Trek Fuel EX 6 All Mountain Full Suspension

3.94/5 (36 Reviews)
MSRP : $2149.99

Product Description

From race day to all day, you need a trail bike that's light and agile, yet commanding and capable. The Fuel EX is the do-it-all trail machine you can count on time and again.
  • Alpha Platinum Aluminum w/ABP, Full Floater, magnesium EVO Link, replaceable derailleur hanger, 120mm travel
  • RockShox Recon Gold fork
  • Fox Performance RP2 rear shock
  • Full Shimano 3x10 drivetrain
  • Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic disc brakes

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by GUTSLAYER

Date Reviewed: July 11, 2012

Strengths:    The suspension is incredibly fluid and can take a beating. The shifting is flawless. The brakes stop on a dime. The seat is WONDERFULLY COMFORTABLE.

Weaknesses:    The tires don't have a lot of grip, I've fallen a few times because they simply slipped out from under me.. whether it be from my poor riding skills or the tires, i'd like to get some tire ones to improve my learning curve. The front brake transferred the film from the caliper poorly so there is friction on one disk, but I can;t even notice.

Bottom Line:   
I picked this bike up for $1300 at a trek bike store because it was on sale and we talked the individual down a few hundred. It's my first bike and I love it. The suspension I that came with the bike was a rock shox recon gold air fork in the front and a fox float rp2 in the rear, so i don't know why everyone has a rockshox rear shock. I would recommend this bike.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by brandon14295 a Weekend Warrior from Amarillo, TX

Date Reviewed: April 11, 2011

Strengths:    xt rear d, fox rear shock, recon front, elixir 3 brakes

Weaknesses:    cheap shimano crankset, crappy bontrager xr4 tires.

Bottom Line:   
I very excited about the purchase of my first full suspension. i took a hiatus from mountain biking and was road biking during that time. its good to be back. the feel of the trek frame is great especially with the ABP. ill replace the weaker components as time goes on. but for the money it was a good buy. i enjoy it.

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Favorite Trail:   GSL Palo Duro canyon

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $2100.00

Purchased At:   Hills sport shop

Similar Products Used:   none

Bike Setup:   2011 Trek ex 6.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by nbishara a Weekend Warrior from Arcadia, CA USA

Date Reviewed: February 8, 2011

Strengths:    Price

Weaknesses:    Weight
Rear Shock

Bottom Line:   
Bought this bike 6 months ago from Craigslist. I have been satisfied with the quality of the components with two exceptions, the Bontrager Jones XC tires are downright dangerous for anything but flat paved roads. The stock Rock Shox MC 3.1 is difficult to adjust and upgrading to the Fox RP23 improved the overall experience. Although the weight of the bike is quoted at 31.9 Ibs, it actually feels lighter on the trails. Climbing with it is not a problem. The cockpit seems a little tight (I'm 5'8" and weight 158 on a medium frame). Maybe a larger frame would be better. Climbs better when seated that standing. Dialing the correct pressure in the fork and shock makes a day and night difference. For the price, I cannot complain

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Favorite Trail:   Winter Creek / Gabrielino Trail

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $600.00

Purchased At:   Craigslist

Similar Products Used:   None

Bike Setup:   Fox RP23. Specialized Purgatory Control Tires (Front and rear)

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by mik13 a Cross Country Rider from New Kent, VA

Date Reviewed: November 29, 2010

Strengths:    solid feel up and down, climbs well for full sus, feels bottomless, hydraulic brakes are great, comfy, shifts well, quiet on trail so far

Weaknesses:    build parts are middle of the road, not bad for price level though

Bottom Line:   
bought as an xc/marathon racer and trail bike. tried full sus prior in the 90's, not so good, recently a dos niner for a lap on my local trail. was going to build a dos for next season, but saw this on sale and it was my size!

first off this thing stock weighs less than my redline 29er, no scales just pick both up and see, there are no scales when you have to carry it up steps or a rocky hike a bike. bike feels lighter all around.

after suspension was set in the yard and on my local gravel road, off to the trail i went. local loop is a great all around east coast trail- rocky rooty steeps mud leaves log crossings bridges.... this bike handles all very well and my learning curve with the bike was very fast. i had to adjust all my shift points, and braking markers on the 2nd lap. i was finding time all over the place and it felt fast too.

i spent alot of time getting the spring rates/psi correct for me and my riding style and then adjusted the rebound to suit. i started per the guide, that was too soft, sus set one step higher than suggested by weight, rebound as directed for weight.

as far as pedal bob, i can make it happen, but if you have any tech skills and know how to spin, and can apply power while spinning, not just mashing, then you can get off the seat and push this thing uphill. all that with propedal off!!!! later i will lock the front and turn propedal on and go for lap times and see which is faster.

overall this is a great full suspension trail bike that i will race cat3/cat2. it isnt the lightest, but i want to be sure and finish, not just have a superlight ride. it also fit my budget and can be upgraded over time.

