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After you sit on a fatbike for the first time all logic gets thrown out the window. Across any terrain, down any trail, whether through snow, on sand or just good old-fashioned dirt, the Dude CF takes control and brings riding fun to ridiculous new levels. We’ve naturally placed a lot of focus on the design of the wheels and teamed up with DT Swiss to create the best hoops for the Dude. Wrapping them in Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tyres gives insane results: traction levels beyond belief and rolling performance that simply lets you glide across every surface going.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Geoff a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: September 6, 2017

Strengths:    Light, great geometry, outstanding value. Climbs like you wouldn't believe

Weaknesses:    Grips are thin and hard, bar has a large backsweep

Bottom Line:   
I bought the Dude cf 8.0 on a bit of a whim, Canyon had a sale and it looked like a lot of fun for the price. And I was not disappointed, this is a really well put together machine. I'm not riding snow or sand, I do trail riding up and down the mountain where I live in Australia. I hoped the big tyres would do well on the 10km rocky climb I have to do to get home, and that the rolling resistance wouldn't be too slow. Well first time out it flew up that climb, I was shocked how easily it pedals. It was way faster than my Santa Cruz trc which is more than a kilo lighter. Handles well on the descents too, really slack front end and endless grip means you can be pretty aggressive, and man is it fun!
Overall I love this bike, and for the price it's hard to go past. If I had any criticisms it would be that the grips are thin and hard which isn't my preference but not a huge deal. Also the bar has a bigger sweep angle than I've seen on any other bikes, I don't it a problem but it's a bit different.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Joshua a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: March 16, 2017

Strengths:    FUN!!!

Weaknesses:    Wheel set weight

Bottom Line:   
Previous bikes include, GT tequesta slx groupset, GT zascar xtr groupset, Santa Cruz tall boy cf, sram xo groupset with tubeless setup and last but not least the lovely Dude xt groupset.
The bike is heavy, not heavy for a fat bike but it is a good kg heavier then my tall boy. One notices it most when bunny hopping and lifting the front end over obsticals. The other time you really notice the wheel weight is when you are going fast, the centrifugal force is massively noticeable.
The internal cable routing smacks against the frame, this really annoys me to no end.
No rear suspension will punish your back side if you are used to lovely full suspension.
Rear end bounces if you have medium to low tire pressure. You have to pedal smoothly in this case.
Takes forever to pump up. Obvious I know, but dam it takes a lot of pumping.......
Running low tire pressure makes for a grippy but super squirmy and tire rolling experience, folding the tire stops my heart every time! Never had the tire peel off but it can feel like it wants to if you run super low psi.

Then you get to the ride, which I absolutely love to death! Oh my god do I love this bike! I ride in snow, mud, fire roads, rock guardians, cliffs, bogs and the beach. The more horrible the terrain, the steeper the trail, the harder the climb, the bigger my grin gets. This monster blasts through everything, it is like cheating. The massive grip enstills so much confidence, I drop off, jump, climb and just blast through stuff like never before. Everything is fun on the Dude! The super low gearing makes climbing a breeze, couple that with crazy grip and you are going to make it up stuff you never thought possible. Mud is actually fun now, wet roots, now a fun and doable challenge instead of a sure way to end up in the ER.
The biggest surprise is how increadably stable and lovely the bike is to hop, carv and jump despite the heavy wheels. I feel much more confidant on the bmx track on the jumps and berms on the dude than any other bike I have ridden. Loads of grip, great geometry makes it handle like a dream, preadictable and have I mentioned just damn loads of fun!!

Is it slow? Well, that depends, if you run low psi and do hard pack dirt road, asfault or coasting on cliffs then yes, heavy, squishy and sloooow. But, in these conditions, just pump up the tires and the rolling resistance is surprisingly low, in fact lower then my other bikes, this due to more aggressive treads! I can easily cruse long distance on a road at 21-25 kph no stress with the tires pumped up hard.

Between my tall boy (which is a 12kg 29 inch wheel full suspension carbon fiber bike) and the Dude I have rolled over about 500km. Comparing the average speed I can see that I average about 1kph faster on the tall boy than the dude. But, I ride the Dude through snow and mud in early spring which I can't do on the tall boy really, so in conclusion, I don't think the Dude is actually slower. In fact, the nastier the terrain, the faster the Dude will be in comparison the the other bikes. Yes, in dry conditions, with moderately technical trails, a 29 inch super light weight hard tail will most likely pas a Dude rider, but in reality, where I live (eastern/southern Norway) that is a rairity and I hunt out the knarly stuff that maybe most people shy away from.

In short, the dude is a fantastic bike and I have never had as much fun on any other bike. It is just fabulous and if I hade to only have one bike in my life (what a horrible thought!) I would take the Dude, it is just that good!

I am not sponcered in any way ( wish I was....) by any bike company or biking acosiation. My only bias is that I am myself a proud owner of a Dude.

Hope this helps and happy riding :-)

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Favorite Trail:   There are so many......

Duration Product Used:   About 200km

Price Paid:    $20800.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   GT tequesta slx groupset
GT zascar xtr groupset
Santa Cruz tall boy cf SRAM XO groupset, tubeless setup. Dropper post.

Bike Setup:   9.0 SL setup: Shimano XT groupset with Rock Shox Bluto, everything stock out of the box.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Daniel Middleton a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: September 28, 2015

Strengths:    Light, strong and a great set of components for the money. I like the color scheme of the green/yellow.

Weaknesses:    Not available (yet) in North america. Mail-order only (unless you live in Koblenz, Germany). So no test ride for size and fit. Also, warranty issues would probably have to be done by shipping bike back to Germany.

Bottom Line:   
I live in southern Japan and my LBS only carries an occasional Pugsley (for more $ than the Canyon) and rarely in my size. I ride a mix of paved, beach and mountain trail (in that order). I first ordered a Framed Minnesota 1.0 from the USA to see if I liked riding a fat bike, I did, so I sold it and ordered the Canyon Dude 8.0. My yen price was about US$2100 including shipping! The components are top notch with Shimano SLX /XT mix, a great rim/wheel set up with the DT Swiss and Schwalbe Jumbo Jims. My bike came in right around 12.4 kg with the Saint flat pedals. The Selle Italia x1 seat was not comfortable for me, but the rest of the bike fits great. I'm 94kg and 181 cm and I went with the recommended M size frame. I think the L might have been OK for me too, but the M size will have a much higher resale value in Japan and my wife can ride it too.

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