Origin 8 Scout 29er 29er Hardtail

4.3/5 (20 Reviews)

Product Description

  • 4130 Triple butted heat treated frame
  • Hockey stick down tube for crown clearance
  • Removable alloy cable guides
  • NEW Disc dropout allows easier rear wheel removal
  • Horizontal dropout with integrated derailleur hanger
  • CNC machined dropout with integrated chain tensioner
  • OS chainstays with 2.4 tire clearance
  • Designed for suspension; 497mm axle to crown
  • 27.2mm seat post; 73mm bb shell
  • 31.8mm top swing front derailleur
  • 1 1/8" threadless headset

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Bike Whisperer a Weekend Warrior

    Date Reviewed: December 16, 2013

    Strengths:    Solid chassis, good build quality, seatstay brake mount, nice tire clearance, fancy head badge, full length brake housing guides.

    Weaknesses:    Fork is very portly, not full length derailleur guides

    Bottom Line:   
    Mine is set up as a 1 x 10 for a 225lbs (+ gear) Clyde. Replaced the heavy and not great riding fork with a Surly Karate Monkey fork which dropped a pound and rides nicer. Running full length housing for the rear derailleur but need to use zip ties, wish the guides were full length like the brake housing guides.

    Seatstay brake mounts make removing the rear wheel a breeze. The ride is snappy and compliant like a good steel frame should be. Quality of build is surprisingly good for a bargain frame. I've had many complements on how nice the build looks.

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    Favorite Trail:   Growlers Gulch

    Duration Product Used:   1 year

    Price Paid:    $209.00

    Purchased At:   Ebay

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Zachary a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: April 22, 2013

    Strengths:    Easy to build up. Quality is excellent for the money paid. Heavy like a Tank. Rides much more nimbly though.

    Weaknesses:    Running the full length housing creates a nice sealed system, but a muchy feeling at the brakes. Not an issue if you have hydraulics.
    One quibble is regardless of the collar I used the seat post slips a little which suggests the tolerances were not exact. A little grip paste cured the issue immediately.

    From a performance standpoint, my only beef is when I really stomp on the gas I can get enough flex to ghost shift the rear end, but in reality all of my steel bikes will do that so not a big deal really.

    Bottom Line:   
    Built this as an all season commuter, but have been guilty of taking it on the trails often. It is built as a full rigid 2x9 drop bar mountain bike.
    A little over 500 miles on it and it just makes me smile.

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    Favorite Trail:   All

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Price Paid:    $800.00

    Purchased At:   Online

    Similar Products Used:   Niner SIR 9, Gunnar Rockhound, Kelly Deluxe

    Bike Setup:   Fully Rigid with Stock Fork
    Tiagra 9spd STI
    Compact Drop Bars
    44/32 front 12-26 rear.
    XT-Hubs with Blunt SL hoops -TUBELESS

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by iowinos a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: February 11, 2013

    Strengths:    Price, function, versatility

    Weaknesses:    Weight, finish

    Bottom Line:   
    I just don't know where you can find more bike for this kind of money.

    I've had no issues with this frame whatsoever. Horizontal 'dropouts' have worked as advertised, with no slipping using a QR rear hub. I use this as my bad weather and winter rig, built up with spare parts I had around. Even so, this bike has been more than capable and super fun to ride.

    I have noticed some surface rust under the top tube gusset - I think the frame finish did not fully make it under the narrow slot. I treated with some paint just in case - doubt it would be an issue since it's on the surface, but it's no fun seeing rust on a new frame.

    Mine seems put together fine, but I've heard others had issues with weld quality and frame symmetry. Not sure if that's still an issue on the newer frames - I certainly don't have any.

    Of course it's heavy but at least you know that going in.

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    Favorite Trail:   Swope

    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Price Paid:    $200.00

    Purchased At:   online

    Similar Products Used:   Jamis Dragon 29er, Specialized Hardrock

    Bike Setup:   Right now it's a 3x9 setup with front suspension. The frame does come with a cromo front fork also so you can run it pretty much any way you want.

