Rocky Mountain Element 29er Full Suspension

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Product Description

  • Compact Frame Design
  • Tapered Head Tube
  • Internal Cable Routing
  • Seat Collar Sleeve
  • Custom Anti Chain Drop Plate

Rocky Mountain Element 29er Full Suspension Pro Review

At the outset, let me clearly unequivocally state that this is merely a preview of the RM Element 29er. I have not even ridden the bike (although that opportunity will emerge in the near future). This preview will consist of pictures, RMB’s-provided information with some commentary from myself and a synthesis of information provided from RMB and from my one ride with someone on a prototype Element 29er. Continue reading →

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Element 10 Build Issues / Creaking

I'm having some issues with a ping/tick noise that sounds like it comes from the front. Recently there is an intermittent creak noise when pushing the pedal hard, which sounds like it comes from the rear possibly the crank area. I checked over the bolts and the 10mm crank bolt was loose. Even after ... Read More »

2011 Jamis Dakar XC comp of 2011 Rocky Mountain Element Sport ?

Hi, I can get a deal on both of these bikes. Looking for a full sus 100 to 120 mm for singletrack/cross country riding for my girlfriend: no jumps/drops I'm mainly interested in the differences between the frames (have parts lying around to upgrade): rear suspension effectiveness, overall fram ... Read More »

Element Change Of Travel

Hi, I've got a very unfashionable element of the 26" variety which I ride with 650b wheels. I was wondering if the internet masses know if I can drop the travel to 100mm and what changes would it make to the geometry. I believe Rocky Mountain are introducing a shorter travel 650 bike at Crankw ... Read More »

RM ETSX - 50 or Element 10

I'm looking into these two bikes (both used and in very good shape) the ETSX 50 is 2009 and the Element is 2010 model, which one do you suggest me to buy? I like XC with a little bit of enduro (small jumps and drops, nothing to crazy) Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:Read More »

Element 950 O rings on chainstay

Mine finally snapped. What seize do I replace them with? Tx.Read More »

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