Kona 2001 Kona Stinky Full Suspension Bike

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The entire Stinky series shares a completely revamped and even stronger Stinky frameset _ Seriously strong custom designed Kona Clump 7005 Aluminum tubeset _ Massive forged chainstay yoke, seatstay yoke & dropouts and huge chainstays for powerful acceleration _ Reinforced straight seattube allows wider seatpost height variation _ Massive reinforced contact area at headtube _ Five BIG inches of front and rear wheel travel _

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Meola a Downhiller from Vancouver, B.C.

Date Reviewed: September 9, 2009

Strengths:    Everything! this bike is bullet proof. I am a big guy and I tend to punish bikes and this thing has taken everything I could dish out and more. It can descend any trail or hill, and then turn around and ascend the same hill or trail with ease. Also a beastly bike for freeriding, with my current setup the bike weighs a bit more then my stuff did and can take a million times the abuse.

Weaknesses:    I have heard some bad news about the stock components but who really keeps bikes stock? I read some reviews of people doing 15ft drops to flat and breaking there stock bike, and all I can really say is you are either lying or dumb as hell. I am not sure if its the 26" rear or the width of the tire but on harsh drops I hear some rubber rubbing on the swing arm but thats my biggest beef with the bike.

Bottom Line:   
Replace your stock components for the most part with what can fit your budget as long as it isnt a downgrade. The majority of my bike was built up with 2003-2004 parts and its now 5 years later and its running strong. I havent done any severe work to the bike since I have owned it just kept everything lubed, greased and tight. This bike is bombproof and I would recommend it to any style of rider. It goes up, down, tracks like a roller coaster and takes up the bit hits like its a small curb. Every time I ride it I get a smile on my face! And if it can put up with North Shore abuse from my 210lb ass you can ride it anywhere, anytime. BUY ONE NOW DO NOT HESITATE!!!!

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Favorite Trail:   Currently: Gear Jammer

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Purchased At:   Private trade for a

Similar Products Used:   Various other Kona bikes, I am a Kona man and thats it!

Bike Setup:   2001 Kona Stinky Frame, Hayes 9 hydros with 8" rotor, blackspire badger cranks, blackspire ring god, shimano deore components, stock kona bars and stem, Fox Vanilla R, Marzocchi DJ1 fork, 2.5" Kenda Nevegal front, 2.3 Kenda Blue Groove rear, rhyno lite 26" front rim on axiom hub, singlewide tomac edition 26" rear rim on a DT Swiss hub, SRG adjustable seat, unknown black seat post.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Dan a Downhiller from Hampshire

Date Reviewed: March 12, 2005

Strengths:    hard as nails, this bike just keeps coming back for more!

Weaknesses:    poor quality derailler hangers keep snapping. and then cost £16 to replace.
not quite enough rear travel for my liking

Bottom Line:   
top quality bike, i've had this since 2001 and it just keeps going. i got some travel extension plates rather than forking out for a new frame with more travel and i dont think i will ever get rid of this bike until it finally dies (which will probably be never..)
i weigh 180lbs and i ride hard. this bike just takes it in its stride.
bottom line.

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Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Purchased At:   GA cycles

Similar Products Used:   muddy fox freeride drift, marin b-17, kona stinky '00 model.

Bike Setup:   '01 deelux frame with '00 fox rear shock. BETD travel extension plates at the back, '04 jnr t's hope c2's truvative cranks mavic/hope wheels,

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Kyle a Racer from Canada

Date Reviewed: March 22, 2004

Strengths:    Good strong frame
Rims are solid as the ground you land on
Good Climber

Weaknesses:    Single Clamp fork Z5 sucks balls
tires suck
no disk

Bottom Line:   
When i was just getting into freeriding i needed a bike better than the supercycle that was in my garage, so i went to my favourite used bike shop and he had this stinky hanging on the wall. i rode it around the parking lot and loved it. so i put it on layaway and in 2 monthsa it was mine. Now i can do 6 foot drops onto flat groung without it breaking a sweat. this is the best bike for anyone who is an all around freerider who likes to do anything.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $1121.00

Similar Products Used:   Giand Warp, Specialized Hardrock, Oryx Dessert Duler

Bike Setup:   Boxxer, Maxxis Mobster, Avid Mechanical Disks, XT Rear Deraileur, Single Track front Rim

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Michael Lowden a Downhiller from Vancouver

Date Reviewed: September 2, 2003

Strengths:    strength

Weaknesses:    max tire dimensions. would really like to throw a fat tire on, no go tho.

