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Hot News: Ibis launches line of ultra-wide carbon wheels

Ibis reinvents the wheelset with new line of ultra-wide wheels. Beefy, hookless rims highlight new 741, 941 and 928 wheels.    Read More »

Enduro Compare-O Bottom Line: Intense's Carbine 29 knows how to go big, fast and fun

The confidence-inspiring Intense Carbine 29 likes it meaty, beaty, big and bouncy-check it out right here.   Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Scott Genius 710

Scott’s stealthy Genius 710 now comes Fox-equipped. Will the new spec equate to more customers?    Read More »

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Tandem / Fatbike Convergence

No, I'm not building a tandem fatbike. Or at least I don't think so yet. But I am thinking about a tandem. Which leads me to tandem hubs, which makes me think that there's a bunch of possibilities for wider hubs from the fatbike world. But that also means wider chainlines in the back. I'm pret ... Read More »

Singlespeed gearing on your tandem?

Anyone running SSer on your tandem? Experiences?Read More »

Bikepacking on a tandem

Anyone Bikepacking on a tandem? Would like to hear your experiences please as compared to a single bike. Thanks!Read More »

Surprise tandem

Just heading out to a single bike ride with a couple who run a bike guide outfit locally. On our way to the trail we pass a yard sale that has a tandem in the front yard - of course we stop. Fifteen minutes later we head out again with them now owning a beautiful 1993 Ibis Uncle Fester. A well spe ... Read More »

Physics of tandem crashes

My wife and I decided to ride an easy singletrack. After a slight downhill, I turned left over some rocks and down we went. I didn't expect that this would be a major crash given that we weren't going that fast (maybe 15 mph), but in fact both of us dented our helmets. It occurred to me that ... Read More »

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