Seven Axiom Frameset

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Seven Axiom

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Tom a Weekend Warrior from Northborugh, MA

Date Reviewed: January 18, 2005

Strengths:    Silky smooth, responsive

Weaknesses:    None come to mind

Bottom Line:   
I was looking to replace my roadified hybrid Cannondale with a real road bike so I took a trip to my local bike shop. I told them what I wanted. The first words out of their mouth were "You want a Seven". A look around the shop and internet led me to take the plunge. It's a decision I'll never regret.

The Seven is absolutely silky smooth and comfortable. At the end of the day, I'm tired from the miles and not from fighting the bike or the road.

Responsive? When this fat old man steps on the pedals to accelerate, the bike seems to say "It's about damn time. Let's really go." Now I look for excuses to ride rather than not to ride. I'll be 20 miles into heading home from work when I'll take a turn to add another 5 miles. That never happened before.

It's precise. It goes where I want it to without having to think about it. The bike seems to be one step ahead of me.

Is it expensive? Yes. Is is worth it? Hell yes! What's the value of bike you don't use versus one you ride? I ride this bike. A lesser bike would sit around gathering dust.

This is the last bike I'll buy. Unless I get another Seven. The bike shop guys (all Seven riders I found out) are right. A Seven is the answer and bike for me.

Would another bike do as well? Can't say. It may. I didn't really try any other high-end bike. All I can say is that this bike works for me and that's enough.

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Bike Setup:   Ultegra triple
Mavic wheels

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Regina a Weekend Warrior from Ipswich, MA USA

Date Reviewed: January 8, 2002

Strengths:    Ride, ride, ride.
Like velvet on the road. I fell in love with it from the very first ride.
The bike can read your mind and becomes an extension of your body. I thought my other rb fit me great and had a wonderful ride, but it feels like an ox after I've been on the Axiom.

Weaknesses:    None.

Bottom Line:   
I love my bike. I love to look at it, but most especially, I love to ride it!

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Purchased At:   Bicycle Place, Silver Spring, MD

Similar Products Used:   Nothing compares.
I have a Bianchi Eros, which also has a beautiful ride, but they are leagues apart.

Bike Setup:   Full Ultegra (including wheels). It actually has a triple! Terry Ti Fly saddle, Performance SPD-types, Wound-up carbon fork, Cane Creek headset

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by George Elliott a Weekend Warrior from Marlboro NJ

Date Reviewed: December 30, 2001

Strengths:    Seven frames are a work of art. My bike looks as good as it rides. The ability to order your custom frame with the drive characteristics you desire is great. Seven seems to accomodate your desires completely. This steed handles and rides like a racer while allowing a comfortable platform.

Weaknesses:    NONE found. (except price)
Well you will never get what you dont pay for!
With Seven at least you get what you pay for.

Bottom Line:   
I am continually surprised with the ride of my new Seven. I am finding some of my limitations because of this bikes ability. Don't think I'll need as many brake pads as before. Bikes carves corners and loves to lay down. With the proper frame size and setup I find my body less fatigued after several long weekly rides. A recent back injury threatened my future of cycling. Seven's custom frame allowed me the ability to keep riding and recover. The difference in geometry from my last bike was tremendous. This bike is the most comfortable I've ever rode.
Dont think ----BUY A SEVEN

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Similar Products Used:   Cannondale, Lemond

Bike Setup:   Campy Record 13/26, Look HSC3, Fltie gel Ti, Zipp 404's, Vittoria, Look seatpost, Deda stem/bars.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Cassie a Racer from Lempster, NH USA

Date Reviewed: December 26, 2001

Strengths:    EVERYTHING about this bike is it's strength. It is FULLY custom. No where will you find a bike as custom as SEVEN's. They take every measurement possible of your body (indluding lower leg length, forearm length). Measure your old bike completely and then ask you how you'd like the bike to ride....and what you'll be using it for. I researched alot of custom frames and SEVEN was by far the most comprehensive data takers around.

Weaknesses:    None....although some would say the price...I found that similarly equipped Colnago's, Merckx, Litespeed, Merlins cost MORE and are NOT custom!