Bottom Line:   
Used to be hardcore (ran outta $). Rode this beast for 1 year of extreme (e.g. 10-14ft Drops to flat cement), and the thing to this day doesn't even show any wear and tear. Kona Products are a dream come true for a rough-N-tumble guy like me. I'm rating this product vs the POS VPNs (2-4) that were out at the time. Therefore, best of the best at the time

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Favorite Trail:   mlowden_3000@hotmail.com

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $3700.00

Purchased At:   Russ Hay's Bikes (Victoria)

Similar Products Used:   Lefty (WTF is this bike about).
Stinky-D - awesome too, more plush ride, but more dough makes a broke rider no go.

Bike Setup:   1 day after buying I snapped my chain, twisted the drivetrain (drive side spider), and bleh out the stem. Took it back in said WTF, and the good'ol'boys at RussHay's upgraded me cheap (top of line @ time). And since then, nothing, and I mean nothing. A couple of double wide/thick DitchWitches and the DiscBrakes, not a truing required.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Mike Stacey a Downhiller from Eugene OR

Date Reviewed: June 3, 2003

Strengths:    Great ride, I can take drops and dh trails without a problem. Makes a great freeride bike.

Weaknesses:    Only 5 inches of rear travel, though you can purchase plates that upgrade it to 6 or 7. Not enough clearance to fit a 3.0 tire

Bottom Line:   
This is a great bike, i never regret buying it and I ride it all the time. If you're looking for a great, quality, DH and freeride bike I would immidiately reccommend the Stinky

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Favorite Trail:   Eagle Crest

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $2400.00

Purchased At:   SteinErickson

Similar Products Used:   Banshee Scream

Bike Setup:   Original rear shock, Marzocchi Jr T fork, Avid Mechanical Disk brakes, Crowbar risers, Nokian Gazzaloddi 2.6 tires

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Leo a Weekend Warrior from Sydney, Australia

Date Reviewed: November 2, 2002

Strengths:    solid as a rock
coolest name ever!!

Weaknesses:    weight - but only if youre a schmoadie skummmmm

Bottom Line:   
I bought a frame cheap and built it up as I saw fit. It rides beautifully and inspires confidence. It has made my riding improve tenfold in the short time I have had it. Super stiff ride, no hint of flex and very plush 4 bar linkage. The rear shock is good, but make sure you get the spring rate right and the rebound damping in the Vanilla R right to suit your weight. It is a little heavy, but it will make you a better rider! 5" of travel is luxurious. I love it.

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Favorite Trail:   Oxford Falls

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Similar Products Used:   none

Bike Setup:   frame review only.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Spannerhead a Downhiller from UK

Date Reviewed: May 10, 2002

Strengths:    This is a super bombproof frame and forks combo that will eat the lot and still allow you to trailride. Goes up the hills as well as down them. Freeride heaven. Even more of a hardcase than the 2000 model. Suspension Bearings hold up very well. I have done 3000 YES 3000 miles on mine.

Weaknesses:    Apart from the frame and forks, junk the rest of the bike. Needs new wheelset, chainset, bars, saddle seatpost.. Hope enduro discs, I mean everything! HEAVY. EAts seatposts. They snap easily due to the angle and height they have to span.. Not happy with thin tyres.

Bottom Line:   
If you are considering a second user bike, the upgrades should have been done.

It is a superb bike. You just have to be aware that the frame and forks are a million miles ahead of the cheap stuff that comes with it as standard.

You will not hurt this bike! It is a rock. The weight does show, but I have done 80 mile xc rides on it so there...

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Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Similar Products Used:   Kona stinky 2000. (another ace bike). LTS (Lightweight heap of junk that wears bearings after 1 ride)

Bike Setup:   As it comes, just a super frame and forks and a load of cheap tat that needs to be wrecked so you can justify the upgrades.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Jeremy B from Terrace B.C. Canada

Date Reviewed: April 29, 2002

Strengths:    Megga Chainstays!!!!!Dame!! Definently a bombproof desing(even with only 5")

Weaknesses:    the Z5 have tonns of felx and with the M frame the rear hit the frame near the seat. The larg is good though. and the Tiogas pintchflat way to easy!!!!