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Favorite Trail:   All of them

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $1500.00

Purchased At:   Lbs

Similar Products Used:   dos niner ridden on trail, 90's spec fsr-xc, prior bike a redline 29er steel w/sus fork, been riding hardtails since the 90's

Bike Setup:   stock except atac pedals, wtb saddle, so far

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by baxter a Cross Country Rider from St. Louis, MO USA

Date Reviewed: October 10, 2010

Strengths:    I have abused this bike for 10 months and it has taken it like a champ. I weigh 220 and huck my bike like 100lb kid. The Fuel feels stiff when I need it(climbing) and cushy on a brutal rock garden or an abrupt landing. I love this bike.

Weaknesses:    The rear supension, Rockshox mc 3.1, tends to quickly eject at inopportune times. I haven't messed enough with the motion control to have it dialed in, but it kinda works wierd.

Bottom Line:   
I am getting a jiggle in the swingarm/rear suspension. I have to take it in to get the bushings replaced. All the bolts that hold it together are taunt, but it still wiggles. Anyone ever experienced this or better yet, repaired this problem. It just started and I hope it is not fatal, I love this bike!

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Favorite Trail:   Council Bluff Lake

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $1600.00

Purchased At:   Al's Bikes

Similar Products Used:   GT idrive 5, Cannondale Caffeine/Fatty shock, Trek 430ht.

Bike Setup:   Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes, Fox 120mm Fork, Race Face cockpit

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by nick h a Cross Country Rider from sheffield

Date Reviewed: October 2, 2010

Strengths:    excelent level of components for money, miles above other bikes in this price range.good feel to suspension, feels very very fast, great climber.

Weaknesses:    lots of other reviews have slated the tyres, they are very tyres, fast rolling but more suited to dry harder conditions, not ideal for uk mud at all. will change. noisy frame, lots of clatter and clang.

Bottom Line:   
it was this or a new spesh xc pro, but allready have one and didnt want to buy the same bike again!! spent ages deciding on this, and am very happy, it feels very very fast and solid, great spec, and got it for 13oo when still advertised online at 1599 everywhere else. i ride tuff xc stuff in peak district and this rules!! great at real steep techy climbs in granny ring! swap tyres if ridin uk winter and sorted. just wish it wasnt so noisy!!! buy this bike if u ride bigger tuffer style xc stuff for hours on end. paid 1299 pounds for a 2010. amazing !!

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Favorite Trail:   peak district

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $1300.00

Purchased At:   je james rotherham

Similar Products Used:   specialised xc pro

Bike Setup:   standard at mo, tyres commin soon

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by bratzplem a Weekend Warrior from Wausau, WI, U.S.

Date Reviewed: February 21, 2010

Strengths:    great entry level bike, held up well

Weaknesses:    The suspension sucks, a lot of bob, heavy

Bottom Line:   
This bike is great for a first time mountain biker.

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Favorite Trail:   nine mile

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $800.00

Purchased At:   Trek Store of Wausau

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Steve a Downhiller from Hudson, Maine, USA

Date Reviewed: October 21, 2009

Strengths:    Stock as far as I know. Avid Mechanicals are great, and I'm a big fan of the sram x-7s-thumb thumb shifters. Also, the front fork seems to compress and rebound just right.

Weaknesses:    First of all, the rear suspension is hideous. And second, it seems to ride funny, I think mine just needs air, but it there is practically no rebound while there is weight on it.

Bottom Line:   
I picked the pick up hardly used at all from a friend. I own an Iron horse 7.3 and I ride downhill/freeride. This Trek Fuel is going to be my entry bike into xc riding. It seems great, I just want some different tires, and I want the rear suspension (rockshox MC 3.1) to not feel so damned weird. As stated, I think it needs air. I would say, if you can pick one of these up super cheap, it's a steal! I suggest this bike for anyone who is just getting into xc riding and wants a good place to start. It's so light compared to my DH bike, I can't wait to upgrade and make it even lighter.

