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Titanium, or to be more exact, titanium alloy has several features that make it an interesting material to build frames. It has a high tension strength, a not too dense molecule structure and a very tough surface. Apart from this titanium has a high resistance to corroding and is not receptive to environ mental influences. Beside the lifespan of the material the structure of the molecules is just as important. Titanium has a bit of elasticity which means the material can be compressed slightly. In other words it functions a bit as a shock absorber. Outside of the laboratory this means the shocks and vibrations caused by the surface you ride on are reduced or filtered. But there are more benefits, it’s not just the comfort there are several more positive aspects in titanium. Small accidents or crashes usually cause dents or scratches, the qualities of titanium absorb most of the impact and prevent dents and scratches. Titanium is the merge of comfort, stiffness and lifespan at a low weight. This is why we use titanium for our flagship models. The frame of our Elite HPT is constructed from cold drawn tubes from the 3/2.5 titanium, Dedacciai K19. By using tubes with a varying wall thickness and oval shaped tubes in the most stressed areas we reach the lowest weight without sacrificing any reliability. Only a handful of brands use this technology because of the costs and time it takes. Welding the tubes acquires a high degree of craftsman ship and experience. It needs to take place in space with a low level of oxygen, a so called vacuum cabin. A very small number of companies have these facilities available. Our HPT models are build by experts. The result of these efforts is a wonderful frame with absolute straight tubes. The RFR geometry is completely designed to cater for the demands of cross country racers. It’s easy to handle, stable at high speed in a straight line and steers like a knife even on the roughest surfaces. The Elite HPT offers much more comfort than any aluminium frame in it’s weight class. If you’re a racer the comfortable Elite HPT might be an interesting option if you feel full suspension bikes are too heavy.

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