill drops then this aluminum XC full suspension bike is the one for you. A cross-country full suspension frame built West Coast tough; the Phenomenon has over three active inches of bump-absorbing, traction-generating travel. It's not the only XC full suspension bike out there, but it is the only one built to Dekerf's standards of performance, aesthetics and precision.

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Hope evo II phenomenon

About a year of use and many miles of flawless performance and suddenly there is a problem. Rear hub started to " stick" and when coasting the pedals would cycle and back pedaling would cause severe chain slack. Searched the forums and YouTube - some videos by the UK guys are good but hard to un ... Read More »

Rear Shock for DeKerf Phenomenon

Hi! I got a DK Phenomenon with the original Cane Creek shock. I´m thinking about buying a Rocky Shox Monarch. But witch tune should I take? Low, Mid or High Tune? Got some hints? RobertRead More »

COLD......a cycling phenomenon?

Have you ever wondered why your hands and feet get to dang COLD when cycling?? I have........I`ve been pondering it lately........... every day I have been on the bike. I`m beginning to think that cold hands and feet are a cycling-specific phenomenon. I was wearing my 5 10 freeride shoes, and th ... Read More »

Gordo and Ardent 2.4 phenomenon

I've been running the Maxxis Ardent 2.4 front and rear on my Gordos for about a month. Its a great combo thats super cushy and handles really well. However, I have noticed as the tire casing has "broken in" an interesting phenomenon occurred.....the tires got a lot slower feeling. I know this is i ... Read More »

Tire exploding phenomenon; has this happened to you?

After loading my bike in my car while traveling home, in that state of bliss we all experience after a hard ride, my heart jumped as a heard an explosion. Upon further inspection my rear tire had violently deflated from a pinch flat. Mind you this was 10-15 minutes after my ride was over, what giv ... Read More »

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