Rocky Mountain Blizzard Fat Bikes

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Product Description

  • Rock Shox Bluto RL suspension fork with 100mm of travel and a 15x150mm thru-axle.
  • Two Anything Cage™ mounts and extra bosses allow additional custom frame bag options.
  • Custom Race Face 24T narrow-wide single ring and bashguard features drive-side offset for optimal shifting performance while maximizing climbing ability. Allows for easy 2x conversion.
  • Front derailleur mount.
  • Sealed bearing 6-pawl heavy duty freehub handles increased torque in soft conditions.

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1996ish Signature Addition Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Hi all I have decided to take my blizzard out of civic duty as the family grocery getter and return it to its glory days as a very fun mountain bike. I started out with a new cassette, chain and front sprockets. Added some new tires, brake pads, ordered a new stem, handlebar and grips. Also have som ... Read More »

Retro Time: 1992 Blizzard restoration

Hey everyone, I acquired a 1992 Blizzard last year from a work colleague who needed to shed a few bikes. It needed some love but was mechanically and structurally sound. As the Blizzard was the bike I wanted but couldn't afford when I started riding in the early 90's, it was a no-brainer to restor ... Read More »

Sneaking 2 rides in before the Blizzard

Sunday was Dakota Ridge and Matthew/ Winters its been over 4 years since last hitting those trails. Monday afternoon was Nice Kitty, Co Trail and Shigle mill up at buff creek Back on the front range riding stokage level set at 11 just in time for a stormRead More »

Blizzard At Bear Creek

It was like this...with Bsoft and Homegrown and it got weird just like that But then it got good again and all windy like and back to the fluffy goodness Where snow angels were made and then we found breakfast and lunch just laying there for the partakin ... Read More »

Blizzard LT 19" frame weight?

So my 4th ETSX frame has sadly developed a crack on the seat tube... I had high hopes for this one being a 2008 Team Scandium, and it managed to survive more mile than any of previous ones (1860km) but alas in the end it met the same fate.. :cryin: Here I am with all these really nice components fr ... Read More »

Read More »




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