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change my all mountain full suspension 26 for a kona satori?

hi, im in this problem, i have this deal on a little used kona satori 2012, i hear very good things in this forum about the bike, right now i ride a all mountain full sups whit more than 6 inches travel i been riding this bike 4 years i really liked,i also have a 29 hardtail that i love is so fast t ... Read More »

29er Hardtail or a Full Suspension All Mountain

Which would be best for riding a mountain and also riding the roads with a trailer with my 1year old son? I am looking in the <$1300ish range and a GT, Diamondback or Canondale.Read More »

First Full Suspension All Mountain - Help Please

Hello Everyone, I'm 6'1, 225, and like to ride aggressive. Most of my biking in my younger years was BMX, and have been riding a Gary Fisher hardtail for the past 6 years. It is time for me to get an All-In-One full suspension. I want to also do some downhill at my local ski resort. I don't w ... Read More »

Hardtail vs full suspension for all mountain

Let's discuss the pros and cons of each, which is better for type of all mountain and what not. I really want a dj bike setup as an all mountain hardtail 1x9. Any reason otherwise. Yes newbie and if this in another thread feel free to direct me to it.Read More »

Best Full Suspension All Mountain Bike for about $1000

Im a newbie and looking to send about $1000+- for a full suspension bike. Riding will be all mountain/trails. Something comfortable and durable. I dont mind an 2008 model or even a used one if I can find in excellent condition. As long is its great bike. I was thinking inline of GT Force 3.0 or t ... Read More »

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Giant Reign SX 4.33
3 Reviews
$ 3800.00
BH Lynx 6 0
0 Reviews
$ 3799.00
Maverick ML8 4.96
25 Reviews
$ 3599.00
Norco Range 2 2.5
2 Reviews
$ 3560.00
Trek Remedy 8 4.67
30 Reviews
$ 3359.99
Kona Cadabra 3.83
23 Reviews
$ 3299.00
Giant Reign 1 4.82
61 Reviews
$ 3200.00
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