Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Carbon 29er Full Suspension

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Paired with FOX suspension, DT Swiss rolling stock, and SRAM X01, it's going to be hard to improve on this Pivot Mach 429 Carbon Complete Bike. As it sits, this Mach 429 Carbon is versatile enough to compete in expert-class crosscountry events, while still being ready for aggressive, all-day...

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Cayenne_Pepa a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: May 22, 2017

Strengths:    ~ Mix of square and triangulated tube sections = STIFF STIFF STIFF
~ Option to run internal or external seat dropper routing
~ One of the sexiest Trail/XC frame shapes around
~ DW-Link blessing
~ Quality of carbon rivals Trek and Giant

Weaknesses:    Availability and price

Bottom Line:   
After riding a 23-pound Trek Superfly for the past 5 seasons - I wanted a lightweight bike that could be built-up to handle Trail abuse as well. Over the course of nine months - I exhaustively sampled ALL the 29er bikes that fit this tall order:

Specialized S-Works Camber
Turner Czar
Ibis Ripley v.3
Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc
Yeti SB95c
Intense Spider 29 Pro
Trek Fuel EX9.9
BMC Trailfox TF01
Niner RIP 9 RDO
Scott Spark 910
Kona Hei Hei Supreme

I scrutinized and read every published trade review and personal blog of the above bikes. The resulting analysis paralysis left me with a sore brain and legitimate quandary of what to buy. I resorted to using deductive reasoning and focused solely on all of the deal-killing aspects, to narrow my choices down. When all the dust settled... only one bike emerged.

Due to it's neutral riding position - I was able to sit "in" the bike and not just over it. Stand on the pedals and this bike squirts ahead with purpose and authority. There was almost zero pedal feedback. Every crank rotation was met with forward thrust. Jarring trail chatter was transformed into a muted tremor now. Clearing log rolls was no longer a matter of heaving the bars up - you simply hit it with speed and pump now. Amazing. This bike BEGS you to ride it faster, challenging everything your brain was hard-wired not to do. I'm not going to ramble on about this phenomenal machine - find yourself an NOS one unsold and see for yourself. The worst thing that can happen... is you'll end-up taking it home.

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Favorite Trail:   Idyllwild Hub

Duration Product Used:   one year

Price Paid:    $2700.00

Purchased At:   Pro's Closet

Similar Products Used:   See Above

Bike Setup:   Proud owner of 2016 Mach 429SL in Stealth Carbon/Red

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Tiptx a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: November 13, 2016

Strengths:    Love the DW Link Suspension
Stiff & very solid frame/ light weight
great handling bike, amazing climber and handles downhills with ease
Finish is top notch, love the blue

Weaknesses:    None as I'm sure there are way more expensive build kits out there that others may have but this one just suits me perfectly.

Bottom Line:   
A pleasure to ride, very fun and solid bike that climbs like a hardtail and maneuvers like a 26" bike. Nice and quiet as there are no rattling or creeks from the frame. No wonder why this bike has received so many award as this is the complete package as it does more than I expected. Very versatile bike as it a do it all fun bike as it has helped me become a better rider. Best bike I have ever purchased as only my Pivot Mach 6 come close to the the ride I get from my 429 SL.

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Favorite Trail:   To many to chose from

Duration Product Used:   brand new

Price Paid:    $4200.00

Purchased At:   Competitive Cyclist

Similar Products Used:   Treck Fuel 90, Cannondale Scapel, Giant VT, Titus FTM & I still do have my 2015 Pivot Mach 6 (Green) and keeping

Bike Setup:   Pretty much stock from Competitive Cyclist as I got a great deal on the 2016 model X0 kit. Fox rear and front suspension dialed in perfectly as I have the Xpedia pedals and Race face SXIC blue lettered handle bars with the Blue Lizard Skin Peavty grips with Black ends which give this bike a nice look

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by K.C. a Racer

Date Reviewed: September 22, 2016

Strengths:    Stiff and efficient Amazing climber. Very fast bike if you have the legs. Lets be honest this bike looks so cool in the green paint scheme.

Weaknesses:    peddle strikes and stiffened rear suspension under hard breaking. Hard to lean and cut without dropper seat post. All of these things you can adapt to to enjoy the strengths.