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by daniel harvey a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: October 18, 2012

    Strengths:    steel, short chain stays, versatile, nice paint

    Weaknesses:    slotted rear a bit of work, not light

    Bottom Line:   
    I wanted to build an affordable SS 29er. The Scout was my start. I am impressed by how both sporty and smooth this bike rides. I run Flows and low PSI tires which has to help with the smoothness, but all the same, it's smoother than other bikes I've owned with the saw wheel/tire treatment. This bike does just what I need it to: it allows me to go on short rides close to home that only have sprint climbs. I ride it rigid. The only drawbacks to this frame that I can see is that the rear wheel R/R demands some time and effort. The brake needs to be loosened and then re-positioned. It is also heavy, but what does one expect at this price point. The frame has wildly exceeded my expectations in terms of ride and even appearance. It has, over time, become a poor man's frame with mid-life crisis build. At times I want to get a Nimble 9 and change my components over, but feel that it would be an unnecessary use of funds. The origin 9 Scout does what it's supposed to. It makes me happy just to look at it, and even happier to ride it.

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    Favorite Trail:   lower falls creek for this bike

    Duration Product Used:   2 years

    Similar Products Used:   Nothing really. My only SS

    Bike Setup:   Niner Steel fork. Flow rims on DT Swiss 240s SS rear and Hope front. BB7s. Thompson stem, Niner 17 degree flat bars. Specialied Phantom SL saddle

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by joe_bloe a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: June 11, 2012

    Strengths:    Price, now comes with rigid fork, overall quality very high, easy build, did I mention price?

    Weaknesses:    Heavy, doesn't have lively "Steel" feel, zero bling factor.

    Bottom Line:   
    Reviewing the 2012 Origin8 Scout 29er frameset with fork. I purchased this frame to replace a tweaked Kona Unit frame. I paid a little over $300 at my LBS. I was shopping this against a Surly Ogre or Karate Monkey, and just couldn't justify the additional cost for the Surly.

    My Kona was set up with a Marzocchi 44 MicroTi fork with QR15 axle. Since I'm not running a 9mm axle, I can't use the Origin8 fork that came with the frame, but that's not really a problem.

    Now for the real review. I'll give you the bottom line first: I don't like this frame as much as the Kona. It's heavier, and just doesn't have the snappy, lively feeling the Kona had.

    I'm running it as a single-speed. The track-ends with integrated tensioners are OK. Certainly not as slick as the sliding vertical dropouts on the Kona, which allow you to keep your chain tension setting while still able to remove the wheel. But, they're simple, they work, and with an XT skewer, my wheel has been holding fine without having to resort to a solid nutted axle.

    I like that it has cable stops and a derailleur hanger, so I can run it geared if so desired. Not sure I ever will, but having the option is nice. Paint and decals are quite good. I'm not in love with the routing for the rear disc brake down the bottom of the downtube -- seems a little exposed, but it hasn't been an issue so far.

    Overall, the bike rides fine, certainly better than I have any right to expect for such an inexpensive build. I would certainly recommend this frameset to someone looking for a budget-build SS 29er. I wouldn't put one up against a Niner SIR9, but they're not really in the same market segment, are they?

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    Price Paid:    $310.00

    Purchased At:   LBS

    Similar Products Used:   Kona Unit

    Bike Setup:   Marzocchi 44 MicroTi fork, Hayes Nine brakes, Mavic TN317 rims with XT hubs, SRAM X.7 crankset, 32x18 gearing

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by matthew cory

    Date Reviewed: May 15, 2012

    Strengths:    price, fit and ride!

    Weaknesses:    not the greatest looking welds, but... who cares?! my welds don't look awesome all the time either and they hold up just fine...

