Yeti Cycles 303 WC Downhill Full Suspension

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Couple of 303 WC Questions

Greetings tribe.....couple of quick questions. What type of grease is recommended for the 303 WC rail system? Any advice as to the correct spring rate for a rider who is about 215 lbs with gear? Various online rate calculators say between 350lb and 400lb due to the low leverage setup. Does this ... Read More »

2013 Giant Glory 2 or 2013 Yeti 303 WC

So I am in the market for a downhill bike and my LBS has both a 13 glory 2 and a 303 WC frame fork kit. I am torn between the glory and the 303. Could use some help from fellow members on the their real opinions of both bikes. The glory looks pretty sweet as all I would swap would be the brakes, as ... Read More »

Yeti 303 WC Carbon a reality?

Most know that Jared Graves is running a prototype carbon-framed version of the new 303 WC this season but it seems as if he and the team may not be the only riders on them shortly. The video here at vitalmtb shows it and suggests that it will be in production maybe in 2013: [url=http://www.vitalm ... Read More »

Yeti 303 wc carbon

I am in shock this hasn't been posted. Amazing!!Read More »

Intense M9 or Yeti 303 WC

I will be graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering in May and am toying with the idea of picking up a new DH frame about then. I have been following Intense since the late 90's and like the M9 a lot. At the same time I have been riding a Yeti 303 RDH for a while now and like it but kin ... Read More »

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