Interloc Fire XC Pro 27.5 Tires

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Interloc Racing Design FireXC Pro Kevlar Tire 27.5

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Panaracer Fire XC Pro - Anyone still using these?

Panaracer Fire XC Pro - Anyone still using these? Am I the last of a dying breed? I recently went back to using the Fire XC in the rear with a Blue Grove up front. Still works great.[ATTACH=CONFIG]897298[/ATTACH]Read More »

Replacing Panaracer Fire XC pro 2.1, need help

Need to replace the tires on my bike, current Fire's XC Pro are excellent for my terrain but I want tires with more volume, maybe a 2.3" size. I've been "retired" for the past 6-7 years, I ride my bike it's just that I don't read the mags or websites anymore so I don't have a clue on what's new o ... Read More »

New IRD fire XC pro tire today

On a whim, I bought a IRD fire xc pro 2.1 for the rear. I have had it sitting in my basement for several weeks and finally mounted and rode it today. I still left the 2.3 Nevegal up front. I have been running nevegals front and rear. Compared to the Nevegal, this seemed to roll a bit smoother and t ... Read More »

Anyone have a used Fire Xc Pro tire they'd let go of ?

I am running a Quasi Moto in back and a Neo Moto 2.3 up front on my 1993 Kona Explosif. The Quasi rubs the chainstays a bit and I'd like to experiment with a used Fire Xc Pro. If anyone out there has one they'd sell or trade for let me know. I have an (almost new) Nevegal 2.1 I could trade. I'd even ... Read More »

Kenda Slant 6 vs Panracer Fire XC Pro

So I'm looking at getting new tires for another bike I'm building up for my sister's birthday. My current ride has Slant 6s on it and I like them fairly well - just not the price. What do you guys think about Panracer Fire XC Pros? Or should I get some more Slant 6s?Read More »

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