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Compare-O Bottom Line: Rocky Mountain Altitude brings full-tilt, all-mountain attitude

If we gave out a Chuck Norris award the 2014 Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition would win by a tractor pull.    Read More »

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Mtbr’s All-Mountain Brown Friday

In honor of mountain biking’s most sacred compound–dirt–Mtbr has declared the day after Thanksgiving as Brown Friday. Check out our gift list of nine upgrades for the trail ride and all-mountain rider on your list¬–even if it’s just you.   Read More »

2013 All Mountain Bike Tests at Interbike - Part 2

Part two of Krob's Outdoor Demo bike tests. Here he gives us his opinion on the new Turner Czar, Santa Cruz Bronson C, Pivot Cycles Mach 6 Carbon, Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 and the Rocky Mountain Altitude.   Read More »

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change my all mountain full suspension 26 for a kona satori?

hi, im in this problem, i have this deal on a little used kona satori 2012, i hear very good things in this forum about the bike, right now i ride a all mountain full sups whit more than 6 inches travel i been riding this bike 4 years i really liked,i also have a 29 hardtail that i love is so fast t ... Read More »

29er Hardtail or a Full Suspension All Mountain

Which would be best for riding a mountain and also riding the roads with a trailer with my 1year old son? I am looking in the <$1300ish range and a GT, Diamondback or Canondale.Read More »

First Full Suspension All Mountain - Help Please

Hello Everyone, I'm 6'1, 225, and like to ride aggressive. Most of my biking in my younger years was BMX, and have been riding a Gary Fisher hardtail for the past 6 years. It is time for me to get an All-In-One full suspension. I want to also do some downhill at my local ski resort. I don't w ... Read More »

Hardtail vs full suspension for all mountain

Let's discuss the pros and cons of each, which is better for type of all mountain and what not. I really want a dj bike setup as an all mountain hardtail 1x9. Any reason otherwise. Yes newbie and if this in another thread feel free to direct me to it.Read More »

Best Full Suspension All Mountain Bike for about $1000

Im a newbie and looking to send about $1000+- for a full suspension bike. Riding will be all mountain/trails. Something comfortable and durable. I dont mind an 2008 model or even a used one if I can find in excellent condition. As long is its great bike. I was thinking inline of GT Force 3.0 or t ... Read More »

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