Brooklyn Machine Works Cruiser Hardtail Bike

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Product Description

A larger wheeled version of our street/jumping 20". The geometry has been carefully tweaked to provide the ride characteristics of a 20" wheeled bike with a super light front end. The rear triangle is ultra short (to 15" chainstay length), the top tube is as low as most 20" frames (9" seat tube), and the seat tube angle is laid back at 65 degrees, giving this 22" top tube frame a tight wheelbase (38" to 39").

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Stretched Cruiser modified into Cargo Bike?

I'm wondering if there's a reason this hasn't been tried. Probably the low quality of the donor bikes. But I wonder if this is worth discussing. Looking at some cheap stretched cruisers with forward pedals, long chainstays, long top tubes, and long swept back bars, it occurred to me that with m ... Read More »

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