YT Industries Capra 27.5 Full Suspension

3.75/5 (4 Reviews)

Product Description

  • Frame: high Modular Carbon, V4L-Rear-End, X12 Thru-axle
  • Shock: BOS Kirk
  • Fork: BOS Deville TRC
  • Travel f/r: 170mm/170mm
  • Headset: Acros AZX-203, ZS44/ZS56

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:4
Submitted by rybrentd a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: August 29, 2016

Strengths:    Supple suspension without bottoming out, geometry, looks great, easy to remove and service pivot bolts/shock, pedals great even with stock HRII tires, bike for someone who has the knowledge of how to work on a bike and likes to do so (could be seen as a negative depending on your point of view), supporting a company that isn't about overcharging their customers and then laughing at them about it (like your typical LBS, and yes they do laugh about ripping off their customers or how cheap they got their components for).

Weaknesses:    Components, customer service, reliability. Components: you will never get rid of the creaking from the cranks (race face turbine) due to poorly designed interface between cranks and chainring, Even at 48 N*m and red loctite it will still creak (the torque spec is 40 N*m). The shock hardware (2 outer sleeves) are too short which allows for horizontal play (never heard back if this was in spec or not), the derailleur bolt seizes up in the derailleur after only 2-3 months of riding. If you take the derailleur off the hanger and try to rotate the bolt it makes a god awful creaking noise. Make sure the rear axle threads are completely cleaned and greased, otherwise it will make a horrendous noise. Customer service: they respond to emails pretty quickly (within a day or 2) but don't offer much in the way of help other than common sense stuff. I put in a warranty for the dropper post (would sink slightly when seated on) and the shock (making sure the hardware was correct) and haven't heard anything back in over a month. Guide R brakes get sticky when they get hot (never had this happen during a ride but if you leave your bike in the car it will happen, goes away in 10 minutes or so in normal weather). Reliability: see above about components.

Bottom Line:   
I will start with the positives, which is the overall awesomeness of the geometry and suspension. I have taken it to mountain creek (NJ), blue mountain (PA), Bailey (NC) and it rode amazingly. I do about half trail riding/half freeriding and the bike park a few times a year. I leave the LSC off except at the park I put 7 clicks on the fork. Switched the stock back tire over to a tubeless setup with a maxxis aggressor for a bit more speed on the trails, holds air great with the DT swiss rims. The suspension definitely has a muting effect on the trails which I found it took a bit to get my fore/aft balance on, but once I did I started riding everything way faster than I normally do. The pedaling/downhill capability compromise is amazing.

The negatives are mainly the component spec and lack of ability to truly make it a quiet bike. I have never owned a bike that I could not troubleshoot creaking/bike noise on until this one. I usually build my bikes from scratch (last one was an endorphin) and tune/fix everything myself. Systematically dissecting the bike to troubleshoot the issues has been frustrating and ultimately I cannot understand why someone (race face) designed an interface between cranks/chainring that is of similar material as they will both wear out together. If your chainring comes loose on the trail you have to pull the crankarm to tighten it up, and I have had it come loose despite torquing it to the required spec of 40 N*m. The interface should be steel (cranks) and the chainring kept the same grade of aluminium. After only 3 months (it actually started around the 1.5 month mark) the noise is untenable and I will most likely need a new set of cranks. The derailleur bolt that threads into the hanger makes a horrid noise when turned (it does this when completely removed from the bike) after only 3 months. When tightened to spec the derailleur can barely move.

No word yet on the warranties but the derailleur may be added to that list with the seatpost (vertical play) and shock (hardware outer sleeves not long enough, but haven't received word if that is the spec or not). The front inner shock sleeve is 22.2 mm wide, but the shock + 2 outer sleeves is only 20.97 mm. The rear inner shock sleeve is 34 mm wide, but the shock + 2 outer sleeves is 32.93 mm wide. I was supposed to have been sent a bolt for the seatpost (they said they mailed it) but it was never sent.