Bottom Line:   
I am 6'2' 210 lbs and use this bike for CC racing and play and a little bid of enduro.

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Favorite Trail:   all

Duration Product Used:   3 yrs

Price Paid:    $7200.00

Purchased At:   mainstreet cycles

Similar Products Used:   Santa cruze heckler GF Joshua and Titus and Ellsworth

Bike Setup:   ET 2x Reynolds carbon hoops

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Bradym77 a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: April 12, 2016

Strengths:    Stiff. Climbs like a goat. No noticeable pedal bob (thank you DW Link!)

Weaknesses:    Low BB. I do get the odd pedal strike but that's more me not paying attention while pedaling.

Bottom Line:   
This was my first new complete bike. Before then I either bought used or built it up from the frame. This is my one quiver bike now, it does anything I ask of it. I ride mainly singletrack and cross country-esque trails, as such this bike is perfect.

I'm even getting into bikepacking with it. A large saddlebag Kada Pak Ratt fits without rubbing the rear tire. Revelate harness/salty roll on the handlebars and Reveleate Gas Tank / Snack Bag round out the other bags. All fit and work great.

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Favorite Trail:   Devou

Duration Product Used:   1yr

Price Paid:    $4500.00

Purchased At:   Campus Cyclery-Cinci

Similar Products Used:   Santa Cruz Superlite, Haro Escape, etc

Bike Setup:   Large frame, Fox shocks, XT drivetrain and brakes. Schwalbe Racing Ralph on the rear and Schwalbe Nobby Nic on the front.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by DrDon a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: October 15, 2014

Strengths:    1. stiffness
2. reliabilty
3. effeciency
4. mud clearance
5. customer service
6. lack of noise
7. handling
8. versatility
9. finish

Weaknesses:    Really....none. I owned two other lighter carbon frames that didn't hold up to 4 to 7 days a week of rocky trail riding. I like the Kawasaki team colors. Although I mentioned finish, the paint can be a little chippy.

Bottom Line:   
I have a Supermax on the front because I weigh 250lbs. With carbon wheels the bike as a whole is unbelivably stiff. I have broken quite a few frames and this one seems to be holding up well. Even lighter, aggressive riders that churn out the wattage can appreciate this frame. It's nimble on it's feet but will not feel as playful as a 27.5. I ultimately sold my 27.5, because 29ers fit me better, so even though I hate to admit it, the roadies are correct in stating that fit typically trumps other considerations when purchasing a bike. Especially now, when there are so many excellent bikes on the market. Even so, I feel Pivot takes stiffness combined with efficiency to another level. Right now I have a dropper and agressive 900g tires on it. On lesser trails, I run a standard post and much lighter tires. This bike loves a fast rear tire when it's dry. If I was doing a lot of downs, I would like more travel, but I'm a XC guy that likes to ride east coast type trails. The bike uses its rear travel very efficiently with it seeming to be very linear but with extremely rare bottom outs. This bike is my most prized possession. My 07 Vette is not even in the running. It's expensive, but to me worth the price. I so hope that Pivot doens't get on the "I need a frame that weighs one pound less so I will have a freakin light bike even though I'm running a fairly heavy wheel set because I spent my money on a chic carbon bar and a dropper" bandwagon. Pivot is still one of the few manufacturers that build bikes to be ridden day in and day out it harsh varied conditions. Yes, I am biased:) So who should buy it? Trail riders that like rocky rooty trails that ride a lot and race occasionally who prize stiffness and reliability.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Gallo

Date Reviewed: August 27, 2014

Strengths:    straight out the gate ready to roll wherever you take it. Soaks up the trail while giving full power to the pedal. Maneuvers well gives a positive feel from the trail to the rider. Does far more than I can ask of the bike. Climbs like a hardtail, handles like a 26 solid and fast on the downhill. A pleasure to ride.

