Ellsworth Epiphany 27.5 Full Suspension

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The lightweight of a XC bike, with the geometry to descend

The Epiphany, long touted as the Holy Grail of Trail Bikes, just got a gravity oriented cousin! The Enduro Discipline means up, over and across, to go down... and with two Epiphanies in the line up, we've been able to tweak each more toward the specific desires of two types of riders: The Epiphany Carbon XC 275, is built for the Cross Country Trail set who wants the light weight and agility of the XC bike, but the comfort and forgiveness of the long travel trail bike. The Epiphany Enduro 275 is for those who ride to decend, who want the lightweight of an XC bike, but the handling of a more gravity oriented All Mountain Bike.

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Epiphany 275 or Specialized Camber Carbon??

So I'm new to the site, need advice on which bike is best for all mountain style riding? 29er or 27.5 wheels? these are the bikes all the same $ Epiphany 275 or Specialized Camber Carbon, Scott sparks 940....which to choose? bikes have the same high end components its a matter of finding which is m ... Read More »

08 epiphany

Considering checking out an 08 epiphany, but curious if it's going to fit my type of riding. Most of my riding is what I guess I would consider aggressive XC/light AM. Smooth flowing single track, technical single track, rock gardens, everything really other than big jumps/drops. The one I'm looking ... Read More »

Recently Built Epiphany. .....

[ATTACH=CONFIG]850137[/ATTACH] Built on the light side with a 120mm fork, to devour technical trails. The rear suspension works perfectly without hindering pedalling action, this is however a 140 mm travel frame. The shock allows the compression action to be increased, for those smoother "lightn ... Read More »

Ellsworth Epiphany

Am soliciting comments on the Ellsworth Epiphany XC. I want a [B]light [/B]full suspension, 650b bike. I mostly ride single track/trail and the Epiphany XC (according to the Ellsworth site anyway) can handle all that quite well. The other bike I would love to test is the Pivot Mach 6. Lots of a ... Read More »

Epiphany Carbon 275 and Absolute Truth Carbon!

Currenty Ibis rider, but I always regretted selling my Ellsworth. Such an amazing ride quality, one that I haven't been able to duplicate riding other designs (VPP, DW-Link). These new bikes look absolutely stunning. I have found absolutely zero information on them. No press release, posts, no ... Read More »

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