    Bottom Line:   
    I bought a complete single speed version, brand new from a LBS for $325. i rode it for twenty seconds in the parking lot and bought it; i've swapped out the stem and bars for bontrager rxl bits, tektro auriga comp hydro disc brakes and got the stock maxxis ignitors set up tubeless. ths bike has been a dream! single speed and twenty-niners are new to me- (i never rode bmx when i was a kid even) i'm just as fast as i am on my turner burner FS... which is now going up for sale! I've hadno problems with the sliding dropouts, brakes or chain tension and the 17" frame with a 70mm stem is fitting me great at 5'-08"

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by orangedotz a All Mountain Rider from LAS VEGAS NV

    Date Reviewed: March 24, 2012

    Strengths:    strong, light weight, QUIET!

    Weaknesses:    "black ops" logo

    Bottom Line:   
    This is my first 29er and my first single speed bike. The frame geometry forces you to ride a little "bound up". If you are tall and lanky, you may want to consider a different bike. I am a short stout rider so it is perfect.
    I have only upgraded the grips to oversized grips (blueskycycling.com) to ease the amount of stain on my fingers/hands cause by long periods of trail chatter.

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    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Price Paid:    $400.00

    Purchased At:   LAS VEGAS CYCLERY

    Similar Products Used:   redline mono cog 29er, se stout 29er

    Bike Setup:   rigid fork, single speed, oversized grips, BB5 mechanical brakes
    origin 8: seat, seat post, handlebar, stem

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Raumfahrer Rolf a Cross Country Rider from Herndon, VA

    Date Reviewed: June 8, 2011

    Strengths:    Short chainstays - super easy to pop up the front end (for a 29er), tucks in rear wheel for SS mashing
    Versatile - geared or SS
    Good standover clearance

    Weaknesses:    Pretty heavy for an AL frame
    Steep-ish HT angle
    Track ends and disc brakes can be tricky
    Rear tire clearance is pretty tight (Ignitor 2.1 in the back with ~5 mm on each side at the chainstay yoke)

    Bottom Line:   
    * This review is for the (nearly) 1st generation aluminum Scout 29 *

    I bought this bike complete off of eBay to add a dedicated rigid, SS to the bike stable. I wanted something light and quick for short local rides. It had a few nice upgrades beyond the stock bike and turned out to be quite a deal.

    I LOVE the short chainstays. With the bike set up 32x20, the BB-to-rear axle distance is 16.75". My only complaint with 29er's has been how much more work it is to lift the front end and it's MUCH easier with the short rear. I have since set up my Unit (now geared) with the sliders set as far forward as possible to shorten it as much as possible.

    Other thoughts: For aluminum, it doesn't feel as uber-rigid as the Outcast (but, of course, not nearly as smooth as the Unit). If I were riding anywhere gnarly, the rear tire clearance would be a real problem.

    Overall, very pleased!

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    Favorite Trail:   Fountainhead

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Price Paid:    $500.00

    Purchased At:   eBay

    Similar Products Used:   Kona Unit 29, Motobecane Outcast 29

    Bike Setup:   Large (20") frame, SS (32x20), Origin8 carbon 29er fork, stock wheels, FSA SS crankset, Origin8 Off Road Spacebar, BB5's

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Bikinstein a Cross Country Rider from Cincinnati

    Date Reviewed: April 3, 2011

    Strengths:    Price, Handling is nimble and fun

    Weaknesses:    None Really

    Bottom Line:   
    Just overall fun to ride, Handling is as good and predictable. Cornering is spot on, predictable on fast down runs. Was just fun to ride.

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    Favorite Trail:   Any

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Price Paid:    $199.00

    Purchased At:   LBS

    Similar Products Used:   29ers from Redline, Fuji, Raleigh, Haro, Voodoo, Haro

    Bike Setup:   Sram X-7 2x10
    Recon Gold TK
    X-7 Hubs Sun Rims
    Clarks Brakes

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Tandem915 a Cross Country Rider from Hooper, Utah, USA

    Date Reviewed: November 2, 2010

    Strengths:    Price, weight, Geometry, The Ride.

    Weaknesses:    JB Importers (Distributors of the Origin 8 Scout), bolt on rear wheel, non-replaceable derailuer hanger.

