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The Momentum is a pure-bred 100 mm slope style bike built to make it right at home at your favorite park, jumps, or 4X track. Ellsworth's ICT suspension in combination with Fox's 831 fork make this bike ACE any hole shot. Its short wheelbase, low slung bottom bracket and slack head angle allows riders the ability to point and shoot into their favorite line. As with all of the sst.2 Ellsworth frames, the Momentum is made with our lighter and stronger pivot integrated seat tube and semi-integrated tapered head tube. ICT? Technology: Instant Center Tracking? is internationally patented and quantifiably the most energy-efficient suspension design in the world, period. Internationally acclaimed, ICT four-bar linkage technology provides up to 100% pedal power efficiency by aligning the instant center of the linkage on the chain torque line and continually tracking it throughout the range of travel. What does that mean in layman?s terms? It means ICT allows pedal power to propel the rider forward without power loss, effectively avoiding the common suspension design flaw that divides pedal inputs into a wasteful combination of forward and vertical (jacking or bobbing) motions. ICT-equipped bikes are legendary for their rare combination of responsive performance and plush suspension that can be found nowhere else. All ICT-equipped bikes feature 12mm pivot axles and oversized bearings for superior pivot stability and lateral stiffness under power. Our commitment to raising the limits of suspension technology, innovation and performance.

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Fluid Momentum Upgrades?

Hey guys, First post on the forum and I was wondering what you guys would recommend upgrading on my 2013 Fluid Momentum. I have been riding for about a year and a half now and I have never thought about upgrading my bike until about a week ago. I really like the way the bike feels and I know it's n ... Read More »

Problems keeping up speed/momentum

I have a trail bike w/ 4 in front and rear susp. but I go on the DH/dirt jump section after xc-ing. One park's DH section I can keep the speed up fine, but a different one I have to continuously pedal hard and then I don't even make it to the landing ramp thing (I land in the middle of the jump /--- ... Read More »

Men's 2014 Momentum Bike OR Trek 3500 Disc 2013

Gday from Australia New to the forum and new to Mountain bike riding. I used to ride BMX from a teenager to around 22. Now I am 29 have a wife and kids and frankly have got fat 113kg (250pound) and am looking to get active and back into riding a little. Based on that I will be riding mostly on ... Read More »

how many days can you take off without really losing training momentum?

We're going out of town in a couple of weeks, a week before a cx race. I would be off the bike for 4 days, but if I bring it I can get a good little ride in for one day. For where we're going it's a little bit of a hassle to bring the bike and related equipment, but I've been working very hard an ... Read More »

WTB Momentum pedals rebuildable?

Picked up a set of WTB pedals the other day on an impulse buy. Anyone know what kind of bearings they use? [url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-WTB-MOMENTUM-MOUNTAIN-BIKE-PLATFORM-PEDALS-9-16-retro-mtb-rare-JAPAN-/230932448428?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=1DqAD%2 ... Read More »

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