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Favorite Trail:   SnowBowl DH trail

Duration Product Used:   Tested or demo'ed only

Price Paid:    $300.00

Purchased At:   My friend Alan's hou

Similar Products Used:   A hardtail kona I don't know the name of, Kona Bear, Iron Horse 7.3,

Bike Setup:   All stock as far as I know.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by tjkm a Weekend Warrior from Phoenix, AZ

Date Reviewed: August 6, 2009

Strengths:    Overall, this bike has held up well and I just hit 1,000 trail miles since buying this in June 07 as a rental bike!

Weaknesses:    Sometime creaky rear shock, pedal bob when I stand up while climbing. Seated climbs are no issue.

Bottom Line:   
I really can not complain too much about this bike even after 2 years. Not too heavy, climbs decently as long as you don't get out of the saddle. After 1k on this bike, I still enjoy riding it.

If you can pick one of these up for cheap, it would be worth it. I am looking to get a SS 29"er and keep this bike as well.

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Favorite Trail:   McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $800.00

Purchased At:   lbs that just closed

Bike Setup:   Panaracer Fire XC Pro's, WTB Saddle, Shimano 550 clipless pedals

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by klimbien a Weekend Warrior from Mesquite, AZ. USA

Date Reviewed: July 30, 2009

Strengths:    Components functions as they should

Weaknesses:    The Suspension

Bottom Line:   
In reading the other reviews on this bike I am a little surprised by the overall satisfaction that other users are describing. I have not been very pleased by this bike. I would do anything to get my old Klien back. When the frame broke on the Klien I contacted Klien and b/c they didn't make that model they gave me store credit for $1000.00. What company does that after 11 years. Another testament on how cool Klien is. I got this Trek and immediately had to get the front shock sent back to the factory and Trek sent me back a totally different shock - brand new, which was nice, but a little worrying that it had issues. Other users have said you have a toy a lot with the back shock...maybe I'm an idiot, I cant get it dial in...its' always to soft. This creates a huge problem, I can never "open up" on the trails. If I am coming into a turn, before I can lean with it I HAVE TO APPLY THE BRAKES, because four times now I've treated and rode the bike like my old bike and that back shock, compresses, then BAM explodes and unloads, kicking that bike tire out from under me. Round abouts are especially dangerous, I've ended up in the flower bed twice on the side of the round abouts b/c you can't throttle the bike and expect the bike to preform. In addition, I think it is a touch heavy, but for the price it is reasonable. I think I'd be happier if I had paid more money for a lighter faster bike...but that may be an issue of choice and expecting to much out this bike that maybe wasn't designed for normal mountain biking trails.

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Favorite Trail:   Gooseberry Mesa

Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $1400.00

Purchased At:   Red Rock Cycle, St.G

Similar Products Used:   KLIEN MT BIKE for 11 years

Bike Setup:   Stock

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by analogmike a Weekend Warrior from Kelowna, BC, Canada

Date Reviewed: July 21, 2009

Strengths:    Great performing XC/offroad bike. Tuneable suspension.

Weaknesses:    Seat, Tires, squeaking/creaking pivots, shock was replaced under warranty after 1 month of riding.

Bottom Line:   
This is a great bike to get for someone making the switch from hardtail to full suspension. I noticed that my riding has improved greatly from the first ride on this bike. The confidence that this bike has given me has improved my speed to the point where I'm starting to think I might like a 5-6" travel bike. A few things to note: My shock had to be replaced after 1 month of use and the frame was creaking a lot at that point as well. The LBS replaced the shock and gave me a complimentary tune up which fixed all of my issues. One year later (about 300km), my frame pivots have developed a minor squeak which only seems to show up when it's hot outside. Also, the seat is terrible and the tires are only good on hardpack.

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Favorite Trail:   The ones out my front door

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $1100.00

Purchased At:   LBS

Similar Products Used:   This is my first full-suspension bike. Up until now I was riding a mid 90's Rock Mountain Hammer Race.

Bike Setup:   07 Trek Fuel EX6, WTB PureV, Specialized Eskar front, The Captain rear.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:5
Submitted by minisman a Weekend Warrior from brisbane, QLD, Australia

Date Reviewed: March 30, 2009

Strengths:    good value, very tough rims

Weaknesses:    cranks
tuning rear shock

Bottom Line:   
haven't had the bike long. previous owner had intalled new BB just before selling it. Since then I have had a big Issue with the splines on the Crank arm wearing and making my crank come loose every ride.
Also find the rear shock challenging to tune. requires too many turns of the dial going between lock out and trail tune. Good to pedal with dial wound up hard.
Love the rims, previous owner has never had to true them once. I hit things hard and still have no issue with them.

