Nicolai Ion 16 All Mountain Full Suspension

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The geometry was an instant perfect fit. After some adjustments to the construction the rear end of the bike was solid, frictionless and low-maintenance. The ION16 was introduced at the Eurobike. The new kinematic works; the bike responds immediately. Every single push on the pedals results in acceleration. Shock tuning has been optimized. The back of the bike responds sensitively whilst remaining sturdy in travel.

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Ion 16 27.5 with 26 wheels and fork

I'm drooling kind of heavy on a Ion 16 for my next bike. I'm currently running a 2006 Nomad, and to make the swap smoother on my wallet I'm thinking of just transfering the parts from the Nomad before upgrading to 27.5" fork and wheels. Have anyone tried or have any idea how running the 27.5" fr ... Read More »

Ordered: Ion 16 Fwd Geo Custom

Thought I'd kick this one off and tell the story of my next Nicolai. I've been riding my Ion15 now for a good while and when out with a journo friend who bought my previous AC custom 29 we got talking geo. He already knew I had put together the Ion15 with Nicolai and the story, he had helped ... Read More »

Ion 16 - play in suspension

Hello everyone. I've recently built up an Ion 16 to replace my old Helius FR from 2007. Here's the pic just in case: [IMG][/IMG] However it seems to have a little problem with play in the suspension. I think I've narrowed it down to ... Read More »

Advice on the replacement of ION 16 extra love bits

Well I hope this might spark up some traffic on this forum. I have a 2013 ION16 in all black ano. I am planning to replace all the extra love bits with new bits in the Titanium ano finish: M8 cloverleaf shock bolt nut Eccentric Trial Key (ET-Key) - 2 pieces Integrated triple cable routing cla ... Read More »

Ion 16 650b...

Frame arrived today. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Waiting for a few parts,so will build next weekRead More »

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