Bottom Line:   
After waiting what I feel was an acceptable time period (four weeks from time of order to actually getting the bike) I rode this bike for the first time and it felt as if I'd ridden this bike my whole life. It's like your best and most comfortable pair of shoes or jeans. Only it rides like nothing you've every been on. There was no "getting" used to the new bike. This bike was set up completely different than any bike I've ever had, as i've never been "fit" to a bike before and found that I'd been riding with too long of a stem/top tube and saddle too far back. Even with all the adjustments it just seemed to fit me like a glove. This is after riding 20+ years the old way too! And the ride? a nothing you've ever been on before. You don't even know you're riding the're not aware of it's presense underneath you because it is apart of you. PERFECTION AT IT'S BEST!!

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Favorite Trail:   N/A

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $4200.00

Purchased At:   Banagan' 50/50

Similar Products Used:   Trek 2200, Vitus 3 tube Carbon Kevlar.

Bike Setup:   Full Campy record 10speed...!!!

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by lcunnion a Weekend Warrior from Madison, WI

Date Reviewed: May 2, 2001

Strengths:    Fully custom geometry and tube sets.
Best domestically sourced 3/2.5 Ti money can buy.

Weaknesses:    See below. nothing serious.

Bottom Line:   
Seven allows for a truly custom frame with the axiom not just limiting a customer to tubelengths and handling characteristics but also tube dimensions and butt placement.
They also use the best domestically sourced ti tubes available and as far as i know, they are the only ones to do so (though, i think the real world implications of this fact are probably non-existant).
welds are clean, finish is luxurious.
handling is a little risky to comment on as they are custom bikes. mine handles like a dream though.
ride characteristics also vary with each frame... mine is on the steel-like side.

for the money, Sevens are a terrific value. keep in mind that non-custom Merlins made with comparable design considerations (ala butted tubes) cost just as much as fully custom sevens do. Litespeeds, anything other than the arenberg and tuscany will cost a pretty penny too. Moots (best welds!) and Ibis probably are my favorite Ti bikes after Seven and both only offer straight-gauge tubesets at a price comparable to Seven's Alaris model. With Moots, custom will cost extra too.
also on the side of value is the longevity of Ti. most people complain about the cost of Seven's, but in reality, they are not that bad compared with other truly high performance bicycles.
plus, why would you want a couple of thousand dollars when you could have a great bicycle instead.

one gripe is that i asked for the bike to be set-up with DT shifter bosses - not because i like the way the look or think they are more accessible than STI braze-ons, but because i was actually planning to use DT shifters! the boss was inserted so far up the downtube that not only did it look funny, but my fingers would get caught in the brake cable housing when i reached for the left shifter. i can theorize that the reason was to place the boss at the thickest part of the butt, but they could have run the butt longer to lower the boss.
another gripe is the ST H20 braze on. it's too high at midway down the seattube. it looks odd, and i suppose it raises the bike's center of gravity. this, i admit is getting nit-picky. i only wish that i had thought about both of these issues (shifter boss & H20 boss) and told Seven _exactly_ where i wanted them placed.

Overall rating reflects that this is indeed a solid bike and as good if not better than any currently available. Still, i don't consider it one of the truly great bikes of all time. Given the chance to buy it again though, i'd do it without a second thought.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Purchased At:   Wlliamson Bicycle Works

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Matt Chanoff from San Francisco, CA

Date Reviewed: April 4, 2001

Strengths:    This is for the Seven Odonata, not the Axiom, as mtbreview doesn't seem to have a review section for this model. I've had this bike for 2 weeks and have ridden it about 300 miles. I wanted to share some impressions of the switch from a good standard bike (LeMond Zurich) to a custom one — before I get totally used to it and the Seven just seems like what a bike ought to be.

Here’s what I was expecting:

More speed. I’m not sure how, maybe I thought the drive train would be more efficient (Record vs Ultegra) or the weight (18 v 22 lbs.) would make the difference. I was hoping for 2 mph more, on average.

More comfort. My old bike was pretty comfortable, and was set up pretty well to fit me, but a custom frame, I thought, would make those last bits of upper back pain disappear.

Here’s what I found so far:

Speed: Well, I don’t have a computer on the new bike yet, but I frequently time the “out” leg of my daily ride, which is 10.6 miles. I keep these rides at an endurance pace, meaning that I slow down whenever my heart monitor starts beeping. My fastest time on this ride with the old bike was 40 minutes, with most recent rides in the 41-45 minute range. My first four rides on the Odonata have been 40, 38, 41, and 43. So far, it looks like I got about one 1 mph out of the new bike.