    Bottom Line:   
    The bike is a riot to ride! It is super fast and responsive. A fellow 29er rider commented it feels like a "Ferrari" while riding it! However, the frame cracked on a weld after about 6 months. JB Importers would not stand behind it. Even though I purchased the bike new, it wasn't from one of their dealers, therefore, I am SOL! I love the bike, I just wish JB would stand behind their frame material/workmanship. I have had to have a local weld shop weld it a couple times, it keeps cracking. Due to JBs lack of help, the value rating is low. Overall, the bike is a blast!!

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    Favorite Trail:   All of them

    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Price Paid:    $450.00

    Purchased At:   eBay

    Similar Products Used:   IF 29er, many 26s,

    Bike Setup:   Total Stock

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by LaLD a Cross Country Rider from Bluefield, VA

    Date Reviewed: October 8, 2010

    Strengths:    Agile, Strong, Climbs like a goat

    Weaknesses:    Heavy (but so am I). some problems keeping the rear wheel centered.

    Bottom Line:   
    The Scout has made riding fun again. Despite the weight (just a hair over 30 pounds0 the bike climbs like a goat. I've managed to clear some climbs that I've never came close to on my lighter bikes. It also descends well and rails switchbacks. The frame is beautiful to be so cheap, and that being said, the cost of the frame allowed me to really up the spec on the parts. It's also quite agile to be such a bike bike, it goes where you point it which is great in the rock gardens we ride in. Once again, this bike has made me want to ride every chance i get which is something i haven't been able to say in a while.

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    Favorite Trail:   All of Them

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Price Paid:    $200.00

    Purchased At:   The True Wheel

    Similar Products Used:   This is my first 29er so I can't really base it off anything. My other 2 bikes however were an '08 Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe and a '99 Iron Horse 8.0

    Bike Setup:   Manitou Drake Fork, Truvativ Crank and Handlebar, Thud-Buster Seatpost, Clarks Skeletal Brakes, Candy SL pedals, WTB Dual Duty wheels with SRAM X-9 Hubs, X-9 RD, SLX FD, eleven 81 Stem, Ergon Grips, WTB Silverado Saddle, X0 Grip Shifts

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by SausageGravy285 a Cross Country Rider from Decorah, IA, USA

    Date Reviewed: October 2, 2010

    Strengths:    Bombproof frame, great geometry for larger athletic riders, agile, the 2010 steel is smooth, removable cable hangers, integrated chain tensioners,

    Weaknesses:    heavy, but then again so am I :), the plastic clips for hanging cables are worthless, they came off after one crash, so replace with zip ties

    Bottom Line:   
    This bike is great, it's cheap compared to other bikes with similar quality. It's perfect for bigger guys like me, 225lbs. I can lay this bike down hard and pick it right back up and keep going. I have broken frames before, and I don't have to worry about breaking anything because this thing is built tough. The reason I was attracted to this frame is because I tend to break everything I touch (I like to push the limits), and this thing begs for more. This frame is totally worth upgrading in the future and the new steel version is great.

    If you're a beginner to 29ers and you're looking for a bike that doesn't break the bank, pull the trigger now!! you won't regret it

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    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Price Paid:    $580.00

    Purchased At:   LBS

    Similar Products Used:   none

    Bike Setup:   SS at 32/20, avid bb5s, cheap yet tough steel fork, shimano alivio (cheap) aluminum cranks, crank brother candy pedals,

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by poorboy006 a Weekend Warrior from Youngstown, NY

    Date Reviewed: August 24, 2010

    Strengths:    Fun angles. Short chainstays. This bike brings the playfulness back to XC. Inexpensive and versatile. Paint is quite tough.

    Weaknesses:    Not the best welds but it is still in one piece. I'm not a big fan of horizontal dropouts...I dislike EBB more though.

    Bottom Line:   
    Bottom line is that this is a super fun bike to ride. I started stock and upgraded due to the "itch" I love the geometry of this bike. I would strongly recommend the scout to someone who is getting into 29r's. You can not beat the price of these for the spec nor the relaxed, fun geo of it.