Weaknesses:    pedal strikes happen more frequently than they did before. On steep climbs the front end seems a bit light and easy to get off your line. tubeless ready but not set up seems like a waste of tubes. All these issues are minor and easy to adjust to

Bottom Line:   
So my tale is a bit different. My last MTB bike purchase was a Stumpjumper Hardtail in 2008 and before that 1987 GT Backwoods in the age of dinosaurs. I did not like the pogo I felt when riding an FS. The 29rs at that time felt clumsy and weird. Granted I was not looking at the top of the line bikes at that time nor was I on trail as much as I have recently been.

With the trail often being my first choice over the road I had decided that it was time for me to purchase a FS bike. I wanted a 29r based on many in my group and friends all seemed to go for this style. I discussed what they liked and what they did not like. I felt comfortable with making the move to the 29.

I did not read any reviews before shopping. I simply went out and rode a host of bikes. While difficult to assess in the typical LBS parking lot that is all you get. I rode a dozen different manufactures and at least 20 bikes at multiple LBS. Some of the rides I hated some were ok I liked a few allot and loved one. The 429 c Pro Build

What set the 429c apart was a couple of things. Many of the 29rs need to be guided or swooped into turns that I rode. The 429 c simply turned. The feel was more that of a 26 and besides me looking straight down at the wheel even now I sometimes forget that it is a 29. The bike responds to direction. It fit me perfect as built on the showroom floor and there was no adjustment needed beyond setting the saddle height and position. It simply felt right. The DW link seemed to flex in a perfect way

Having never owned a FS bike the first ride was an eye opener. Areas I had to get out of the saddle to soak up the trail I now sat through and hammered. The CTD is awesome as I enjoy giving the bike a different feel with the flick of my finger. The acceleration out of turns on single track is truly amazing. you hit it and this thing goes. It eats up flats and rollers and goes faster with less effort than my 26 hardtail. The rollover 29r advantage give confidence. My climbing has not suffered and in fact there are areas I would wash out on before that the suspension kept my tire on the ground and am able to climb now. The light front end helped me clear a switchback that I never made before on a twisty climb. I descend faster with more confidence now as well.

The bike is helping me become a better rider and Strava PR are common as I learn this bike. I am only a couple of hundred miles in so far but I love this bike

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Favorite Trail:   Somewhere between PQ and Poway

Duration Product Used:   45 days

Price Paid:    $5799.00

Purchased At:   Black Mountain Bicyc

Similar Products Used:   2007 Stumpjumper Hardtail 26
1986 GT backwoods

Bike Setup:   Pro Build

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by jmobi2121 a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: August 12, 2014

Strengths:    The suspension feel. Ultra efficient, silent, and inspiring. Adds more hot sauce on single track; while making climbs and rock gardens, easier and fun. Very surprising how the bike encourages you to maintain your momentum on the tech stuff.

Weaknesses:    low bottom bracket, takes a little longer to get used too. I sized down, and ride more upright now.

Bottom Line:   
Built up as an all day trail bike with xc bias. For me, its near perfect in that role. The suspension doesn't sap your energy as fast as you start to fatigue. And aggressive riding is actually rewarded in huge smiles. Get a good wheelset, because you will not believe how quick and fast it gets. Also want to mention, toughness was a major factor in the bike purchase. Didn't want the nicks to grow as quickly like they would on some other bikes.

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Similar Products Used:   Jet9, Ripley, 5Spot, Czar was not available at the time. Previous bikes were a RM Etsx, Giant Anthem X 29er, and Air 9.

Bike Setup:   120mm cid, enve xc riser, thomson 80mm 10deg stem , syntace p6 seatpost, xt triple converted to 2x with gripshift. p321 hubs on arch exs.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by dgw7000

Date Reviewed: July 22, 2014

Strengths:    Stiffness of frame, geo spot on. I love the long top tube, you don't feel the extra weight of frame because of no flex. Bought bike "frame only" after demo for 3.5 weeks and had heavy SLX build 29lbs but still had great acceleration compared to my 2013 Rocky Mountain Element 999RSL at 25 lbs. I wanted to build my 429c at about the same weight as the 999RSL even though the 429c frame was 1.8 lbs heavier than the Rocky. Bike came out to 25.5 lbs with carbon wheels and XX1. This bike feels very planted to the ground when cornering, it takes a little while to adjust to the low BB. Peddle strikes do happen, but the benefits are obvious!! This bike really handles great, I do feel in the bike. I also love the way it brakes with no hope going really fast down hill, I have no need to play with the suspension now its dialed in. The DW link is kind of strange, if someone jumps on my bike in the parking lot they may say the rear feels real soft. When you take the bike on the trail it does not feel that way, it's so efficient. I love the way it climbs, it goes down hill with great control with conidence. I like the feel of front end "light" can wheelie easy. The bike ricks of guality, the fit and finish must be seen!!

