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Trek Lush 29er Womens

4.33/5 (3 Reviews)
MSRP : $2199.99

Product Description

You love nature, adventure, tackling singletrack with friends, seeking new challenges. So does Lush. It's a perfect match.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by EcoTravelerChick a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: February 14, 2013

Strengths:    good components for the price point,
Women Specific Design simply WORKS for a petite woman
suspension tuned to a woman's weight

Weaknesses:    slooooow on the flat... but that's not why you bought a full suspension, is it?!

Bottom Line:   
I picked up my Lush S 2013 in Bangkok... which is flat as a pancake. I got a great deal on it (and I already think that it is a great value for the components) because there is really no use for a full suspension bike when you never go down a hill! the S was the only version offered in the store, so I didn't try the SL or regular Lush, but this price point and component level was pretty much what I was in the market for, anyway.

I was all excited to try it out, despite the flatness of Bangkok, so I took it out with a local group who rides the trails around the rice paddies outside of town, which turned out to be almost as hard packed as the tarmac roads we took to get to them. I found myself at the tail end of the group the whole time- all of whom were riding hard tails with smooth, skinny tires - which was a bit embarrassing, really.

But then I took it home, to Kathmandu...

Suddenly I went from the back of the pack to charging up hills, passing the best of our group, and flying down singletrack like I had wings. I felt like Superwoman!

The big knobbly tires, which slowed me down on the flat hardpack in Thailand, grip the mud and layered dust of Kathmandu like glue. The plush suspension takes the drops and rocks and ruts like they weren't even there, the derailleurs shift the chain along the 3X10 rings like silk, and the slack overdrive headset steers like a dream.

The real difference with this bike, for me, is the geometry. I am 5 foot nothing, with relatively long legs and short arms- kind of a typical woman, really! I ride the 14.5 Lush S, which puts me much closer to the handlebars than my hard tail (also a Trek, but not WSD). The different angle makes my pedal stroke a lot more efficient too, which is how I find myself powering up hills about twice as fast as before, despite the rear suspension. This is also the first bike I've ever owned where I actually have the recommended stand over height! The suspension is also well designed for a lighter woman, making even the front fork significantly more cushy than my HT, while never being in danger of bottoming out- giving me a lot more control, not just a smoother ride.

The one thing I'm still getting used to is the totally different center of gravity. While it makes me feel more in control and confident on the downhill, I feel much higher off the ground than on my HT, and therefore a bit tippy. This is particularly true when I'm headed up a short very steep bit of trail- I often feel like i'm going to tip over. This is more a technique issue than anything else, and I'll get used to it soon, but I thought I'd mention it in case other people feel the same way. The steering is also much more sensitive than on my HT, so I had a bit of trouble at first on particularly skinny "half tracks" like those between the Nepali rice paddies (the Thai paddies have tractor roads between them), I felt like I was in danger of accidentally over steering and falling off the track. Again, this is just something to get used to.

Finally, it is a bit shallow, but I do have to say I love the color, and I've gotten a TON of complements on it. The powder blue and navy is just striking, and the gold accents are a nice touch!

If you want an idea of what kind of riding I do in Kathmandu, look up "colors of Kathmandu" on YouTube.

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Favorite Trail:   Kopan Loop

Purchased At:   ProBike, Bangkok

Bike Setup:   Factory

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by gmarchie12

Date Reviewed: May 17, 2012

Strengths:    not carbon! a good value. many frame improvements from the Trek Fuel WSD. handles well with excellent suspension properties. 2012 Lush SL has decent color. decent weight.

Weaknesses:    oem crankset on the 2012 Lush SL. not compatible with water bottle cages. 2012 color options are hideous (except for Lush SL which is decent) and will not match well with most prospective upgrades that are dominated with red, gold, etc unfortunately, color coordination is a big thing among most ladies

Bottom Line:   
i have researched and tested the Trek Lush Carbon and the Trek Lush SL. I was intending to splurge on my girlfriend who has shown great improvement in mountainbiking. i was also intending to either settle with SLX or XT or maybe XTR

For comparison among women's bikes, i have also researched the Specialized Safire Pro, Giant Trance XW, Norco Sight Forma 2 and Forma 3 and the Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon.

