Schwalbe Rock Razor 27.5 Tires

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Product Description

The Rock Razor is mainly designed for real wheel usage. The many low profile center knobs provide very fast rolling performance while the bigger outer knobs give good grip and traction cornering.

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x-king or rock razor

i have an x-king 2.4 bc compound in the rear and i like it very much! nice rolling, good grip in wet and dry and quite durable. i think of trying the rock razor (pacestar) as a change. is it better rolling than the x-king? what about grip?Read More »

Hans Damf & Rock Razor running tubeless

I am having troubles inflating both Hans dampf and Rock Razor to run it as a tubeless, I have no problems inflating High rollers 2/ DHR in my Race Face turbine wheel set. Do you know any trick to fix this problem?Read More »

Rock Razor (or similar) on front for XC?

I put a Racing Ralph 2.25" on the back of my new singlespeed I had one on hand and I like them okay as back tires, but they're a bit light on cornering/side knobs for me to like them much on the front. I'd prefer something a bit bigger with a bit more side bite. Every review of the Rock Razor I've ... Read More »

Schwalbe Rock Razor reviews

Anybody tried these yet? I'm looking for feedback especially compared to Racing Ralphs and specifically as a rear tire. Not for racing, but just general trail riding and shredding trails in the Midwest.Read More »

Razor Rock Racing hubs?

I just inherited some r3 20mm hubs made by Razor Rock Racing and can’t seem to find that much info on them on line, seems the company went out of business. I know some people used them on Super 8’s (because of something to do with the spacing on the rear of the frame?) back in the da ... Read More »

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