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Just In: Pearl Izumi X Project 1.0 Mountain Bike Shoe

It’s been a long time in development, but we finally have a production version of the much-ballyhooed Pearl Izumi X Project mountain bike shoes in our hands. Read on to hear about our initial impressions and what they really weigh.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: You’ve got too Much Bike

So you’re new to mountain biking and just bought a full suspension bike? Bad news. That rig is way too much bike for your skill and it won’t make you a better rider.   Read More »

Mongoose Teocali, Salvo 29 and Beast fat bike at the Dew Tour

Mongoose is one of the main sponsors of the Dew Tour, an action sports event that was in San Francisco this past weekend. Check out some photos and info about 3 of their new bikes, the Teocali, the Salvo 29 and the Beast fat bike.    Read More »

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Any rigid fork with 470mm axle to crown measurement is not good to your bike ?!?!?!?

'Note: For 2010 we no longer offer 29r suspension adjusted rigid forks, nor will we allow them to be used on any new 29r frames we build. Doing so will void the warranty on the front triangle of your frame. We’ve come to the conclusion after nine years of testing and customer feedback that these lon ... Read More »

dirt jumping mtn bike with rigid fork and front disc brake

is there one ? i am not asking if you like or need or want front brakes i am not looking for disc vs. cantilever comparisons. i simply wanted to know if a dirt jumper is available with a rigid fork with disc brakes.Read More »

Is a rigid 26er a potential road/gravel bike?

Here's the thing, if I were to strictly have only one bike, is building up my 26er mtb a good candidate for a do-it-all rig? Its purpose is to allow me to ride road and some light trails with just a wheelset swap. It should be capable of doing about 60% road-40% trail use. By road, I mean some 100 m ... Read More »

Returning my bike to rigid...

I've got a 1994 Stumpjumper I put a suspension fork on many years ago. I unfortunately lost track of the original rigid fork in a series of moves, over the years. Also, unfortunately, my bike is the largest size (21.5") with the longest headtube. 1" steerer tube, of course... What are the odd ... Read More »

rigid air 9 for my daily workout bike

my Bikes: - Jet 9 RDO (for trails) - Jet 9 alloy (for my daily 25 mile ON ROAD workout) my concerns: - I am looking change my Jet 9 alloy to an Air 9 RDO for my daily ON-ROAD workout - if i would be getting an Air 9 RDO. Should i think of going rigid or hardtail? - would i be bet ... Read More »

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