Bottom Line:   
Sweet starter bike, cheap but Prime quality!! Definently upgrade the fork and put some disk on her!! oh and make sure the reak coil it at least 500 Libs.

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Favorite Trail:   Buckwheat (F#*K Yeah)

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $1800.00

Purchased At:   McBike

Similar Products Used:   Giant AC-1

Bike Setup:   almost 100% upgraded!! Bad Betty DH fork, 2.7 Maxis rubber w/kenda DH tubes,easton 3" riser bars, odasy grips, Snafu stem and flat decks, FUNN LanchPad, THE fender, and Hays Disk(Avids were good stock but it weighs 40 pounds even so the just didn't cut it after the upgrades)

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by andrew humphries a Downhiller from utah,united states

Date Reviewed: January 12, 2002

Strengths:    I used this bike in the down 2 video.it stood up to 25 foot drops and you can also ride it any where

Weaknesses:    only 5 inches of rear travel i had to buy a curnutt shock with 9 inches of travel for the biggestdrop we did which was 34 feet,we tore the derrailer of and blew both front and rear suspension

Bottom Line:   
i wuold buy this bike if you want upgrade actually its better to buy the frame only and upgrade it if you are into the real tough,extreme freeriding

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Favorite Trail:   death drop

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $3450.00

Purchased At:   krank and chain

Similar Products Used:   santa cruz super 8,rocky mountain rm6,brodie super ball,norco vps shore ,norco vps downhill,rocky mountain slayer

Bike Setup:   curnutt rear shock ,hanebrink,hayes hydraulic,isis

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Andrew Guarracino a Downhiller from Boston, ma

Date Reviewed: January 2, 2002

Strengths:    This product is unbelivable it holds up on any size drops. Rides awesome even in trails u can use it for any kind of riding.

Weaknesses:    Theres only 5 inches of rear travel

Bottom Line:   
This bike is unbelivable. I would recommend this bike for any type of rider. If u are a new ridr or a old one doesnt matter go with it.

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Favorite Trail:   Vietnam

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $1700.00

Purchased At:   BackBay Bicycles

Similar Products Used:   k2 disco monkey

Bike Setup:   Avid disc brakes, fox rear shock, white brothers dh3 fork, and etc

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Anton a Weekend Warrior from Almaty, Kazakhstan

Date Reviewed: November 27, 2001

Strengths:    Well built, strong stock parts, option of Hayes hydraulic brakes

Weaknesses:    wheel sets are a little weak in comparison to the rest of the set up

Bottom Line:   
If you want to have a good, very strong built bike, and don't have too much money to spend this is your choice. This model is ready to stand almost anything and is not too hard on your wallet, coonsidering other brands. I'm pretty heavy (120 kg) and the stock rear wheelset with Deore hub and Sun DitchWitch rim was loosing spokes after almost each ride. I upgraded to DT Spokes and the problem disappeared. Think I will get a new rear wheel with Mavic d321 rim, DT Alpine spokes and probably XT hub for 36 holes and it will be more than enough for me. The bike is a bit heavy but with my weight its not a big deal. :) It is comfortable enough for short trips in and out of the city as well.
I aslo liked the fact that I could buy it on manufacturer's site.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $1850.00

Purchased At:   Kona web site

Similar Products Used:   cheaper Konas, KHS hardtails

Bike Setup:   stock, changed rear derailleur to SRAM 9.0 and swithched to SRAM 7.0 gripshifts, upgrading to 9 speed XT casette

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by david camp from Littleton Colorado, usa

Date Reviewed: November 15, 2001

Strengths:    sorta beefy looking

Weaknesses:    comes with v-brakes, the suspension when it bottoms about 1/5 times rips derailleurs in half, and the dropouts on my bike are 1 inch wider than when new.

Bottom Line:   
the world's greatest poser bike. if you ride you will destroy this one. After dropping 15 feet(yes on a Z5) to basically flat(4 times), the bike is not doing well. I only weigh 130 lbs, and now my dropouts are bent out, the rear QR had to be replaced because it bent and the bike has ruined 4 rear derailleurs in 4 months.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $1350.00

Purchased At:   grand west outfitters

Similar Products Used:   m-1, rm6, bullit,

Bike Setup:   stock with new tires and magura clara disks

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Luke Skywalker a Weekend Warrior from LONG ISLAND!!!!