Comfort: I have about the same comfort level on both bikes. The Odonata is a bit less jarring on bumps (probably because of the carbon stays and seatpost).

Handling: One thing I’ve noticed is that as I thread my way around glass, potholes, and other obstacles, the Odonata is noticeably more precise. It’s as though with the old bike, I aimed for 4” targets, with the new one, 1” targets are plenty big enough. The result is less weaving around. Also, I notice that it’s a lot easier to keep my balance riding no-hands.

Climbing: The first time I stood up to climb on the Odonata was a striking experience. In retrospect, climbing on the old bike felt like this: “push down on the pedal, rock the bike, feel the effort lever the bike a couple feet up the hill, remember to pull up on the backstroke, repeat.” On the new bike, it felt like I was one of those Disney characters who’s hasn’t yet realized he can fly, windmilling his legs in the air while levitating along. The bike seemed to disappear entirely. This is an amazing feeling. It’s not that there is less effort involved; it’s just that the effort seems to go 100% into moving me up the hill, rather than into the bike.

Descending: Here, it feels like I’m riding with a patient but slightly exasperated coach. If the Odonata could talk, it would be saying: “Yes of course, the brakes work, but you didn’t really need them there, didn’t you feel how stable you were in that last turn?” and “Yes, that line will get you down the hill, but feel how solid you are, you can really dig a lot deeper if you want to.” I'm already becoming a significantly faster descender on this bike than I was on the Zurich.

Weaknesses:    Price, of course. I got an excellent price on this because I did some consulting work for a bike shop (Thank you, but it was still very expensive. And when a knowledgeable-looking cyclist passes me on an entry-level Bianchi, I have to admit feeling just a little foolish. Also, there is a livelier feel to a steel bike. This one seems neutral, not dead like a Trek 5200, but some people may prefer going in either direction.

Bottom Line:   
I love this bike, and am not sure how any bike could be better, though some people might prefer either a livlier or more damped ride. On the other hand, if your personal geometry fits a standard bike, you could probably get something that feels very close to this, like a stock Colnago or Pinarello with Chorus instead of Record, for $1,000 less.

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Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $5000.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   Trek 5200, Colnago CT1, Lemond Zurich, IF Planet X (cross bike)

Bike Setup:   Campy Record 10 speed throughout. Campy Nucleon wheels, Reynolds Ouzo Pro, Look.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Ray Turvey a Weekend Warrior from Plainfield

Date Reviewed: December 6, 2000

Strengths:    Very Stiff bottom bracket with some of the most massive chain stays you've ever seen. The bike is extremely light but not flexy or mushy but rather a perfect blend of ride compliance and stiffness. Some people say anybody who spends this kind of money on their frame is not going to bash it. That is very far from the truth. If I thought the near $7K spent on this bike was a waist I would advertise it's faults to the world. I have also owned a Steel Seven Axiom (which I sold to purchace the Axiom Ti)and I would recommend it highly, as a matter of fact I hope to own a steel Axiom again someday.

Weaknesses:    I wish it was priced within the reach of everyone.

Bottom Line:   
The best there a price.

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Favorite Trail:   I&M canal

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $2500.00

Purchased At:   Bicycle Specialties now Bike Source

Similar Products Used:   Seven Axiom Steel, Trek Y-Foil

Bike Setup:   2000 Dura Ace with wireless flight deck, wound up fork and seatpost, Rolf Pro's, King Ti headset, Flight Carbon Evolution saddle, Ti Speedplay's, Seven Ti stem, 3ttt Prima 190 bars, Black Michelin Axial Pro's.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:3
Submitted by George Morrison a Weekend Warrior from Seattle

Date Reviewed: July 28, 2000

Strengths:    Rigid BB area, great handling, great feel, ultralightweight, eats litespeed vortexes for lunch, incredible welding superior to litespeeds

Weaknesses:    Price. Prepare to fork over serious coin

Bottom Line:   
Ultimate Riding Machine. If you want unique, esoteric ultimate ti that's not done by a flyby night small frameshop but guys who did their time at Merlin and decided to take everything they know and incorporate it into latest 3/25 tubing technology, this is your number. It makes my former Merlin Road feel like a noodle by comparison, but you give up nothing in ride comfort.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Similar Products Used:   Merlin road

Bike Setup:   DA-9

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by the capn a Cross Country Rider from utah

Date Reviewed: May 14, 2000

Strengths:    custom fit. titanium. seven..