Weaknesses:    Weight of frame, getting one may be hard!!

Bottom Line:   
This bike makes me a better rider, I go faster through rock gardens without doing ant endo's. This bike just fits me perfect "Med". I'm 5'10 with long upper body. I want to ride more than any other bike and that's the biggest complement. One more thing no creaks, rattles or sounds coming from frame. Very solid, the best bike I have ever owned.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Zach Wagner a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: July 19, 2014

Strengths:    What a climber! I mean, wow! Thought my Devinci Troy was decent, but this thing puts it to shame. DW Link FTW! Stiff. Kashima rear shock even on lower end models. Stiff. Handles like a 26" bike (no BS). Did I say stiff?

Weaknesses:    Erm... uh... hrm... mmm... well okay, the model I bought has these terrible Magura MT2 brakes. They really are pretty bad. But they are a low end brakeset, so it's not all that surprising. Really can't think of anything else. Cable routing could be better?

Bottom Line:   
Seriously, I have NEVER ridden a bike that climbs this well. My Troy isn't even in the same league. And it has a suspension designed by the same dude! I've said bikes climb like mountain goats before, but for the first time I actually understand what that means. If there's a caveat on the climbing, it's that when it gets pretty steep, the front wheel likes to come off the ground. My Troy stays planted a little better. But the rear of the Pivot stays planted MUCH better.

The frame is incredibly, incredibly stiff. You notice it in all aspects of the game, period. Just solid as they come. Plus the carbon feels and seems pretty much bulletproof.

Pivot says the handling is similar to a 26" wheeled bike, and I'm not inclined to disagree with them. It is more nimble than the Troy in my experience so far. Having not ridden a 26" bike seriously for a couple years, it's hard for me to say for certain, but the short chainstays and short wheelbase are definitely doing their job to make this bike as quick and agile as a 29er could possibly hope to be.

DW Link is the shizz... no bs. Feels like climbing on a hardtail, and great compliance on the DH. No problem tracking under braking. Feels amazing overall.

I'm not going to talk too long about parts spec, because there are so many specs. Suffice it to say, I got a deal on a demo version with the x9/xt group, and it's pretty decent. 2x up front with x9 in the rear (Troy is a beautimous 1x11, but the 2x actually works quite well for a 9er), the DT Swiss wheels are fine (swapping them out soon though), Maxxis Ardent Race TR EXO tires are really nice; provide good grip in a variety of situations (not sure on mud though... doubtful), Fox CTD Kashima in the rear is solid, and a nice spec for a lower end model such as mine, everything else is fine except the Magura MT2's suck. I about crapped myself the first time I tried to stop on a steep, fast run. But luckily you squeeze them hard enough, they eventually stop you. Also one of the bolts broke off on the left hand brake whilst tightening it onto a new handlebar.

In short, the best handling, best climbing 29er I've ever ridden. Hell, just about the best handling, best climbing bike I've ever ridden, period. The peeps at Pivot know what they're doing.

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Favorite Trail:   too many good ones

Duration Product Used:   2 weeks

Price Paid:    $3500.00

Purchased At:   Pivot online demo sa

Similar Products Used:   Troy Devinci Carbon, multiple Gary Fisher 29ers and 26ers, GT Sensor 9r, Motobecane Ti 9er hardtail, Specialized Stumpy (29ers/26ers), etc

Bike Setup:   x9/xt model spec. Ordered XT brakes to replace the terrible Maguras, and a Stan's Crest wheelset.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Shane a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: January 23, 2014

Strengths:    Climbing, frame stiffness, fit & finish, build quality, well balanced cockpit, great looking bike(I have the blue), DW link, no creaking after a year of use

