Caloi 2001 Team Hardtail Bike

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2001 GT team i-drive. 650b conversion is sooooo close. Any advice?

Hey gang. I got a hold of a Stan's 650b wheel-set and mounted a Kenda Nevegal 2.1 Just a bit too wide.... Filing down the side knobbies may be an option, but I'm lazy. Does anyone know of a narrower tire (Pacenti Quasi-Moto)? Or a semi-slick that may work? Or any other suggestions? Tha ... Read More »

2001 Zaskar Team HT revived into the form of a SS rigid

So a few months ago I made the decision to strip down my old GT and started selling it off piece by piece since I no longer rode it. Got a decent price for most of the parts until it came to the frame. I figured that for me to give up this sweet frame it would take at least a few hundred to make me ... Read More »

2001 i-drive team fork travel?

I inherited a 2001 i-drive team with no fork. I want to spend very few dollars getting this bike running. Does anyone know the fork travel specified for this frame? I know that it came with a SID Race but have no idea if this were a 80 or 100. Thanks!Read More »

Singlespeed GT Zaskar Team 2001

Can't seem to access the post you ss thread. Anyways, finally got my SS rig up. All I can say is riding SS is SuperSex. Still need to work on the climbs though hopefully the leg burns will make it happen! [IMG][/IMG] [IMG]http ... Read More »

2001 gt i-drive team rear hanger

Does anyone know where i can get a rear derailer hanger for a 2001 gt i-drive team? i bought the frame on ebay and it did not come with one. every website i go to says to look at the pictures and match one up. How am i supposed to do that when i have never seen one? Thanks in advance for any help ... Read More »

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