Vee Rubber Fluid 27.5 Tires

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Vee Rubber is pleased to introduce the Fluid. Designed with gravity in mind, this standard tall-knob mountain bike tire offers staggered center knobs with different designs for superior traction and speed. One row of knobs has a ëVí indentation in each knob easily identifying this a a Vee Rubber tire. The second row of slightly larger knobs is slotted to allow greater knob flex and pass though of dirt. Both rows are offset from each other. Two different types of side knobs are used and each provides great grip in corners.

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What will Dot 5 Fluid do to my Hope EVO X2 brakes?

So I bled my brakes with Dot 5 instead of 5.1. Hope says to use Dot 4 or 5.1 only. I found this out later. They feel great and are quiet. There was a little foaming. Is the Dot 5 going to ruin my brakes or eat my seals. They sure handle the heat better than Dot 4 on big descents.Read More »

7.1 fluid

I just bought the 7.1 fluid today and can't wait to take it. I don't get it until Wednesday. Its my first FS bike. I hope its as good as it seemed in the parking lot. Anyone on here tried it and if so what did you tnink ?Read More »

Help...Thunderbolt 730 or Fluid 7.1

Trying to decide between these two models, both are 2014's and reduced from $2599 to $2000. Rode both and they both feel good lol...pretty ignorant in the technology and the differences. Is there one that is better than the other? Was also looking at the Giant Trance, but I've ruled that one out. ... Read More »

Fixing Leaking Command Post with Fox Float Fluid or Stans

The command post on my 2014 expert carbon enduro is about one month old and loses air overnight. Met a guy yesterday in the same boat who said he added 10cc of fox float fluid to the post via the schrader valve and it has been perfect ever since. Also heard that stans works. Rather than suff ... Read More »

Norco Fluid 9

There's almost no review info about this bike, though it looks like decent spec and geo from a highly regarded mfg. 9.1 is XT mix $2300, SLX and Deore on the 9.2, $1750. Crazy price! Local Norco dealer does not plan to stock one, so no demo unless I go to a dealer 100 miles away. Can't quite handle ... Read More »

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