Rivendell Bicycles Bombadil 27.5 Hardtail

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Product Description

The Bombadil is a stout-tubed mountain bike for rough riding and heavy loads. It's not Dutch-heavy, but by contemporary standards of expensive, fine bicycles, it's out there on the edge. The frame of the 52cm weighs 5.3 pounds. 5.5 pounds max. The tubes are extra strong, reinforced, and there's a diagnoal tube and stays to create small strong triangles even on bigger frames (all but the 48 has the second tube, and the 48 doesn't need it). It's a MOUNTAIN bike, and not a frilly-techy one for gram counters who race in their minds but not in the world. It's not for racing, period. It is a modern mountain bike in the spirit of a 1983 model. Maybe '84.

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