Weaknesses:    non-exsistant.

Bottom Line:   
being a mtber by nature i don't ride my rb as much. that said i've yet to regret going out on the road.this frame is incredible. it's plenty stiff in the drivetrain for those road sign sprints but great for the 100mi. days too. it helps that my mtb is a seven also but this is just THE bike if you build it to suit you. i've never had a single problem with d.ace it is just flawless. The switch to the reynolds fork really helped to smooth out the chatteron the road too. i love it best bike i've ever rode!! ( well it's a tie with my mtb)

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Favorite Trail:   mt. green/morgan loop

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Similar Products Used:   trek 5500. litespeed ultimate.

Bike Setup:   00' d. ace. reynolds ouzo fork. chris king wheels.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by funbob a Racer from Maple Grove, MN 55369

Date Reviewed: April 29, 2000

Strengths:    Great ride, awesome welds, custom fit process.

Weaknesses:    none.

Bottom Line:   
The more I ride it the more I like it. It feels great climbing, sprinting or just hammering in general. Why get a litespeed when you can get a custom Ti for a similiar price?
Guys who weld for a living have noted the great craftmanship with the welds. Cash in your 401k or get a job at a bike shop to afford this frame, it's worth it.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Similar Products Used:   Trek 2300, Paramout OS steel frame.

Bike Setup:   Full Dura Ace, including wheels, Speedplay X/2 pedals, michelin axial pro tires,Time Equipe Pro fork.

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by bikewmn a Cross-Country Rider from boston, now philly

Date Reviewed: August 8, 1999

custom fit, beautiful construction, rides like a dream

the price, though it is worth it!

Bottom Line:   
just like my Sola, this bike is a dream bike. it is the first (and last) road bike i will ever own. Since it was custom built for me, it fits like a glove. I have been doing some road riding in the boston area, and now outside of Philly, where there are alot more hills...this bike climbs great, and is EXTREMELY responsive to my shifts in weight etc (something i have to get used to coming from a mtnbiking background). Also it is FAST...I was passing cars on a few descents, and keeping up with traffic on the flat. Acceleration is amazing....I am still getting used to how this bike responds almost instantly. Cornering is lightning quick and tight as well.Of course, the welds and finish on the frame are just stunning...i was getting compliments on my beautiful bike and sleek looking bike from random non-cyclists...anyone can appreciate the quality. if you are looking to build a dream bike - road, mtn, or otherwise - look into seven...the frames are outstanding.

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Favorite Trail:   
Fells (boston), Wissahicken (philly)

Duration Product Used:   
less than 1 month

Similar Products Used:   
nothing! i own a Sola, and knew when i got a roadie, it would be another Seven. It was just a choice between the Axiom and Odonata

Bike Setup:   
Axiom, Ti 46.5
Time Carbon fork
Campy chorus/record
Mektronic shifting
Mavic Helium wheelset
Chris King headset
Ti/Carbon seatpost
Time ATAC Carbon MTB pedals (i couldnt resist)

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Jason a Cross-Country Rider from Plainsboro NJ

Date Reviewed: July 29, 1999

Amazing Welds.... Great paint, unbelivable fit, customer service is unbeatable

Since I got the axiom in steel the only complaint is the weight..

Bottom Line:   
If you have trouble fitting on yuor current bicycle or you find the ride too harsh or soft a seven is for you. You will find that the folks at seven will go out of their way to make sure you love youe bike. I never really fit on a stock frmae so for me this was the first bike that fit me. Every seven is custom so your bike wont ride like mine but yuo will still love it.. Seven uses a for page survey and fit guide as wellas hours on the phone to make sure yuo love the bike. I only wish i could afford the ti version. 5 stars is for sure the way to go.

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Favorite Trail:   
Any trail in Maine

Duration Product Used:   
3 months

Similar Products Used:   
Serrota, Merckx, derosa,Lemond, gios

Bike Setup:   
Dura ace kit syncros ti post zipp 530 rims Gp 3000 tires columbus air fork 02 ti saddle

Reviews 1 - 12 (12 Reviews Total)

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