Commencal Bicycles Normal XC Hardtail

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Product Description

  • Frame: Nuts AL
  • Fork: Suntour XCR LO
  • Size: XS/S/M/L/XL
  • Weight: 12.5 Kg

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    Total noob here... Is noise from disc brakes normal? And some other noob questions

    Greetings MTBR community! Since my daughter finally shed her training wheels a few weeks ago I find myself riding alot more than I used to. Yesterday I impulse bought a new bike because my $69 walmart special from over 10 years ago was showing it's age. I picked up a Diamondback Apex 29er. About ... Read More »

    Is this wear normal

    Opened my lower links today and noticed that the sleeves where the bearing touches has silver rings that is a sign of wear. There is no play YET but im not sure if this will continue to wear and evetually cause the play other members have raised. Attaching pic. Is it still possible to prevent furthe ... Read More »

    WTB Bronson - extreme wear, is this normal?

    Hi all - Question on my WTB Bronson 29x2.2 W010-0441 image from amazon: [url][/url] I bought this tire 5/28/14, installed the next week. It's been three and a half months, three weeks of which I was on vacation, one of which the bike wa ... Read More »

    Front wheel spins way better than rear, is that normal?

    Sometimes when I'm not riding much I'll flip the bike upside down and spin the wheels so the no tubes fluid mixes around. The other day I noticed that my front wheel spins way longer than my rear wheel. I checked the brakes are not rubbing, no visible reason for it. Is that just the friction from th ... Read More »

    Hayes brake lever not returning to normal position?

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]My Hayes Stroker Ryde front brake lever isn't returning to its normal position after you squeeze the lever. You have to sort of 'flick' it back out with the back of your fingers. Brakes are fine and were bled a week ago, plenty of bite. I have read that there is a fairly s ... Read More »

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