DeKerf Phenomenon XC Full Suspension

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If you are more into fast turns than free riding, more into twisty trails than downhill drops then this aluminum XC full suspension bike is the one for you. A cross-country full suspension frame built West Coast tough; the Phenomenon has over three active inches of bump-absorbing, traction-generating travel. It's not the only XC full suspension bike out there, but it is the only one built to Dekerf's standards of performance, aesthetics and precision.

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The phenomenon of bicycle road rage (or possibly just plain drunkenness)

I have not been here for awhile. Injury (not bike related) forced me off my bike. But for the first time in my life, I found myself on the other side of the whole bikes in urban environments discussion and it happened in such a way that I find myself a little shaken by the experience. I was in Bo ... Read More »

Curious natural phenomenon occurs around here every spring

Finally got to go on the first offroad ride of the year and found that my bike had gotten way heavier over the winter, the climbs got longer and steeper and gravity was stronger than last year. I've noticed the same thing in previous years, but the effects are getting stronger every year. I wonder i ... Read More »

Hope evo II phenomenon

About a year of use and many miles of flawless performance and suddenly there is a problem. Rear hub started to " stick" and when coasting the pedals would cycle and back pedaling would cause severe chain slack. Searched the forums and YouTube - some videos by the UK guys are good but hard to un ... Read More »

Rear Shock for DeKerf Phenomenon

Hi! I got a DK Phenomenon with the original Cane Creek shock. I´m thinking about buying a Rocky Shox Monarch. But witch tune should I take? Low, Mid or High Tune? Got some hints? RobertRead More »

COLD......a cycling phenomenon?

Have you ever wondered why your hands and feet get to dang COLD when cycling?? I have........I`ve been pondering it lately........... every day I have been on the bike. I`m beginning to think that cold hands and feet are a cycling-specific phenomenon. I was wearing my 5 10 freeride shoes, and th ... Read More »

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