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Liteville 601 - Freeride All Mountain Bike

The Liteville 601 is an all mountain/freeride bike that offers a whopping 190mm of rear travel and a lot of adjustability including BB height, head angle as well as wheel size options. Watch the video!   Read More »

Funkier Freeride Jersey and Hawk Shorts Review

Never heard of the brand "Funkier"? You're not alone. I had not heard of this brand either, until I received a press release about their new clothes. After checking their website, I learned that they are based in Israel of all places. Now, it just so happens that I met a fellow cycling journalis ...    Read More »

Mtbr.com Live Blog: 2013 Sea Otter Classic

Stay up to date with all the important happenings at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic by following the Mtbr.com Live Blog. During this four-day celebration of all things cycling we’ll be continually updating this page with photos and beta on all the latest mountain bike technology being unveiled here.    Read More »

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Freeride Hardtail Question

Hello everyone, Ive been looking a lot at aggressive Freeride type Hardtails lately, like with one chainring upfront and 9 outback like my downhiller (not quite ready to go single speed), and was wondering about sizing, i cant for the life of me find any that are a large! I'm 6'5'' and all i see are ... Read More »

Best Hardtail Freeride Bike for $1,000

I've read all the threads on I can find on here concerning this type of thread. Most of what I've found is atleast 5 years old, so I'm wondering what it's like these days. What is the best hardtail freeriding bike in the US for a thousand bucks? Looking to get on one and have some funRead More »

good all around freeride hardtail tire?

what is a good do it all tire from dirt to pavement? iam willing to lean more towards dirt. i would like a tire in a true 2.3-2.35 or a maxxis is a 2.5 since my minion 2.35s are to skinny for me. have any links? i have no clue what compound or sidewall to get. also will the tubes that came with my m ... Read More »

My freeride hardtail built - Brodie Bigshot

Hello, Here's my freeride/all mountain hardtail built. It started as a Brodie Bigshot 2006 frame only, I wasn't sure about Brodie frame at first for a bike that will go big but, I had great experience with a Brodie Fury that was used for All Mountain so I decided to give it a try and it did survi ... Read More »

Geo ? For a freeride hardtail

I am working on building a freeride hardtail. I am basing it off of a 2008 KHS dj200. It has some pretty mice components to begin with, but i'm not sure sbout the fork. It is a 'zochi dj3 with 100mm of travel. It's supposed to be plenty tough, but heavy and not exactly plush. I don't know if I shoul ... Read More »

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