Norco Aurum Downhill Full Suspension

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A purpose-built World Cup downhill bike, the Aurum is designed for riders that want to go downhill fast. If you’re obsessed with chair lift and shuttle access, the first thing you will notice when you ride the AURUM is the speed at which it covers ground, the ease with which it flows through corners and the confidence with which it eats up rough terrain. From World Cup races to parks and shuttle runs, the Aurum is mindblowingly quick, stunningly nimble and astonishingly precise. For 2012, the Norco Aurum is available in three different trim levels, the Aurum 1, Aurum 2 and Aurum LE. The Aurum will also be available as a frame-only option. Price shown above is for the Aurum 2.

Norco Aurum Downhill Full Suspension Pro Review

The 2012 Norco Aurum is a purpose-built downhill bike with 200mm of front and rear wheel travel that is designed to give its riders every possible advantage on the race course, whether it’s at their local race series or on the World Cup circuit. Continue reading →

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2014 Aurum 6.2

Anyone out there have one of these bad boys? I'm looking to upgrade from the bullit I've been riding, now that I finished school and have a big boy job. For some reason I've always had a thing for Aurums! Not sure if I'm a huge fan of the dorados that come on the 6.2 though. Anyone have experience w ... Read More »

GT FURY or Norco Aurum 2?

GT FURY or Norco Aurum 2? [url=/1rm9pumbp4om/ss12.jpg.html][/url] .Read More »

Thoughts on Norco Aurum?

Hey guys, I'm in the market to buy a dh bike, and seeing as my lbs sells Norco Aurums, I was going to check them out. I have searched around on google, but no one has really done any reviews on the 2014 Aurum 3. What's everyone's thoughts on the Aurums? Good or bad? My other option is a Giant Glo ... Read More »

Norco's next batch of Aurum 6.3's?

Anybody know if and/or when will Norco start sending out the next batch? Been waiting for a small for a while now. There's a '14 Status II in the same price range at my LBS that I might pull the trigger on if I can't wait, but I really rather have the Aurum 6.3.Read More »

'14 Norco Aurum 6.3 Good Value?

Tried out a 2013 and loved it. How's the price/spec ratio on this at $2,745? [url=]Aurum « DH/Race Park « Mountain « Bikes « Norco Bicycles[/url] Thanks!Read More »

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