WTB Breakout 27.5 Tires

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At a claimed 2.5 inches, the Breakout packs some serious heft and clearly alludes to the tire’s all-mountain intentions. The tire’s generously sized casing is home to a tread pattern that should roll much more nimbly than its girth suggests. Tightly-packed center knobs keep moving right along, while more-agressive side knobs come into play in the corners.

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Where to buy sherman breakout spring part #85-5914

Im looking for either a xfirm #85-5912 or xxfirm #85-5914 I only need 1 spring since my forks are 05 170mm travel and have the air chamber in them. If any one can give me a link or phone number to a place i would really appreciate it. I called manitou number they provided which was hayes cycle or s ... Read More »

Need HELP! 05 Manitou sherman breakout Problems

Bought a bike that had these forks on them. Have a few questions. When i bought the bike the owner told me that the forks where just rebuilt so didnt ask to much about the forks. It looks like this is the 180mm or 170mm, with tape measure it measures about 7.5 inches of travel from fork seal to the ... Read More »

Need info on 05 manitou sherman breakout forks

Anyone have a service manual for these forks. Also this will be my first mountain bike suspension fork and i have never done any maintaince. Can someone give me an idea of how often and what kind of maintaince should be done on these forks?Read More »

2008 slayer SXC pivot breakout

Does anyone have an exploded view of the main pivots for the Slayer SXC? Mine have gotten squeeky, so its time to take them apart, regrease and reassemble. A decent quality pdf file would be great, so I don't jack up the pivots by putting them back to together incorrectly.Read More »

Manitou Sherman Breakout advice needed please!

Well I am new to the whole freeride thing and am looking to buy a new fork. I kind of have it narrowed down to a 2005 Manitou Sherman or Travis, Marzzocchi 66, or a RS Domain 318. I am on a budget and am looking to stay with a full 1.5 inch steerer. I keep finding Shermans for cheap and their review ... Read More »

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