Cotic Simple 29er Hardtail

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The Simple is our latest take on the world of singlespeed. It's grown 29" wheels for smoothing the trail, and it's based on our all new Solaris. Singlespeeds bring a lovely element of simplicity, light weight and silence to the process of riding a bike. Coupled with the grace, durability, clean lines and attention to detail we lavish on all our products, you have a ride partner for the Simple life.

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Simple Odometer or GPS ?

Hi all, I know that it may be a repetitive question, but what would you guys recommend ? Which one do you use mostly ? I don't do that much of "real" mountain biking, I like long rough trails (sand, gravel, etc), and am interested in tracking the distance mainly. Is there any specific model with a ... Read More »

Probably a simple answer, Nukeproof rear hub, so...

I have noticed a bit of play in my nukeproof generator rear hub which I have had for about 6 months (rim moves about 5mm). I had a look at it just now and one of the axle ends (drive side) has a stripped thread. See top right picture on step 2: [url= ... Read More »

To anyone looking for a simple, good looking and budget friendly bike computer

Look no further! I just installed the VDO M5 on my bike and I love it. It's simple (relatively) and has every function I can imagine. Temprature, back light and all the "standard ones". Cool thing is too that you can get pulse and cadence sensors for only $25 each (not ANT+ compatible, though). I g ... Read More »

Simple cycle computer

I only do off-road cycling on trails that are not well marked and am looking for a relatively simple rugged GPS computer to help me stay on the trail. I don't need base maps and I don't need turn by turn navigation. All I need to do is to be able to upload trails to the device, see the trail on th ... Read More »

2nd post simple question, fork mount size

As opposed to laying my bike down in bed of my truck, I see you can buy a fork mount to hold the bike, I figure I could mount one to my tool box lid in my truck but can't figure out what axle/hub size I need , it's a '14. Specialized hardrock disc se 29. The specs listed are : RIMSHR Disc 29", all ... Read More »

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