Weaknesses:    expensive(all bikes in this range are!), frame is heavy when compared to rivals with more travel(1 pound), cable routing around rear shock, rubber/leather rock/chain guard gets damaged over time(expected) but not sure if you can replace it…, could use more rear travel on rowdy trails

Bottom Line:   
Purchased the second 429 carbon to arrive in Calgary last December and was really impressed with the overall fit and finish of it, wasn't on my radar at first but when I researched the company and talked to previous Pivot owners I found that as new as the company was, feedback was very positive. I wanted a do it all bike that was trail tough but light enough to be competitive with lighter bikes and after riders. The big draw was how stiff the frame was suggested to be(reviews) which is true, very stiff! I was OK with a weight penalty for a stiff reliable frame which is one of the reasons I went this way over some of the competitors. Being a 29er I wanted very little rotational weight on the wheels which is why I upgraded(carbon was/still a bit of a stretch) to the new Mavic ST wheels(good except for play in rear hub-had Easton Havens before that and the hub went three time during two years of ownership, too bad, they never went out of true), found the cockpit a little long which is why I traded my Thompson post for a KS dropper. The stem could be shorter as well but don't want to give up climbing attributes of bike. I am 5'8" on the small frame for reference.

This bike is overall a very good ride with excellent fit and finish and I would not hesitate to purchase another 429 Carbon or Pivot bike. Haven't dealt with customer service yet and hope not to, but I am sure they will be top notch when given the opportunity.

Also a thanks to Bow Cycle for being patient with me and assisting in building the bike the way I wanted. Good group of guys!

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Favorite Trail:   West Bragg & Station Flats, Kananaskis

Duration Product Used:   1yr

Price Paid:    $7000.00

Purchased At:   Bow Cycle

Similar Products Used:   Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon Expert, IBIS Mojo, Rocky Mountain Element, Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon, Cannondale Prophet

Bike Setup:   2013 Mavic ST rims, tubeless Racing Ralph tires(tubeless), Thompson stem(90mm), Thompson carbon riser bar, KS dropper post, Ergon carbon seat, XT brakes, mixed XT & XO drivetrain, fox 120 kashima front and 100 kashima rear,

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by brightride a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: October 10, 2013

Strengths:    Incredible climber and composed, playful descender. Stiff, efficient, great suspension design and implementation. High quality fit and finish.

Weaknesses:    Low bottom bracket that makes crank dings common, high cost, and needs more rear travel for jumping.

Bottom Line:   
The 429c makes easy, perhaps mundane, singletrack exciting because it is so efficient and peppy that it insists on traveling faster. It almost feels like you are cheating climbing with the 429c on hard, sustained mountain trails littered with big rocks, roots, and ledges. Nasty, wet and rocky descents are tackled with the poise and confidence of a stiff frame, well designed suspension, and big wheels. All these things make it a well balanced bike that is incredibly fun.

In my search that led to my 429c, I spent 2 years looking a replacement for my Yeti 575 (great bike). I didn’t have a bias regarding wheel diameter, just wanted a fun bike that could climb well in the Colorado Mountains. I tried the Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc, Blur LTc, and the Bronson. The Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon and the Mach 429 Aluminum. I spent multiple days on each bike on long, technical rides bikes. None of these bikes climbed steep technical ascents better or as efficiently as the 429c. The Bronson flies downhill better, the Mach 5.7 is switch back king, the Blur LTc has cornering magic, but I think the overall fun factor of the 429c is greatest.
Compared to my previous bikes, on board a 429c I ride bolder, faster, and return to the trailhead with a big smile.

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Purchased At:   Sports Garage, Bould

Similar Products Used:   SC Tallboy LTc and Mach 429 Al.

Bike Setup:   Demoed the XT, purchased the XX1.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Jonathan

Date Reviewed: September 23, 2013

Strengths:    Speed Machine, Lateral Stiffness, strong, Handling, Playfull, Confortable and plushy, Perfect, Excellent finition all over the bike!!!

Weaknesses:    Low BB, Hard set up the right cockpit, Expensive but This is a Porshe so....

