Montague 2001 MX Hardtail Bike

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Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:4
Submitted by earlpizumi a Cross Country Rider from washinton DC USA

Date Reviewed: January 12, 2009

Strengths:    Bulletproof,excellent folder, not overly to set up

Weaknesses:    the only complaint I have with the folding mechanism is: the quick release lever tends to snag my shorts! (small aggravation easily dealt with by using a velcro band over it)...and the rear braze-ons were awkwardly placed but a Jagwire flexible noodle solved the problem.

Bottom Line:   
The one I have was Govt. issue (still has the US SKU!)bought two frames surplus...I was skeptical,no doubt! Only got this bike because I wanted a folder...had no expectations otherwise... I LOVE this bike! It rides like a real bike! I never expected that it would be anything but a curiosity that happened to fold... but it has become one of my favorites. It is way too bad that Montague doesn't offer a better component package, because, as the other reviewers have pointed out, their stock componentry really has to be thrown away (right down to the BB) and start over! But, look around for a frame on CList and build it up and you will not be disappointed!

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Favorite Trail:   Tsali

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $100.00

Purchased At:   salvage

Similar Products Used:   no other folders... but lots of different hardtail mtbs:'goose IBOC Comp,GT Avalanche LE,cannondale delta V,khs Alite 1000,Rockadile,and more... every one custom builds

Bike Setup:   Pike UTurn, XT rim brakes, LX derailleurs,LX cranks...Mavics...JAGwire.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:3
Submitted by justdave a Cross Country Rider from West Orange, NJ, USA

Date Reviewed: October 5, 2008

Strengths:    Folding mechanism, solid feel, ability to board a train in metro NJ/NY area at anytime. EXCELLENT COMMUTER! I can take this bike anywhere I need to go. The folding mechanism is solid, sturdy, and suitable for urban/light offroading applications. I use this bike almost daily as a commuter, and have used it to go on some trails. The frame is awesome for a folder. ALL PARTS ARE UPGRADEABLE!!!

Weaknesses:    The frame is great, but MONTAGUE uses the cheapest parts to build a bike. The Alex rims have to be trued every 3 days, the cranks lack severely, the stock front wheels don't allow the clearance to come off smoothly, due to the v-brakes (as their video suggests). SUBSTANDARD PARTS!!! MONTAGUE will not sell you the frame without all of the crap parts that come with the bike (cranks, drivetrain, forks, wheels, tires, BB, etc.). I would prefer to buy the folding frame and build the rest of the bike myself, but MONTAGUE doesn't offer the frame! They should sell their patent to real bike builders, as mentioned by someone else.

Bottom Line:   
The SOLID folding mechanism makes this bike!!! The cheap azz parts break this bike. I've put in about $800 to make this bike a GREAT commuter. Off the shelf, this bike sucks! You have to tune it before you can break it in, the wheels are crap (alex). The cranks aren't as smooth as I would've liked. Watching the video, one would figure the front wheel would come off easy, but... NOOOOO! I had to get skinnier tires on the front to suit my commuter needs. The ride is firm, however, and if you didn't know any better, you could never guess that this bike folds. ALL PARTS ARE REPLACEABLE WITH STANDARD PARTS (unlike Dahons and most other folders), so upgrades are easy. The unique frame style doesn't accept alot of add-ons. This bike is sturdy, can handle urban situations, and is easily upgradeable. Now that this bike fits what I need, it's a five flaming pepper, but at the door it's a 2.5 flamer (at best). You will not get the speed you want out of a dahon or brampton folder, but with this bike(and a little money), you would never know the difference between this folder and a normal mountain/xcountry bike. Commuters, who take public trans, should buy this bike, people with limited space (NY) should buy this bike, people who like attention should buy this bike, PEOPLE WHO NEED A GOOD URBAN BIKE ALL-AROUND SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS BIKE. This bike would probably not suit a 15 foot drop, but I haven't tested that, so try it. This bike works great for me as a commuter. Even before the upgrades, this bike is the best option for a folder, even if it's a little bulky.

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Favorite Trail:   The streets

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $400.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   none, as far as a folder goes.

Bike Setup:   shimano xtr brake cable upgrade (big difference), aerospoke wheels, fox forks, xtr cranks & BB, specialized saddle.

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:5
Submitted by caine Esteban a Weekend Warrior from Fullerton,CA.USA

Date Reviewed: January 30, 2006

Strengths:    The frame is strong enough to carry me around at 260lbs 6'2. The folding design is great for traveling to and from work, weekend riding, and turnig heads. Light weight

Weaknesses:    Front/rear der. Kind of shaky going down hill.

Bottom Line:   
I had fun with this bike for the price. I need a sturdy frame to play like want.

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Favorite Trail:   Street and dirt

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $100.00

Purchased At:   Garage sale

Similar Products Used:   ex GT BMXer, new to MTB, Bianci, GT, going to purchase GFisher OPIE and set it up.

Bike Setup:   Longer stem and softer seat

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Matt Voore a Weekend Warrior from Marietta, GA 30062

Date Reviewed: January 24, 2006

Strengths:    I was a little worried about purchasing this bike after reading some of the reviews online, but I'm glad I went though with the purchase. The bike offers features found on other leading brand bikes, but cost almost 3 times less. I ride downhill trails most of the time and catch a little air sometimes. The bike holds up well under extreme abuse but does need minor tweaking after every hard ride. The folding joint is solid too, no weaknesses. Try finding a bike for this price that offers this much.

Weaknesses:    This bike works excellent as long as you don't build and tune yourself. I built the bike, but then had it fine-tuned by a professional and within 15 minutes the bike was riding and shifting smoothly. The bike's only real weakness is that the rims are constantly being trued up at my local bike shop.