Otherwise very happy with the SRAM components. Just wish the bike was a bit lighter.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $900.00

Purchased At:   private used sale

Similar Products Used:   mongoose wing elite, specialized FSR XC

Bike Setup:   pretty stock, has new BB crank bros candy pedals and Larson TT tires

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Westbayou a Cross Country Rider from Tampa, Florida

Date Reviewed: January 18, 2009

Strengths:    Great components for the price, especially with this year's increases.

Weaknesses:    Went through 2 MC3.1 rear shocks in 2 weeks and about 40 miles of riding before they finally replaced it with a MC3.R under warranty. Frame is absolute garbage, shifter cable not only rubbed through the paint but was rubbing through the metal when I finally noticed after about 2 months of riding. Additionally the paint was flaking off all over the frame.

Bottom Line:   
For the price I guess I can't complain too much, especially since I was able to sell it for about what I paid. Had I not sold it I would have probable gone after Trek to warranty the entire frame. It absolutely blows my mind that the shifter cable could actually rub away that much metal in about 100 miles of riding set up completel factory, no changes on my part.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $950.00

Bike Setup:   Stock with the MC3.R rear shock upgrade.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Lhotse a Weekend Warrior from Ft Collins, CO

Date Reviewed: December 23, 2008

Strengths:    Good bang for the buck bike. Excellent entry level FS bike.

Weaknesses:    Heavy, Stock tires are terrible, Hayes mechanical brakes,

Bottom Line:   
A good entry level FS bike. Good bike and components for the price. Good climber. Like the Tora 318 fork. A bit heavy. A fairly stiff FS bike. Definitely get diff tires as the stock are crap and wear down easy. Overall a nice bike for the money. I have since upgraded, but still recomend this bike.

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Favorite Trail:   Maxwell

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $1100.00

Purchased At:   Lee Cycles

Similar Products Used:   08 Stumpjumper FSR Comp

Bike Setup:   Stock w/WTB Velociraptor tires, Avid BB7 Mech Brakes

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by poy a Cross Country Rider from Fullerton

Date Reviewed: August 15, 2008

Strengths:    Good climber if tuned right, price, drive train

Weaknesses:    Gets a lot of bob when not tuned right. sqeeky sound on rear shock when gate is open. Stock is a little heavy.

Bottom Line:   
The rear shock has to be tuned almost as stiff as possible to get the most efficient climb. It took me a while to get the gate dialed that compliments the amount psi pumped in. The stock rock shox tora is... errr... ok... the reba is just lighter and more reactive. If you have more money you'd be able to set this bike with a better fork. BOTTOM LINE is invest time to tune this bike and when you get it you'll feel the 5 chillis on how effective this bike is.

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Favorite Trail:   Santiago Oaks. Orange CA

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $999.00

Similar Products Used:   Trek 6 Series, GT cross country bikes, Trek Fuel ex 8, Felt. Cannondale prophet set at xc mode.

Bike Setup:   Carbon handle bars, Thompson stem, Chris king head set. Avid Juicy 3 brakes, Crank Brothers Mallet pedals, Trek incite 6 computer. Rock Shocks Reba Fork

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2009 Trek Fuel Ex 6.5 Fork question

Hi guys I'm riding the above mentioned rig. I'm taking of swapping out the stock Rockshox Recon fork for another fork. Right now, the Recon provides me with 130mm of travel. is it advisable to replace it with another fork of 140-150mm travel? Would it place too much of a strain on the frame? T ... Read More »

Is this a good deal on a 2011 Fuel EX 6?

I saw this 2011 Fuel EX 6 at my lbs on sale for $1650. I am no to terribly knowledgable on trek bikes and I was wondering if that is a good deal. The bikes comes with a full warranty, and 6 months of free tune ups. I am coming from a hardtail 29er and I'm looking for a more nimble and playful bi ... Read More »

11 fuel ex 6 stem question

just bought a leftover ex 6. I feel like I am leaning a little too much, I have short arms for my height and the stem puts the bars out a touch far and maybe a little low. I want to order a replacement but I have no idea what size the one on the bike is. can anyone help me out with the length and ... Read More »

2011 Trek Fuel Ex 6 Bolt Center Diameter

I am going to convert my setup up to a 1x9 and my question my bike has the stock shimano M542 44/32/22 crank and I want to get a salsa chainring, am I safe to assume that the bolt center diameter is 104mm or will I have to figure this out myself?Read More »

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