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For SaLe:2012 Specialized Epic Comp 29er full suspension Bike.......$3,500

WELCOME TO SAMTECH BIKES LTD. OUR COMPANY PROMO IS ON!!!! We are liquidating our 2007,2008,2009 ,2010 and 2011 stock and we giving out big discounts now!!! BUY 4 BICYCLES AND GET ONE FREE!!! OFFER VALID WHILE STOCK LAST. SO HURRY NOW! THE SAMTECH BIKE ... Read More »

SPAM: Trek Liquid 30 full suspension bike

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=86945]2003 Trek Liquid 30 full suspension bike, size large w/ upgrades - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] I'm not sure if this is considered by most to be "all mountain" or not, but I think it makes a great all m ... Read More »

Creaky, pinging sound when cranking hard on Full Suspension Bike - What is it?

My bike creaks, or pings when I crank hard. Not one creak, but multiple. If I am not peddling and I compress the suspension, I hear nothing. It is annoying, and would like to get it to stop. I had a warranty frame build done recently. They had to use special spacers in the bottom bracket to ... Read More »

I ride my son's $100 20inch full suspension bike, help

Hello all, great site. I am here to learn and get some same advice great advice.:thumbsup: I am very interested to get in to this hobby. I weight 185 lbs 5'11. best i can do is jump about 2 feet with bmx (with jump stand...) and I don't have a bike for me. I have 3 boys and I enjoy riding son's b ... Read More »

Help picking my first full suspension mountain bike

Hi everyone, first post so hope I'm in the right place to ask for a little help choosing my first full suspension mountain bike! Firstly, I already have a Cube Analogue 2011 hardtail, as it was a huge upgrade from anything I've previously had i loved it and it's been great for the past 2 years. ... Read More »

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