Vee Rubber Fluid 27.5 Tires

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Vee Rubber is pleased to introduce the Fluid. Designed with gravity in mind, this standard tall-knob mountain bike tire offers staggered center knobs with different designs for superior traction and speed. One row of knobs has a ëVí indentation in each knob easily identifying this a a Vee Rubber tire. The second row of slightly larger knobs is slotted to allow greater knob flex and pass though of dirt. Both rows are offset from each other. Two different types of side knobs are used and each provides great grip in corners.

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Norco Fluid LT - thoughts?

One for sale, the numbers all look good however theres not much info out there interms of reviews etc. It looks ideal (on paper) but are there any glaring fails? i.e. high BB etc or common failpoints?Read More »

Long DH, brake fluid heats up, lever loose modulation.

This is on Avid Elixir 7 SL brake. Will bleeding the brake helps or should I just toss these crappy Avid brakes altogether? Basically I was told the fluid heats up and cost the lever to have less travel distance before the piston contacts the disc. This only happens on long steep downhills wher ... Read More »

Cutting fluid is smoking...

...when I cut steel tubing with a hacksaw. Is this normal, or an indication that the cutting fluid isn't....well, cutting it?Read More »

Questions re Vee Rubber Fluid 2.4

So I just received my new Carbine 275 from Intense and the build kit included Vee Rubber Fluid 2.4 tires. Prior to the bike arriving, I purchased a set of NN 2.35 because I have been running Schwalbe tires for years on both 26ers and 29ers and really like them. Does anyone have experience with th ... Read More »

Debris in brake fluid when bleeding

Just bled my Juicy 7's for the first time, and when pulling the fluid up through the lever, I saw some grey looking debris in the fluid. Anyone seen this before? The bleed didn't go super well, it was my first time doing it, and I'll have to repeat, but I am wondering if this means that my system ... Read More »

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