The Trek Lush rides very well. Suspension has minimal bob when pedaling but descends very well. Its ABP system works well and allows suspension to remain active even during panic braking. The price value is one of the best and second only to the Norco Sight Forma. Compared to last years model (its predecessor) 2011 Trek Fuel 8 WSD, the Lush has improved with lower standover height and a better riding experience.

the Lush has less travel with 120mm compared to the Norco Sight Forma at 140mm and the PC Mach 5.7 carbon at 140/150mm. However my girlfriend is upgrading from a 80-100 fork hardtail so i think the 140 is overkill (at least for now). the difference in travel was therefore inconsequential.

The price was great and i really wanted to settle with the Lush. Unfortunately, there were two things that were simply unacceptable in this bike:

1. color. the colors of their bikes are far from attractive and clashes with most upgrades that i wanted to add. for example, i intended to add a better wheelset which had red stripes (as most mtb components have)... with so many other colors the bike starts to look like a rainbow or clown in bad way. although color is not a big issue to me, it was an issue with my sister and my girlfriend and since i was already spending that much money, i wanted a good looking bike. The outgoing 2011 Trek EX 8 WSD (was on sale) looked great but was not the right size.

2. you cannot attach a water bottle cage on it. the bike decision basically came to this. as an avid mountain biker, we go 3-4x a week but each ride is less than 2.5 hours long. most of the female bikers including my sis and girlfriend rarely ride more than 2 hours and would rather use water bottles for non-epic length bike rides. they don't want to wear a sweaty camelback that needs to be washed each week and requires extensive preparation beyond filling a clean water bottle that they could wash in the dishwasher.

in the end, no matter how i tried to convince myself about the Lush, it simply didn't cut it. by lowering the standover height (which was already sufficiently low in the previous Fuel EX WSD) they made the frame triangle too small to allow a water bottle cage and thus didn't even try to put bolts/receivers on the downtube. if this was a freeride or downhill bike, i would understand the lack of water bottle cage bolts/receivers but this is a trail bike!

nearly went with the Specialized Safire Pro but it looks hideous and the suspension design was not inspiring. i ended up settling with the Pivot Cycles 5.7 Carbon (the aluminum did not allow water bottle cages either) and built it with Shimano XT at competitivecyclist.com. it is a sweet bike although i ended up spending nearly 2x more than i intended to when i was looking at the Trek Lush

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by pedalfitch a Cross Country Rider from Joliet Il. USA

Date Reviewed: March 18, 2012

Strengths:    smooth ride. easy too handle, corners great,and climbs like crazy! pretty paint job. solid, light,traction is top notch..fits my body correctly and 27 inch stand over.pretty girly looking paint job seems to cleean easy. appears to reject mud.good price was out the door.

Weaknesses:    none...... just be sure if you move brake levers in for one finger,that the rear brake cable might need slack re dispursed. this is because handle bars are not wide.24" (white grips are no problem they windex back to pure white anytime...)

Bottom Line:   
my hard tail rattled too much so my husband bought me a lush. superb workman ship on this ladie bike. paint job is drk blackish blue with glitter that reflects near dark purple with a hint of gold.lots of laddie ish emblembs and a pink elephant on the back of the frame by the crank and shock. pretty bike. too pretty for a boy to ride. smooth ride and easy to control. i hate to climb but this bike climbs great! love the traction. Im not a hot dog like my husband but with the lush I can at least follow him in style and comfort. we see a lot of fuji and giant and specialized but the TREKS are way better and worth the money. my husband says the LUSH cant mop the floor with any other xc bike out there. I think he is right. I am really a begginner but yesterday we went to palos illinois and peddaled 3 ravines, one day and gravity cavity. ok so i walked 2 of the ravines but the 3rd I did and the Lush handled cornering at one day and I dont even know how to corner yet!!!then we walked up gravity cavity and my husband did the jump with his remedy 7, and then I climbed out of gravity cavity from first jump to top on my LUSH. last but not least the 27 inch stand over is perfect because i am only 5'2". all Lush frame sizes have 27 " standover give a 1/4" or so.I recomend this bike to all wifes because it helps to have a top machine. you dont got to be any good to pedal a LUSH but if you are good you could compete with this bike.

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Favorite Trail:   palos cemetary hill

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $2000.00

Purchased At:   sunbaum

Similar Products Used:   my husband has a trek remedy 7

Bike Setup:   this is the base line lush it has rock shock 120mm fork, drcv rp2 rear,a cute EVO, bontrager xr4 knobies.shimano 6" disc brakes,comet crank and shimano shifters.at 850 bontrager wheels.stock just like Treks website.

Reviews 1 - 3 (3 Reviews Total)

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