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    Duration Product Used:   2 Years

    Price Paid:    $500.00

    Purchased At:   LBS

    Similar Products Used:   Fisher Rig....Gt peace ss....jaberwockey

    Bike Setup:   Aluminum frame & SS. Black Ops carbon fork, Bonty rhythm elite wheelset. Ritchey carbon bar, Exotic carbon post, Hayes grams, alligator rotors, raceface northshore cranks w/stronglight ti bb. Stock ignitors with stans.

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Agent29 a Cross Country Rider from Havertown

    Date Reviewed: March 12, 2010

    Strengths:    versatile and strong

    Weaknesses:    rear tire clearance, absolutely need bolt on hubs as rear wheel will shift in the stays with skewers under heavy loads.

    Bottom Line:   
    everybody has said it -- bang for the buck. I've tried this frame rigid, suspended, geared, ss, as a 96er, racing, commuting, and just plain riding offroad. Great bike that doesn't do everything great, but most things really well. Feels just like my bmx bike did in 7th grade.

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    Favorite Trail:   any

    Duration Product Used:   2 Years

    Purchased At:   lbs

    Similar Products Used:   first 29er after many 26 hardtails

    Bike Setup:   rigid with black ops fork and smattering of components

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by droptop a Cross Country Rider from central texas

    Date Reviewed: March 9, 2010

    Strengths:    short chainstays, stiff rear end, great stock component set for the price.

    Weaknesses:    on the heavy side for a frame but still lighter than steel, only integrated deraileur hanger, not the prettiest welds (but better than some i have seen)

    Bottom Line:   
    great bike for racing. with the tubeless setup, i don't feel that there is anything better. a nice plush fork and i was set.

    the short chainstays coupled with the steep headtube make it a very nimble bike- almost as nimble as my 26 inch bike, but with the increased ability to roll over stuff that comes with a 29er.

    built up with what i have, its 26.6 lbs as a SS. geared will put me at 28.2 lbs- not light but light enough for me. i could save a lot on wheels, but they are durable. a note- stock wheelset is a SS cassette freehub with formula hubs.

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    Favorite Trail:   anything fast and technical

    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Price Paid:    $500.00

    Purchased At:   LBS on closeout

    Similar Products Used:   raleigh talus 29, raleigh xxix, a few niners (mcr, emd), a few specialized offerings, kona unit.

    Bike Setup:   scout 29er, manitou minute 29er fork, titec bars, stem, and seatpost, mavic a317 rims to stock formula hubs, tubeless wheels, avid elixir r brakes. soon to be a 1x9 with slx/xt mix.

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    My Origin 8 Scout 29er build

    I figured I'd make a thread to show my new 29er build. I've got a geared Cannondale 29er hardtail that I love so I was looking for something a little different and figured a rigid singlespeed would be fun around here. I also need to keep the build cheap, which shouldn't be too hard since I have qu ... Read More »

    origin 8 scout 29er durability

    Anybody have this bike ? Has it held up ? Any word on the new disc tabs located on the chain stays ? thxRead More »

    New Origin 8 Scout 29er SS

    Just recently built this up. I'm a huge fan of steel and refuse to ride anything but if it has one gear. So far, I'm VERY impressed with the frame for the price. It is fairly heavy, but I'm no WW and it is a SS, it's not supposed to be svelte. O8 Frame White Brothers Magic 29 80MM fork Ritch ... Read More »

    Scout 29er 2010 Frameset

    [IMG]http://www.jbimporters.com/web/images/new_400/69013.jpg[/IMG] Ok, I know it's not that exciting, but I'd be interested if anyone had ridden one. [URL="http://www.origin-8.com/product_detail.php?short_code=Scout+29er+2010+Frameset&cl1=FRAMES"]http://www.origin-8.com/product_detail.php?shor ... Read More »

    Origin 8 Scout 29er SS build complete

    Got turned on to SS awhile back and fell in love. I picked the Origin 8 Scout frame up locally for a great price a few weeks ago and the build wrapped up today. I had a bunch of parts from previous builds laying around, many of which I put to use here. It's not very bling, but seems functional. I ... Read More »

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