Mike DeSalvo TIG Welded Singlespeed

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This is SE Quadangle-inspired 29" singlespeed mountain bike.

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Replacing headtube on tig welded TT Ox Platinum frame

I have a very nice custom Wily cycles 29er and want to replace the std 1-1/8" headtube with a 44mm so I can run a tapered 140mm fork The bike was designed by Brad Seamen (sp?) with: 1. 71 HTA w/ 4" WB1.0 fork 2. very low BB (I get pedal strikes with 180mm on a semi-regular basis) 3. It had ve ... Read More »

WMW - 2nd frame - 1st TIG welded

Hi, After the best part of two years chipping away at it I’ve finally completed my second frame, and thought I might share it with you. Hopefully it’ll be of interest to some of you, especially those into full suspension design. Apologies in advance for all the text, but there are some pics in ... Read More »

Post process a TIG welded Cro-mo frame?

Post process a TIG welded Cro-mo frame? Anyone shot blast (stress relieve) and heat treat a TIG welded Cro-mo frame?Read More »

TIG welded Fisher Mt. Tam in 1985?

I'm curious if any of you Fisher afficionados have thoughts on this? The '86 and later models are fillet brazed as far as I can tell from firstflightbikes and from threads on this list. [url]http://mombat.org/Fisher_Specs.htm[/url] Thanks.Read More »

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