Niner Bikes TSL 29er Hardtail

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Niterider PRO 2200 vs Serfas TSL-2500 vs Moon X-Power 2500?

Hello. I consider buying a handlebar light for night city riding. I need a good, bright (2000+ Lumens) and wide beam at a close and mid range (up to 30-40 feet) distance. The price I can pay for is up to 300 USD. I arranged a list of the best lumens-to-price lights and would appreciate your inputs o ... Read More »

Serfas TSL-1000+ and Topeak Panoram V12

I got these two great deals recently: The Serfas Tsl-1000+ True 1000+ Headlight: [URL=""]Serfas Tsl-1000+ True 1000+ Headlight > Accessories > Lighting > Front Lights | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop[/URL] It's $115.95 and free sh ... Read More »

Serfas tsl-1000 or Magicshine 872

[B]Hello all,[/B] I'm searching for a new headlight intended for all-mountain riding (dark singletrack, etc). Originally I was planning on buying the MagicShine mj-872, after seeing one in action and being impressed. But now I saw that there are great deals on the Serfas tsl-1000 true lights, ma ... Read More »

Serfas TSL 1500 (true 1500) vs Cateye Volt 1200 vs other generic lights

which one should i get? i intend to use either light for both MTB and road biking. both have positive reviews that say that their actual lumens is in par or exceed their rated lumens Serfas TSL 1500 (also called as True 1500) $189.98 + tax 480g (light + external battery) Cateye Volt 120 ... Read More »

Serfas TSL 1500+ for $190 @ Price Point today

Seems like a really good deal, unless I'm missing something: [url=]Serfas TSL 1500+ Rechargeable Li-Ion Headlight | Serfas | Brand |[/url]Read More »

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