Fetish Cycles Obsession DJ/MtnX

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Product Description

This is the new Obsession dirt jumping frame by Fetish Cycles. This bike is made to take a lot of abuse and also to give a great ride. The seat stay and chain stays are an oversized box section to allow a firm ride. This takes a 34.9 top pull derailleur and an 1 1/8” headset, a 68mm BB Shell. What makes this dirt jumper one of a kind is it’s 17 to 18 inch adjustable dropout.

  • Size: 14/16/18
  • Seat Tube: 12/13.5/15.5
  • Top Tube: 14/16/18
  • Seat Angle: 69 degrees
  • Head Angle: 67 degrees
  • Weight: 2357g/2386g/2414g

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