I got this bike because honestly the price of bikes is getting out of control and wanted to support a company who I thought was taking price vs. quality in the right direction but the issues with components, and lack of support for obvious issues esp. with warranties and inability to have a quiet bike has me on the verge of just packing it up and sending it back. I would give it 5 stars if the component issues weren't so bad and/or were looked after more diligently by YT.

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Favorite Trail:   Allegrippis

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Purchased At:   YT website

Similar Products Used:   Knolly Endorphin (similar reach and stack numbers).

Bike Setup:   25% sag in the fork (70 psi), 30% sag in the shock (150 psi). Unless you are hitting really big drops (8 ft + vertical) it won't bottom out depending on how steep the landing is. If I hit bigger drops I do 20% sag in the fork (80 psi) and 25% sag in the shock (165 psi).

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Thumpy a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: May 30, 2016

Strengths:    Stiffness, dialed modern geometry for shredding downhills. slack low and long. Monarch rear shock with 3 way lever is excellent. Above average 4 bar rear suspension, in terms of bump eating, pedaling. However rear lateral stiffness is excellent. Lyric RCT3 is very good, not fantastic. SRAM 1X11 has been flawless and 4 piston brakes have it all in terms of modulation (they come on soft and ramp up quickly) and power. 5 for value, 1 for customer service so far.

Weaknesses:    Customer service (see below) Assembly was sloppy. Drive side crank arm nearly fell off on 3rd ride. Several rotor bolts were not screwed in all the way (threads showing). Pivot bolt (not easily seen, on inside of upper seatstay pivot) was improperly installed, not screwed in all the way with damaged hex head, probably because receiving threads were tight/not well chased or possibly malaligned.

I wish I could put the REVERB button on the left side of bar, and underneath the bar so I can flip the bike over to pump tires/lube chain, etc. The button is integral to the brake lever, so can't change it over.

Lyric won't get full travel, fair on small bumps, but GREAT on medium and big hits. Mid position on compression lever is too stiff for trails, I use mid position as lockout, which makes lock out position redundant. (My marzocchi 380 CR destroys it on downhill, Zocchi 55 CR set at 150 on Ellsworth is better on small bumps and gets as much travel as lyric 170)

Bottom Line:   
2016 Capra AL comp 1. Best bike and spec for $$. I absolutely love this bike. Gets you up the hill well for the 33 lb, lightweight-downhill beast that it is. Techy uphills are challenging because of the geometry. Easily reached lever on the monarch is super helpful on long steep uphill grinds. super stable and FAST on downhill. Quiet bike, agghh, how nice. I want to love this company, but so far they aren't loving me back. Unimpressed with Customer service ATTITUDE. Here's why: I contacted company, simply asking for 1 bolt to replace the damaged bolt (clearly a manufacturing/assembly defect) They expected me to fill out a large form with things such as customer #, order #, print out invoice, snail mail it to them. Mind you, I just gave them $3600 for a new bike via an online transaction, so they have ALL OF THIS INFO already. So I call, them, and the person tells me that I must do it for their "quality control". BS. They should apologize for the lousy assembly and send me a bolt right away. They should also fill out their own forms for quality control. I just bought a $3600 bike from you, could you treat me with some respect? It is just a friggin bolt. After some back and forth, he relented and said he would send me the bolt. Well, It has been a month, and still no bolt. Luckily, no serious warrant issues so far, because who knows what will happen. Buyer beware.

FWIW, I'm an old timer, riding and wrenching and building Frankenbike-MTB > 20 yrs. I work on all my bikes, family and friends bikes, suspension included. My riding buddy had bought last years Capra CF, which gave me an opportunity to test ride it, which I know most potential buyers won't get. So I took the chance on this company. It is a shame that a direct sales company just busting onto the scene in the US with such a kickass product can't figure out that REALLY supporting your customer will go a long way towards future sales. Yes, I want to be pampered, ESPECIALLY by a direct sales company. Please, someone from YT send me the bolt and prove me wrong.

