Ellsworth Absolute Truth 27.5 Full Suspension

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Carbon is not new to Ellsworth, the original Absolute Truth was originally introduced in 1993, with it's Easton Aluminum Front and Carbon articulating rear, it set a new standard for XC with it's MASSIVE travel of a mere 100mm, it was able to provide the efficiency and stiffness of bikes with half that travel. Back again, with 125mm of travel, this nimble Cross Country Endurance Race machine features the legendry Instant Center Tracking Suspension, Zero Energy Loss, Fully Active Suspension. The Carbon Front Triangle features Ellsworth's High Pressure, High Definition Carbon, and Anisotropic Geometric Lay Up design, to give lively and absorbent ride character.

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Absolute Truth: is this one the most beautiful MTB of the planet ?

Thanks Tony for making this piece of art ! Ciao from Italy ;)Read More »

New Ride Ellsworth Absolute Truth

I just received this bike about a week ago just in time to ride in Southern Utah last weekend. It's the first production Absolute Truth sold. The bike handles fantastic up and down. It's 120 in back and 130 in front. When you pedal it just goes. I had an Epiphany and always felt like it had ... Read More »

Absolute truth/Ephiphany down to 100mm travel

I am trying to get a 100mm travel 27.5 frame specifically an Ellsworth. That being said i wish to ask you freaks if the travel can be reduced to 100mm on the Absolute Trurh or Ephiphany.Read More »

Epiphany Carbon 275 and Absolute Truth Carbon!

Currenty Ibis rider, but I always regretted selling my Ellsworth. Such an amazing ride quality, one that I haven't been able to duplicate riding other designs (VPP, DW-Link). These new bikes look absolutely stunning. I have found absolutely zero information on them. No press release, posts, no ... Read More »

Absolute Truth???

I just purchased my first Ellsworth off of a guy on Ebay the other day, for what seemed to be a great deal. It was advertized as a 2000 Truth. When I got it I was suprised to see that it had "Absolute Truth" stickers on it. By doing some googling I found out that the absolute was supposed to have ... Read More »

Read More »




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