Bottom Line:   
Best Bang for the Buck!

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $250.00

Purchased At:   Sam's Club

Similar Products Used:   Specialized MB, Robison BMX, PK Ripper BMX, Diamond Back BMX, GT BMX

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Doug Kline from Raleigh, NC

Date Reviewed: June 2, 2002

Strengths:    The folding frame technology is great. Once locked in place, the frame is solid. While riding there are no
creaks or other indications that it folds. As a point of reference, I'm 200 lbs, but curbs are the biggest drops I do so it is plenty solid enough to take my abuse.

Everything on the bike is standard so replacements and upgrades are easy.

Once you pop the front wheel off, the bike folds up small enough to easily fit in the trunk of a sub-compact, so it's a great bike to take to work for lunch time rides. When I commute to work on it, fitting in all vehicles is a nice benefit if the afternoon weather turns foul as I can grab a ride from a co-worker.

Weaknesses:    The folding frame is great. Having said that, Montague should sell the technology to a real bike manufacture. Many of the components that come on the bike are unbelievably cheap. When comparing bikes, assume you're paying an extra $250 for the folding frame and compare accordingly.

Bottom Line:   
I bought this bike because it is easy to take to work for a lunch time ride. But I was disappointed with the bike when I first received it. Out of the box it needed to be fully tuned up, but this may also be a problem with all mail order bikes. So I began learning all about fixing up bikes, my new hobby. Then I began upgrading.

First the drive train needed fixing. Out of the box the large chain ring was bent over and was riveted on so it could not be replaced. To get a crank that could be maintained meant going from 42 to 44 teeth which meant a new front derailleur. I stayed with the square taper bottom bracket, eight speed cassette and grip shifters. I caught a sale at Performance and put on a Deore crank plus an XT derailleur and SRAM chain. And while I was at it, I replaced that noisy junk in the rear with a very nice XT derailleur. When upgrading there is always that question of what's good enough. The drive train is great now!

Now with this bike stoked up, the brakes were dangerously inadequate. So next went on XT brakes which have great stopping power.

I ride on a combination of paved and gravel pathways plus rooty, rocky single track. Anything to get away from the cars. My 14 mile commute to work covers all terrain so I needed tires that were a good compromise between pavement and off road. Mud hasn't been much problem in this draught stricken state so I ended up with a Kenda Breaker tire on the back and a Michelin Wildgripper Rock tire on the front. They are fast on pavement and hard pack but lacking on the loose stuff. I picked the Michelin because I needed a narrow (1.75) tire to be able to easily take the front wheel on and off with the narrow RST 281 fork. The whole point of this bike is that it folds and Montague sells it with a tire that doesn't have a chance of sliding out between the brake pads. Some day I'll buy a good fork and fix that problem. (Sorry Michelin, if I rode only pavement the Wildgipper Rock would be my tire.)

I found a Delta Threadless Stem Riser at that made my riding position much more comfortable.

A Blackburn MTN-1 rack fits on the bike without affecting the folding but Montague didn't provide the top connection point. For this I found a u-bolt kit that attached around the seat post sleeve. I don't know where on the web to tell you to get one, it came from the "Bike Rack" store in Raleigh.

So the bottom line is this bike's a fixer upper. Now that I have it fixed up, I love it. Out of the box maybe two flamers, but with an extra $400 after market fix ups, five flamers, so I think I'll settle on four flames. The bike is good for reasonable riders looking for an easy transport option. If you want to know if it'll take four foot drops, well you'll have to read a different review...

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Favorite Trail:   Lake Johnson

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $550.00

Purchased At:

Similar Products Used:   My previous bike is a no suspension Trek 820 which was
well built and has never given me any problems.

Bike Setup:   One of a kind: Original bike + upgrades: Deore crank, XT derailleurs,
XT brakes, Kenda and Michelin tires,
Delta Threadless Stem Riser, Blackburn MTN-1 rack

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Larry Wolford from Woodland,WA. USA

Date Reviewed: August 26, 2001

Strengths:    Tough frame ,RST Forks,folds and doesn't have to be locked

Weaknesses:    Soft rims

Bottom Line:   
The rims are the only weakness on this bike, and that only if you are a serious "hard" off roader.This Bike is made by Mongoose and can be purchased inexpensively as as the Mongoose CX folding Mountain Bike.Good starter and the frame is totally worth any upgrade in wheels ,components etc.Much better than it appears, with it's funky looking 7005 series down tube.

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Favorite Trail:   none

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $419.00

Purchased At:   Bargin sports

Similar Products Used:   none

Bike Setup:   Shimano Alivo component's

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by CHRIS a Weekend Warrior from CHARLOTTE, NC. U.S.A.

Date Reviewed: August 9, 2001

Strengths:    This bike has good brand name, mid-grade components. It is a great entry to mid level bike for a recreational rider. The best thing is that you can fold it and put it in the trunk of a compact car. At first I thought it would not hold up with all of the hard riding I put it through due to the folding design but it is one tough bike.

Weaknesses:    The rims that came on this bike are single layer alloy which means I am constantly in the shop for spoke adjustments etc.. With a rim upgrade this could be easily resolved

Bottom Line:   
The final report is that this is a great bike for the money. The components on this bike are better than those found on almost all other bikes in this price range. The quick release folding system has given me no trouble shows no signs of wear and can take a beating from my 210 lb body without ever moving or coming loose. Some upgrades such as rims and tires and you have a good solid bike for any weekend warior. The best part is that you can fold it up and lock it in your trunk or anywhere else which makes it a great travel bike.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $540.00

Similar Products Used:   The only other bike I have owned in this price range is a Jeep Wrangler TSI full suspention.

Reviews 1 - 7 (7 Reviews Total)

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