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Favorite Trail:   Post Canyon

Duration Product Used:   26 rides in under 2 months

Price Paid:    $3600.00

Purchased At:   Direct from company

Similar Products Used:   OWNED: 2014 Ellsworth Moment + Zocchi 55CR, 2010 Marin Quake 7 + Marzocchi 318 CR dual crown, 2009 Chumba Evo + Boxxer, 2005 Transition Dirtbag + boxxer, and many more. Extensive time on a Norco Range, specialized Enduro, Bottlerocket,

Bike Setup:   Capra aluminum frame, Lyric, Monarch, SRAM 1X11 and 4 piston brakes., RS Reverb seatpost, DT swiss E1900 wheels. Sweet setup, decent cheap wheels.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Ofirz a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: June 28, 2015

Strengths:    - suspension
- climbing agility
- components (Capra 2): RS Pike & Monarch, SRAM & Raceface drive. SRAM brakes

Weaknesses:    - E13 wheelset

Bottom Line:   
I upgraded to the Capra 2 from my trusted Ellsworth Moment with a 170mm coil Lyric upfront. the Moment was a blast on the downhill but a real pig on the uphill, and I'm not getting younger or stronger. so I figured I needed a bike that can be much better on the uphill, even if I need to tune back the speed on the downhill.

5 rides later the Capra smashed all my uphill Strava Personal Records (as expected, it is a dream to climb compared to the Moment). More interesting it also turned into mincemeat all my previous downhill records, and I was already one of the fastest on those sections. the way it rides compared to the Moment is like comparing a tank to a butterfly. on the Moment I used to smash through sections using brute force and the capabilities of the RS Lyric, on the Capra I float over them, as simple as that. it feels so much less dramatic that in many sections I had to turn back and make sure that someone didn't streamline the section and take out all the boulders while I was gone. all the heavy landings that rattled my teeth seem to be gone somehow...the Capra just floats over everything.

two points to notice: the BB is lower than the Moment (I guess lower BBs are all the rage right now). which means that if you take exactly the same lines as your old and higher bike you will smash the peddles once or twice. no biggie if you are ready for it. because taking the bike airborne is much simpler, then after a while I stopped noticing it.

the E13 rear wheel lost alignment after 2 aggressive rides. I aligned it by myself but the spokes started coming apart again after one more ride. I took it to professional alignment and so far so good, but I hope it holds. this is very disappointing for a bike that is built to go down fast over brutal jumps. if eventually I need to replace the wheel-set it will still be a great value.

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Similar Products Used:   - Ellsworth Moment

Bike Setup:   Capra 2 factory set up. I haven't changed a thing besides making the wheels tubeless. I might need to change the E13 wheel-set if they keep losing alignment

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by slcquadzilla a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: June 24, 2015

Strengths:    Climbing.

Weaknesses:    Have yet to find one? Maybe a swap on the wheelset a little ways down the road.

Bottom Line:   
Right out of the box I was blown away by the quality of the bike. YT had the whole thing tuned down to the derailleur so that all I needed to do was put on the wheels throw a leg over and head to my local trails!

Knowing that I bought into one of the lower models I was initially a little concerned about component specs, but YT decided even their entry level needed top end Rockshox components (Monarch Plus RC3, Pike RCT3 and a REVERB!?) and nothing lower than X9 in the drive line.

Very impressed on how well it climbs (granted I am coming from a Santa Cruz Nomad) but even more surprising is how it descends! Absolutely blown away at how well the suspension was thought out and once I had everything dialed in this thing became more fun that my Nomad ever was.

Awesome customer support out of their Reno office as I preordered my Capra AL 1 back in February, they kept me updated through the whole process. Ended up in a pretty decent crash just rolling a canyon road with a friend after a ride, clipped bars right around 40 and went down on the pavement. Little to no damage to the bike (rear wheel did need trued) but no frame damage. I did however snap a derailleur hanger, gave YT a call told them I had a race the following weekend and that I was worried about shipping time. The agreed to send one out priority! Awesome bike and awesome company. I'm sure this is the beginning of a long relationship between me and YT.

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Favorite Trail:   Wasatch Crest

Price Paid:    $3295.00

Purchased At:   Direct

Similar Products Used:   Santa Cruz Nomad

Reviews 1 - 4 (4 Reviews Total)

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