Bottom Line:   
Wow my previous bike was a Scott spark that i loved it. When i bought this bike i was a little bit concern to get a machine more oriented as a trail bike than a XC bike. Mistake. When you set up your cockpit correctly ( 680mm flat bar at the lowest position on the headset and 90mm stem, you got an insane XC performer with all the quality of a trail bike..... When you descent a rought section...This bike just want that you pull out the brake and you envoy the trail!

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Wade B a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: July 24, 2013

Strengths:    Speed, Stiffness, Handling. Suspension

Weaknesses:    Low BB, would love to see this bike with 15mm more travel in rear and 10 up front, Pricey but what at this level is not?

Bottom Line:   
Just sold my Mach 5.7 Carbon for this, and for where I live in the midwest, it was a good move. The 5.7 is a GREAT bike, but I finally got off my high horse about 29ers and for less technical singletrack the speed is addictive. Would be hard pressed to go back to a 26, but the new Mach 6 Carbon 27.5 looks rad and would be a good stablemate to this bike for big mountain technical riding. The handling on this bike is spot on; in super tight situations it steers just like a 26...maybe better! Climbs like a madman, though moving too quickly or too far forward to standing can cause the rear wheel to spin out. Maybe its a 29er thing in that the wheelbase is longer so when you get into that far forward standing position there's just less weight on the rear wheel due to longer wheelbase. Staying more centered solves the problem. Someone else mentioned the low BB and it does take some getting used to, particularly when coming from the Mach 5.7 with a 13.75 down to this at 13. I am nitpicking though...overall a fantastic, fast, and fun bike.

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Similar Products Used:   Mach 5.7 C, mach 5.7 (Al), Giant Trance, Specialized Epic.

Bike Setup:   XX1, XO trail brakes, Easton Haven Carbon Wheels, seatpost, handlebar, Crank Brothers stem and pedals.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Damian-diablo

Date Reviewed: July 13, 2013

Strengths:    Possibly the finest mountain bike ever made. I spent a lot of time looking for a replacement. For my Jamis Dakar 26er. I seriously looked at the specialized fsr 29er expert carbon. It is a good bike but the build and value do not compare
to the pivot. The brain is trying to take improve the fsr suspension. It does
But the Pivot 429 carbon is the ultimate. Why compromise? It is simple and simpler. The Ibis Ripley is good too but ugly and clumsy. I love my Green Machine more and more each day. It oozes quality. It is the Porsche of the Mtb world. Simple but beautiful. I have finally achieved tight technical climbs I could never before complete. Super steep. Hairpin turns. Boulder fields. It eats them all up. You find yourself smiling again and again. I have the XT XTR Pro build. Best value option. Upgrade the tires for some big ass tubeless ones and add a good dropper. These make a great bike unstoppable.

Weaknesses:    Wish it were cheaper but all Mtb bikes are over priced. This offers better value relative to its peers. Would like another 30 mills of travel but you always have legs and arms. I love the suspension feel and always leave it in trail mode. Works great. But I do occasionally max out the the suspension but it still feels great.

Bottom Line:   
Buy it. I am pretty cheap and I happily paid my dues after a prolonged market eval. No regrets. The best Mtb in the world. Great for trails, all mountain, super technical. Very fast. Even good downhill if not going for stupid jumps.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Woodrow a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: April 15, 2013

Strengths:    Amazing!! It really does handle like a 26 incher. Carves and cuts switchbacks like a cheff with a set of Ginsu Knives. This bike really will improve your skills.

Weaknesses:    Ha Ha Ha tee tee tee Hee Weaknesses I guess price. A little tough to dial in the suspension. But when dialed in. WOW!!

Bottom Line:   
Chris C. You are the man!! I had a Titus Moto light and a Santa Cruze Heckler. The Titus lacked in efficiency but was very sturdy and soaked up bumps well. The Heckler was efficient but not so good at soaking up bumps. Carbon 429 does it all. Clinbing is just flat out amazing. Untill I road this 429, Ellsworth was the best climbing bike I ever road.
Before spending this money on a bike I read everything I could get my hands on to make sure I was getting worth the cash. All the hipe is true!! I'll just say amazing again!!!

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Favorite Trail:   Big bear W.V.

Price Paid:    $6000.00

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