Sinister Bikes F Bomb Downhill Full Suspension

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I slightly under-drove the shock to take better advantage of what new dampers have to offer. You can set this bike up tight at the ends of the stroke and it will sprint like a hardtail and take hits with grace and control. The low frame weight is a result of a drastic reduction of machined parts and hardware. The gussets have actually increased in thickness by 15%. The frame weight of these machines will allow a drastic reduction in the amount of work required to bring the bicycle up to speed.

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Signature: F bomb Highdelll

Hey, can a super do something about the f word in highdelll's signature line? Here's his post, so you can check it out and decide if it's okay. Thanks! [url][/url]Read More »

Sinister F-Bomb finished

Finally got the F-Bomb finished. The color is raw and it truly is "raw". Out of heat treat and slightly cleaned up. No paint, no polish, no nuthin'. The final weight came to 38.75 lbs with a non weight weenie build. It is about 2 lbs less than my Highline which is impressive. Looking forward to the ... Read More »

Sinister F-Bomb

Here's my Sinister F-Bomb! It's not 100% I just need to trim the front brake line and bleed both then she'll be ready to go. Better shots will come when the weather cooperates a little more. Here's the build Sinister F-Bomb w maxle Manitou Swinger X6 Rock Shox Totem Solo Air 1 1/8" FSA redu ... Read More »

New Sinister DH Bike- The F-Bomb

Twas released at Highland's end of the season partay. Here be some pix.Read More »

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