Date Reviewed: October 12, 2001

Strengths:    Strong, good parts, you can ride it well stock. Smooth and takes drops good with the fox 5'

Weaknesses:    None that i have seen

Bottom Line:   
Strong as hell and also can take a beating. great for jumping and freeride. It also can get u uphill with ease. Best bike i have ever rode! I usually ride dirt and some urban, it has been able to handle all of it including one 10' drop. It is great for the price and i hope that u can go get one!

Keep Riding

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Favorite Trail:   ToY LAnd

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $1750.00

Purchased At:   Cycle PAth

Similar Products Used:   -

Bike Setup:   Stock

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Michael Montoya a Downhiller from Mariposa, Cali, us

Date Reviewed: October 12, 2001

Strengths:    Head tube reinforcement, box-section frame, chainstays (jesus!), linkage, bomb proof design...

Weaknesses:    Derailleur hanger made of butter (helps protect damage to der. I guess)

Bottom Line:   
I bought this frame and built it in a day. Within a week, I was busting a 12 foot drop to not that steep pavement. Well, I busted it twice, then I woke up in the hospital four hours later...Concussion, seven stiches on left side of face from arnettes...
Then I was dropping a four foot wall and my rear der got caught in my back wheel...ripped the hanger clean through, jacked up my xt der, two spokes pulled, so now it's a singlespeed while I wait on some parts. I initially converted it to a single speed out of comedic boredom. I figured the chain would stretch and prevent travel. Not so. I took off my 700 pound spring and put on the stock 600, not sure which I like better, but the lower pivot was set on the linear point(forward), so I switched it to progressive (rearward). Much better. Here's how much I love how this bike feels...
I ride my broken Stinky to work (12 miles one way through mountain passes) rather than my lightweight hardtail that works well, and I used to love. It takes me about 38 minutes to ride home on my hardtail, and about an hour and 15 on my kona, but I still do it. Why? I don't know, it's just more fun. Overall, quite the ride. Seriously. I'd give it twenty flaming chili's if I could.

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Favorite Trail:   Hittin' the tweeds

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $4000.00

Purchased At:   Built myself

Similar Products Used:   Kona Stab, asst. Cheeta, Giant AC-1, FSR Elite, (dare I say it?)GSR mach 9 with 14 inches in rear...

Bike Setup:   Hope big 'uns laced to Mavic d-321 with a three inch gazz in the front and 2.6 in the rear. Hope 200mm dh-4 in front, hayes 6 inch in back. Hanebrink pimped out G-7, Fox vanilla r, mountainspeed/eibach blue 700 lb spring. Kona dh stem, icon diesel bars, kona pseudopod glow in the dark grips. Hussefelt two ring bash guard setup, xt...that's about it...

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Sam ¿ a Downhiller from Reno, NV

Date Reviewed: September 8, 2001

Strengths:    Great frame. Nice suspension. I realy want one. Can take big hits. Good componet selection. Quality bike.

Weaknesses:    Cost more than the minimal amount of money I have.

Bottom Line:   
This bike kicks RU*P. The stinky six is the best free ride bike around. If your looking for a top of the line free ride bike then this is the bike for you. I give it 20 heart burnin hotdogs o wait I can only give it 10 total.

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Favorite Trail:   Northgate trail

Duration Product Used:   Tested or demo'ed only

Price Paid:    $1.00

Purchased At:   When I get the caysh at Bicycle Bannans

Similar Products Used:   RM6

Bike Setup:   All stock parts

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Kona stinky dee-lux 2000-2001 need advice in making it ride better

Hi all I'm Pete and just joined - after some help and advice please. Here's my bike owned for 14 years, seen very very light use and zero maintenance for 9 of them. I want to spend some money (cheaper the better) and start using it again for biking local on roads and to just make it easier to pedal ... Read More »

2001 Kona Stinky Primo, Fork Suggestions

It is getting harder to get 5" freeride forks these days with much adjustability. Any thoughts on what type of fork to upgrade the 2001 stinky primo with? This is when the Stinky's had 5 inches of travel. I have a z1 bam qr20 on it currently but it is creaking at the stachions where it meets the cro ... Read More »

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